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Phantom Song

Name: Satoshi Azakhaer.
Official Status: Former queen of Frostmaw.
Race: Ice Eidolon.
Height: 5' (152.4 cm).
Hair Color: White, tinted with snowshadow.
Eye Color: Azure, flecked with amber.
Fur Color: Silvery, dusted with snow.
Class: Magister Glacies (i.e. bardic Cryomancer ).
Clan: The Eyrie, deputy leader.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, by nature and contract.
Origin: Shesryn, the Unbalanced Island.
Home: Frostmaw.
Status: Wandering.

Current Happenings

  • Taking a prolonged leave of absence, having entrusted Frostmaw's daily management to the Steward Hildegarde. Satoshi endeavors to resume her lifelong training as a mage by traveling, studying, and developing. Where she is and what she's doing is a mystery, she has not been seen in a year's time.


Jelko: Satoshi adopts this disguise when conducting business for the Guild, having taken great care over the years to keep her identity unknown through a variety of magical, physically, herbal, and alternative means. Thus, the Director of the Assassin's Guild is a person cloaked in mystery, right down to gender and full capabilities. Little is known, save that Jelko is assumptively some form of black & white marked Feline by appearance, of average height and built, favors extended claw gauntlets as a weapon, and is ever hidden behind a black & white domino (or anbu) mask. Little else is known, and Satoshi prefers to keep it that way, for the sake of politics and contracts.

A song by the bard Foster- The Lady Frost

A poem by the wizard Svilfon- Lady Icicle

Physical Description

Small, vulpine, ghostly pale and snow white, shrouded in arctic fog, and impish to the core makes this foxkin standout in a crowd with her quick comments and quicker smile of fangs. Tall vulpine ears sit nestled in unnaturally long white hair, with nine tails of matching fur swaying ever behind her. The palms of her hands, although sheathed in fingerless black gloves, emit a gentle glow of azure light, the source being a pair of arcane runes etched into the flesh. Her age is impossible to determine, as she appears neither young nor aged, and her personality proves too mercurial. Ice blue eyes are flecked with a fiery, expressive amber.

Although partially hidden beneath her Winter longcoat, Satoshi's form is as lithe and sleek as a proper fox, while lacking any real curves due to constant training and a preference for magical combat. She can most often be summarized as 'cute' rather than strikingly beautiful or attractive. Although her personally skewed vanity would argue this point, selfishly considering herself an exotic type of beauty, of body and mind alike and 'deserving of the highest respects'. The narcissistic outlook itself is one of many flaws in her character, and merrily blinds her to her true shortcomings.

Fighting Style(s)

  • Cryomancy- Above all else, Satoshi is an Ice Magus of the Grandmaster degree, as recognized by the Mage's Guild. As such, her foremost means of fighting is with her magic. Raised, trained, and long practiced as a Battle Mage, the kit excels at quick-cast and multi-tiered spells, responding through arcane means out of reflex. Her typical methods of attack include disrupting the battlefield for her opponent, conjuring rapid barrages, and delivering crippling cold upon her surroundings. With as many years and battles under her belt as she has, Satoshi is not your average mage, in the sense that trying to get into close quarters with her is an unwise move. She may be small and frail, but her arcane arsenal is equipped to handle melee assaults, as well as fire, lightning, and other common 'counters' to Ice. This is a magus that has fought long and hard to earn her position in the lands, facing challenges of a staggering variety, and she won't go down without a fierce fight if she has magic at her call.
  • Katana- By no means is Satoshi as capable with a blade as she is with a spell, however she has had some degree of training. Five years later, Satoshi is a competent swordsman, albeit with an unorthodox style. She favors a reverse grip with quick strikes, and quicker retreats, the mage in her unable to shake off that long-carried habit of distance. When pushed, she answers with a series of swift blows in the nature of a biting serpent, more intent upon inflicting a large number of small wounds rather than a single serious one. She strives to wear her opponents--most often larger and stronger than her--down with such harrying. She has a flare for the dramatic as well, a trait that, while lethal if successful, often leaves her with wide openings that are easily targeted. Likewise, Satoshi is easily flustered if her attempts are countered, leading to mistakes, frantic attacks, and a falling back on her more reliable magic. Couple this with a precariously balanced temper, and you have a volatile, frigid problem waiting to happen.
  • Snow Blink- A unique and unusual gift, originally no more than a parlor trick and peculiarity that's recently been worked into her combat techniques. By being in contact with ice or snow, Satoshi can enact a 'Blink' that transports her to any nearby ice or snow of her choosing. The distance is limited, and concentration is necessary, creating a conflict should she be attempting to cast or fight at the same time. When coupled with swordplay, it can be a dizzying and lethal style, for the Blink does not interrupt or alter whatever present momentum Satoshi has at the time of use (now you're thinking with Portals). Satoshi has devoted her time recently to the fine-tuning of this, and while she has fair control of the initiation, she's yet to get a grasp on the follow-through of these moving Blinks.
  • Scrapping- When it comes down to it, Satoshi is a predator at the core, and she's armed with natural fangs and claws. Although it is not a preferred mode of combat, she is capable of using them against a foe--typically, physical fighting is reserved for hunting. Much like with her swordplay, when fighting with tooth and claw, Satoshi prefers to use her small size and agility/reflexes to deliver quick, sharp attacks rather than large, crippling ones. Darting in to bite or scratch before dancing back out of reach with a fox's fluid grace. Her physical defenses are meager, protected by a bracer and rerebrace on her left arm, while her right limb is a construct of solid, enchanted ice that doubles as a makeshift shield. And weapon, as this replicated arm is mutable, form limited only by the cryomancer's imagination. Nonetheless, like her other non-magic modes of combat, Satoshi is easily flustered or frustrated with melee, a flaw that has left her with many unpleasant injuries over the years. This is less so a fact should she adopt her vulpine form, as with it her mindset shifts, allowing her to fight with the natural ease of a beast.

Mini Machiavellian

As multi-faceted as a diamond, this vulpine Queen as no singular 'personality'. To some, she is the sweet, absent-minded scholar, or loving, helpful citizen, to others, a blood-thirsty, ruthless hunter, a wise, calculating battle mage, or a dignified, confident queen.

Satoshi plays many roles and wears many masks, often a reflection of the person she is interacting with. The longer she spends around any given person, the more of their nature 'rubs off' on her, ofttimes down to their accent and mode of speech. She has no true understanding of Good or Evil, her actions are driven by the need to survive. She will feed upon an orphan not because it is a vile, sinful thing to do, but because by predator's logic an orphan is prey easily caught and unlikely to be defended or missed. In truth, there are times she will commit an act out of pure malice, however this is born of Asorial's influence, in much the same way her selfless actions are a response to Ko'tar's presence. Satoshi is, above all else, a mimic. She responds and reacts to her surroundings as they reflect upon her.

The eidolon is vain and confident to almost painful degrees. As some have learned, Satoshi does not react well to even the slightest cut being inflicted on her face, often flying into a blind rage against the offender. She's always considered herself above perfect, and so is at her most shaken and vulnerable when proven otherwise, unable to wrap her mind around the thought that she could be flawed. The loss of her right arm was one such time, causing Satoshi to go to obsessive lengths to replicate the limb from ice so she'd look whole again. After years, she was successful and the arm is fully functional once more, however it still at times eats at the magus' confidence that she is not 'complete'. This conflicts uncomfortably with her natural aversion to dwelling on the past.

She does not know remorse, guilt, or sorrow. The past has no firm hold upon her mind. Nightmares do not haunt her for mistakes or sins. Satoshi lives in the present, a walking reaction to the world around her. And she devotes her entire being to it, never one to half-ass what she's taken upon herself. For while Satoshi is prone to fits of laziness, it is born of a natural desire for efficiency. Why chase down the bull and risk life and limb, when the calf is such an easy catch?

As it stood, Satoshi was more beast than human when she came to these lands years ago after a life of solitude, she thought and acted on instinct, doing all necessary for the sake of survival and continuation. Over the years, many have taught her the finer arts of emotions, passions, and impulses. And while most of those lessons never fully stuck--only imitated--the magus has learned some things. She understands the bonds of family now, and enjoys the ability to put her trust and life in their hands. She's known the desire to be a mother from the beginning, although she sacrificed that wish when reborn into unlife. That instinct still remains, inflicted instead on the occasional creature or person in need. But most of all, that instinct is focused upon Frostmaw, its people as dear to her as any child. Until Satoshi became queen, there was only one thing she would have surrendered her life for, and now Frostmaw joins that list.

All told, Satoshi is a convoluted mess of instinct, influences, imitation, and playacting. She is unpredictable, inconsistent, baffling, volatile, and undefinable. No two reactions are ever the same. After all, you cannot expect the same snowflake to drift before your eyes twice.

How does she MOVE with Nine Tails?!

Yes, it's a lot of tails for one small kit to carry, and they have as much attitude as Satoshi does. So how does she manage them?

Let Ahri's character model give you an idea:

The Damnable Menagerie of Company

  • Trebel: House-sized, child-minded Chime Angha.
  • Buster: An ice golem, durable and stubborn, but far from intelligent.
  • Aeron: More than an ermine.
  • Frysta: Polar bear cub, followed her home from a hunting trip. Fancies himself quite the ferocious hunter (he's not).

The Magus' Arsenal

  • Ko'tar- A brokenhearted, virtuous blade.
  • Lambent Snowfall Scarf- A white scarf that shimmers with the iridescence of snow, made by Lady Stitch.
  • Lithograph Tome of Myths- A book given by Lady Stitch as a gift.

Asorial's Kill Count

Asorial has awakened anew by a paladin's meddling. It has regurgitated all its energies in response.

Prior Kill Score

*A Giant Spider.
*Julienne, the contortionist of the pirate ship Dawn.
*Mave, the knight-captain.
*Nine goblin raiders.
*Whess, the hobbit-thrall.
*Zarah, the grieving vampire.
*Ramsi, the child feline.
*Strend, tailed elf.
*An Ice Devil lurking in the Ruins west of Frostmaw.
*Carth, ex-knight.
*Five Doramir Worshipers
*A Grey hatchling, and half of Ishataulak's torn essence.
*The remnants of a restless spirit of Frostmaw's ruins.
Total: 24.5 kills.
Other Things Eaten:
*Serpents of Light conjured by Svilfon.
*A fragment of Kirien's inhabitant fox spirit.
*A portion of negative energy siphoned from Svilfon in a Sin-induced rage.
*The malevolent, maniacal energies guarding a religious artifact.
*The magic-inhibiting energies of an item belonging to the Time Lord.
*A wall of Azure Flames.
*A  surge of hyper-charged magical energy.
*An overdose of Holy energy forced upon Satoshi as a 'blessing' from Dogma.

Present Kill Score

*An undead Green Dragon.
*A portion of an invading Army. Voilà, nine tails reborn.

Ko'tar's (Reluctant) Kill Count

Ko'tar has been awoken once more, in a bloody and brutal fashion. It is not pleased.

*Ihsotas, the Fire Aspect of What-Satoshi-Might-Have-Been.
*Half of Ishataulak's torn essence (Simultaneous kill with Asorial).
*A young Frost Giant exile in cold blood.
Total: 2.5 kills, the awakened sword fears its master, growing distant with reluctance to obey...

Dueling History

  • Judged Duels Record: 16 wins, 0 losses.
  • Humorous Duels Record: 0 wins, 1 loss.

Judged Duels

Satoshi, (ally) Vs. Opponent(s) Judges Win/Loss
Satoshi Vs. Jaegar Thea, Tiphareth, Rheven Win
Satoshi Vs. Grot Thea, Kasyr, Turel Death Duel- Win
Satoshi Vs. Vaelustil Rheven, Sophie, Aiya Win
Satoshi Vs. Sadie Thea, Tiphareth, Zhaleeah Win
Satoshi Vs. Reece Jacklin, Rheven, Giacomo Win
Satoshi Vs. Kasyr Jerralith, Jacklin, Leigh Win
Satoshi Vs. Splag Rheven, Jacklin Win
Satoshi Vs. Rhocielle Nicholai, Mahri, Portea Win
Satoshi Vs. Felmacius Jacklin, Jerralith, Verse Win
Satoshi Vs. Whess Reece, Grae, Kris Win
Satoshi Vs. Reece Tiphareth, Arien, Zeneth Win
Satoshi Vs. Nakazo Nemisis, Kundera, Jaize Win
Satoshi Vs. Heyx Rheven, Thea, Tiphareth Win
Satoshi Vs. Kasyr vs. Guistepades Arien, Terra, Kazuma Win
Satoshi, Kasyr Vs. Morrandir, Guistepades Thea, Noemi, (Unstated) Win
Satoshi, Kasyr Vs. Morvious, Acheron Thea, (Unstated), (Unstated) Win

Humorous Duels

Satoshi, (ally) Vs. Opponent(s) Judges Win/Loss
Satoshi Vs. Lucien Thea, Drathir, Acheron Loss

Spars, Fights, & Unjudged Duels

Avenis x2
Drathir x4
Kasyr -Too numerous
Mahri: x4
Namen x2
Rayne x3
Svilfon -Too numerous