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Name: Turel Vallen
Age: Three hundred and thirty five
Homeland: A city far from Hollow
Race:: Avian
Class:: Warrior anti-mage(App:22)
Eye:: Cold swirling sapphire
Hair:: Shoulder length platinum
Height: 6'0" 
Weight: 200 lbs.
Birthday: Third of September
Guild: None


At first glance, one would perhaps note the height of the avian as being in the range of 6 ft. His weight, well-proportioned with his height, is 200 lbs. Pearly white wings adorn the male’s back, each measuring about 10 feet in width. Once so glowing, as though kissed by the sun. Since his return from his home, Turel has undergone many changes. His hair now is always messy, a rough amount of stubble lines his jaw, and several scars run down his face - as if he had been savaged by a lycan-, which is not the case. His left eye is also missing, and usually Turel wears an eye patch- concealing it.

The avian’s typical choice of attire is a pair of black leather pants and a black leather vest. Upon his legs, he often wears mithril plates, favoured for its lightness and durability. If the vest is not worn, myriad scars would be in evidence upon the chest of the male, some old, some new, some large and others tiny, yet most from a past the man would rather forget.

Platinum shoulder length locks fall freely, a few stray strands often obscuring the man’s eyes from easy view. Were they to be noticed however, they would be seen to be a cold, swirling sapphire. These are the only element of his visage, which accurately portray Turel’s inner emotions. Anger him and they will darken in hue, yet, when he is content, they will lighten considerably in colour. Were one to study him closely, they would perhaps see the aura of magical negation, which emanates from his body.

Turel never goes unarmed, and at the waistband of his pants hang two sheathed blades. The hilt of the first katana is gem encrusted, drawing the eye to it like a beacon. However, the second is of much simpler design, its hilt clad in a serviceable white leather. Well hidden, but always on his form are the two poison coated hunting knives located within his boots. From the back of his belt hands a rather strange looking weapon, yet, despite its seeming harmlessness, this u-shaped boomerang would be dismissed by only the foolish. Thrown with deadly accuracy, it will skewer most targets.

A snow white owl usually accompanies Turel.


Turel was born as an anti-mage; a being capable of repelling all type's of magic which the wielder was unwise enough to use directly upon his person. Raised as all of his other avian brethren despite this rare gift, Turel was taught, as they were, to fight with physical as well as mental strength to overcome the odds he faced in battle. Quickly this young avian learned the skills required of a deadly warrior, so swiftly in fact that, as he rose through the ranks of the militia of his homeland, his name was on the lips of many.

However, tragedy was not far in the future of this youngling. During a fateful battle with the hated vampire race, Turel made a mistake; one which cost him the lives of his entire family. In retribution, he was banished from his home.

Turel travelled for many months, coming to terms with his grief, channelling it into an urge to learn everything he could about battle in all its forms. He became a master over time, and, with the same passage of months, found himself in the lands of Hollow.

Since arriving in these strange lands, Turel, despite the occasional fight from which he emerged victorious, has been, for the most part, residing peacefully. Turel found home in the clan Stormtempered kingdom, and, through exploration, happened upon the hidden doors to the warrior’s guild. Upon finding the place, he promptly named himself guild master. Leading a successful campaign with the aid of the Stormtempered Kingdom, those in the Guild, and Venturil's own platoon of soldiers, Turel was able to rid the land of Venturil of the Preklek force's who were, at the time, in occupation there. Over time, Turel has left the ranks of the Stormtempered Kingdom but those within the clan will always have the Warrior Anti-Mages blade if they so need it. Turel has joined up with Thea of Enchantment in a new clan; The Syndicate.

During his time in Hollow, the avian has undergone many changes, and has befriended many, some of whom are comrades, and yet others whom are classed as friends. Yet one woman, an elf by the name of Larwyn, stands above all others, for Turel harbours a deep, passionate, all consuming love for her, despite their parting of ways. Now, since Larwyn has left the lands, the Avian is heartbroken. The male has made a solemn vow: No other woman will claim his heart.

After Turel left the lands of Hollow to once more find himself, a band of Preklek stragglers had cornered the warrior, and held him captive for two years. While in captivity, Turel lost his left eye, and sometimes walks with a slight limp when the weather is cold. His Preklek captors left the avian to die, how he managed to survive, he does not know. 

It took many years for the avian to heal both mentally and physically. Now, he has returned. How long this will be, he does not know.

Turel's quote: If there is nothing to live for, then find someone to die for.


This is a list of the items, and features that Turel is currently in possession of

  • Aura-of magical-negativity

An aura which emanates from the warriors body, extending but a few centimetres. Its soft white glow is quite hard to see in direct sunlight; but in the dark it can easily be visible.

  • Decorated Avian Spear

This spear is made entirely from a light weight, yet durable mineral extracted from the mountain's of Xalious. At both end's of the weapon are thin, serrated, yet sharpened spear head's; used mainly for piercing both flesh and strong armour alike. The shaft of the weapon measure's between eighty to ninety centimeters and it is highly decorated in symbol's and word's that belong to the avian race. This weapon was made for Turel, and for another symbol, a feathered wing is engraved just below the spear head's. If one is to know what the words mean, it would read the following caption: In War, Victory. In Peace, Vigilance. In Death, Sacrifice.

  • Falcon`s Edge

A basic looking katana by any means. The blade is made from silver, and measure's at a rather long sixty centimetre's -- excluding the hilt -- and has the emblem of a feathered wing etched into the very blade; and yet, the blade is rather lightweight. The hilt is wrapped in a tight black and white criss cross leather, slightly worn for better handling purpose's. The pommel; a counterweight, is a rather crude looking sharped claw that resembles a talon.

  • Finely-engraved Avian-signet

Made from pure platinum, the signet is a ring of beauty, and something to be marvelled at. The center of the ring holds a expertly cut sapphire gem, held in statis by a set of well crafted wings.

A ring created for Turel. He had one similar from his homeland, lost through the ages before arriving in Hollow. The avian simply wished for another to be made.

  • Mithril Plated Armour

Mithril-plated leather is an armour known for its durability, lightweight and being effective in combat. If a quick glance is taken, it appears to be just the usual leather armour sold in Kelay; but in truth, it is not. If you take a more longer observation, you can see where the Mithril plates have been embedded and coated into the leather -- mainly at covering the main organ's from damage, and various other places that are deemed 'weak' on the body itself. Even with the bearer wearing a whole set of this armour, the mobility in which one can move is there. They can move with high speed, something that the warrior's need in this time of age. Good protection and mobility. Mithril as old tales are often spun is said to be able to withstand almost any blow, or thrust and the bearer receives only slight bruising from it. Whether or not this is true is an unknown fact.

  • razor-honed steel-boomerang

The only thrown weapon that the warrior anti-mage uses. It is made from a polished steel, and is shaped into a sort of 'U' shape. All along the outer rim of the weapon is comprised of tiny, yet razor sharp needles which can tear through soft clothing and flesh quite easily.

  • Steel-toe capped-boots

What appears to be ordinary looking black leather lace boots. The exterior of the book is comprised of black leather, and finished with an array of leather laces and a buckle. If one is to step of the toes, they'll feel the hardest that is set underneath; a piece of steel rounded off to protect the bearers toes from harm.

  • Twin hidden wristblades

What can only be described as a simple leather bracer, within holds something more sinister: a set of two wristblades that measure eight inches. Both of the blades are serrated, and completly mechanical. How they work is a mystery, but they do certinaly add a subtle blow to any punch.