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Svilfon is a wizard in a wondrous hat.

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This page describes a character who is dead or retired from Hollow.

His past:

Svilfon was raised in a loving family and would gladly have spent his life living in the quiet hills of his homeland. But one day a huge red dragon came a-pillagin'; her fiery breath desecrating the countryside for miles around. Upon seeing this, Svilfon leapt atop his roof and shouted, "Great dragoness, ruler of the skies, bringing of destruction, herald of pain.." The titles went on for many a minute, as all know dragons are suckers for flattery.

The dragoness, named Ilgriathialkal, had her interest piqued and soon landed before the house. With barely a thought she shifted her form into that of a woman and climbed atop the roof to stand beside the terrified Svilfon. "You, man, know of me?"

The question was asked a little too innocently, and with a gulp of fear the young man answered, "I do not know your name, mighty dragoness, bringer of suffering, dame of desecration..." She raised her hand to stop his flow of titles, and quickly getting the point, Svilfon continued, "But I have seen your graceful flight; your dangerous dance that leaves little in its wake.. And I was impressed... Pray, leave this home and those within alone, for we have no wealth worthy of you, and we're all a bit too skinny to make a meal out of. But, most beautiful of wyrms, if you have need of anything you can ask and if it is within my power I will grant it. A small price for your mercy, but the greatest gift I can offer.."

The dragoness was silent for a long moment as her hungry gaze roamed the poor farm, before she nodded in ascent, "You are correct, human. Your family has nothing worthy of my hoard, and you're far too skinny to satisfy my hunger..." She smiled then, a dangerous smile (can dragons smile any other way?) and proclaimed, "You will be the price I take. You will become my husband; faithful and endearing for all your days."

She moved her head close to his and whispered the last words of her proclamation, "Or I will eat you, your family and everyone else in this ridiculous village." Svilfon was shocked, but knowing the price of refusal he quickly accepted, "It would be an honor and no price at all, great dragon..."

And so it was that Svilfon was married, somewhat against his will, to the mighty red dragon Ilgriathialkal. She decided that having a husband who was a lowly farmer was far beneath her station, so she proclaimed him to be a wizard and so he has remained, even though his wizardly skills were most questionable. Being a dragon, and quite endeared to sleeping years away, Svilfon was left to wander about on his own. Eventually this led him to Hollow where he resides still, waiting for his wife to awaken and summon him once more to her side... Though, the wizard suspects (and rightly so) that Ilgriathialkal is keeping a close eye on him, making sure he doesn't get too friendly with any of the lovely women who grace this world.


Svilfon is the Sublime Master of the Mage's Guild, a devout follower of Xalious, and also partial to Aramoth's enjoyment of battle and violence.

  • After travelling to Frostmaw on the back of the deceased couatl, Emiur, the wizard heard the news that Leoxander had fallen. Having given his word to the rogue that he had his loyalty, Svilfon set out to avenge his fallen comrade.
  • In Frostmaw he found comradarie again with the snow-queen. Within the tavern he was convinced being sired was the only way to survive his coming ordeal. And so he was given the gift of vampirism by the Revenant Kasyr.
  • Finally, prepared as best he could, the wizard travelled to the shadow of the Xalious Tree and there met his former master, the Eldermage Tiphareth. The forsaken drow all but killed the wizard, until with the last of his strength Svilfon managed to destroy the lich's body, sending his essence back to its phylactery.
  • After ignoring warnings about Satoshi being allergic to teleportation magic, the wizard transported himself and the snow queen halfway across Hollow. A mix-up during the spell, caused by their contrasting magics and her allergies, caused him to appear in the desert of Venturil in her body, while she was in his. Misadventures followed, but eventually they managed to secure an ancient relic long forgotten by all but the most learned. It managed to heal them, though it was destroyed in the process; during which, stray thoughts caused the wizard to grow a dark grey tail. How happy he is about this isn't clear, but Satie told him it suits him so he's content enough for now.
  • Svilfon has completed writing a spell book. He did this while visiting his wife, who was none too happy with him becoming a vampire.
  • Svilfon has completed imbuing his spellbook with the power of his Coterie brethren. The book has been sealed, though the cost of sealing it is not yet clear. But at last it is done... Svil cannot relax, though. He has a tournament to compete in... what state he will be in for it isn't clear, but he doesn't care. It's Frostmaw. He could not refuse such a call.
  • The Tournament in the City of War is now completed. Svilfon has defeated Frostmaw's knight-captain, Ignatius, the assassin, Vehara, and finally the silver dragon, Hildegarde, to claim victory in the tournament and take the title, Titan of Winter.
  • The hunt is done... there has been vengeance... but at a high cost to Satoshi, Hildegarde, and Svilfon. Much was sacrificed, but the price was worth paying. The wizard, at the end, destroyed the body of the Empathic Wyrm and his forsaken slave after the companions created amongst themselves, with the aid of Elanor the seer, the weapon required to defeat the beast. When the smoke cleared and the snow once again filled the crater, Svilfon was no longer there... but it didn't take him too long to return to Frostmaw, despite him no longer able to teleport; a problem he's sure is temporary.
  • There are more to destroy for their crimes, but it can wait. The source was beaten... the remnants can be hunted down later.
  • After a brief and relaxing time in Frostmaw, Svilfon left to find Kasyr in Vailkrin and complete a deal made with Satoshi, and also return something which Kasyr asked him to create... He travelled on Trebel, the angha, and the pair of them got into all kinds of trouble. Thankfully, Alahir also came along for the ride. He made sure they didn't get into anything too dangerous to get out of.
  • Back to Frostmaw for Hollow's resident wizard; the festival drew him back. Snowball fights, drinking contests, fighting and dancing, Svil had all kinds of fun with the various people who came to visit the frozen kingdom he loves, and enjoyed the various events which were put on by the citizens of Frostmaw.
  • Something is coming to Frostmaw. Whatever it is, the wizard fears it... he will be prepared alongside Frostmaw. He will not allow anything to befall the City of War.
  • With war in Frostmaw, and his duties in the Guild, the wizard has had very little spare time of late, and that which he has has been spent casting mighty spells. And even now, requiring rest after aiding in the rescue of Chakor, Svil's been preparing another, this time to finish off something he started quite a while ago. He's looking forward to getting it done, so he can once again refocus on the many responsibilities which seem to have snuck up on him of late.
  • Speaking of responsibilities, Svilfon has been promoted within the guild to the rank of Sublime Master. He has more than one thing in store for the Guild now the promotion has been finalised. The wizard is looking forward to continuing the work the Archmage Tiphareth did in the position, and ensuring the Guild remains the most feared group of mages in all of Hollow.

Svil's cherished items:

  • First and foremost comes his amazing, stupendously pointy hat: Only in whispers do they speak of where it came from and what powers it truly possesses. All that is known for sure by others is it's the most fashionable item in the long history of Hollow... it's only real competition came from its twin, which was gifted to the snow queen, Satoshi. But that hat sacrificed itself to save the queen, so once again his hat is the greatest head-wear to ever grace Hollow. It's proven itself incredibly resilient to damage, too - it was the only thing to remain unscathed when the wizard and the lichdrow battled in the shadow of the Xalious Tree.
  • Wizard Robes: a gift from Satoshi, not for the wizard, but for all of Frostmaw... considering he walked around in rather revealing tattered robes until she had them made. Fur-lined and warm for battling Frostmaw's eternal cold, as well as being filled to the brim with a variety of items, they are more than just useful and Svil is never seen without them on.
  • Xalious-wood wand: instead of being elementally charged, when the wizard gained high enough rank in the Mage's Guild his Xalious staff was turned into a wand; a fine weapon considering the variety of spells he likes to cast.
  • Abusive, colourful parrot named Percy: This isn't so much a treasured item... the infamous parrot of Cornelius Von Penzance was bequeathed to the wizard upon the dandy's unfortunate demise. The wizard highly suspects the fallen noble of House Penzance did this to torture him...
  • Merlin Falcon: Gifted to him by Satoshi, the wizard uses it to go hunting in Frostmaw... Or would if he was a little more serious about maintaining appearances, considering his position in the city. The falcon has not been seen in a while, nor has Percy. Svilfon is beginning to become afraid... for if the falcon and parrot happened to have chicks... abusive and highly talented hunting birds would probably cause him to jump off a cliff... and not in the fun way.
  • Confounded winged goat: A winged goat used by Svilfon as his mount since joining the Eyrie. A gift from the strangest of all strange frogs, the animal has a serious identity crises and is often found flying about chasing Percy, usually oinking, chittering, barking or mooing at the abusive parrot. Since the disappearance of Percy, the goat seems to be in a much better mood... Svil guesses. It's hard to tell.
  • A Matagot named L'or: This creature, which typically takes the form of a midnight black cat, is rarely seen around Svilfon, but even rarer is the case when it isn't close to him. It lives in his hat; some have whispered that it is in fact the spirit of whatever gives his hat its amazing, unrivalled rulership over all other head wear. But whether this is true or not, who knows? What is certain is that the cat has an amazing ability to sniff out gold and treasure... sadly, the wizard cares nothing for wealth.
  • Lamen of Arcane Mastery: Given to him by the former Sublime Master when he became a Magister Templi, the item is always found around his neck.
  • Ail'likr: Created by Svilfon and the former Archmage Rheven, this amulet possesses the power to temporarily sever the bonds between sire and sired. It was hidden deep in the Mage's Guild, safe from the hands of any would-be thieves.
  • His spell-book. Written by the wizard himself, the book is a complete source of knowledge for all Svilfon's wizardry. It is filled with spells written by the Sublime Master, as well as his ideas for using existing spells for reasons beyond the apparent. What else it contains isn't known to anyone but Svilfon, nor are his true intentions with the book known. But since it has been imbued with with Dami's indestructible magic, Kasyr's shocking electric power, a key forged of draconite by Kirien and imbued with the part of his own essence, the only thing which can open the lock forged of Satoshi's very own soul-fire, the Azure Flames solidified, and a ribbon of the aurora, taken by Satoshi from Frostmaw itself, and finally bound by Svilfon's own magic... its destiny, whatever that may be, can begin to be fulfilled.
  • A young and noble couatl named Alahir. The first of Emiur's eggs to hatch, he has seen much in the company of the vampire, and not all sights were good ones. But Svilfon is confident the couatl has enough of Emiur in him to withstand the stresses of living with a wizard. Svil will watch him closely now he has learned Emiur's fate. Not that he's complaining; he likes him far more than most people he's met in the world.
  • A Snakpioner. When facing Vehara in the Frostmaw Tournament, one of Svilfon's spells was cast a little wrong... or rather, not quite how he expected it to go. It gave life to a group of these foul creatures, one of which survived the battle atop the Eyrie's roost - the rest were killed by the assassin. Now it follows the wizard around nipping at people who annoy it, or poisoning them, or slithering around in a somewhat snake-like fashion on its eight creepy legs. Svil likes the little guy, though he doubts anyone else would... well, it seems someone else liked it after all! The wizard loaned this creature to Kovl for the pixie's battle against Vehara, but unfortunately the pesky half-drow assassin killed the poor, innocent, loving creature! Oh, fine, the snakpioner deserved to die, but still! Svil will miss him. Or her.... well... it.
  • A clothes wearing capuchin monkey. This monkey used to belong to Quinmyutiotu, now it spends its time in Xalious. Occasionally on the wizard's hat, when Svil is in the village or Mage's Tower, but most often by itself.
  • His goat-drool covered Squeaky dragon Ilgy Plush. A plushie of the softest materials, made for him by Satoshi, and later the participant in a spousal fight of plushtastic proportions! Where it was unfortunately eaten by a goat. But the wizard got it back, or made a new one... no one really knows... and he keeps it tucked into his robes, just in case that Cuddly Kensai Kasyr Plushie gets a little too puntastic.
  • A hamster named Nibbles. A gift given, Svilfon will try hard not to set the little guy on fire. Unlike the wizard's other pets, this is a regular hamster. The only difference is this one lives off crumbs which sometimes fall out of the Sublime Master's hat. He also tries really hard to keep L'or away from him... that pesky Matagot takes its cat-like body all too seriously sometimes, and would quite gladly turn Nibbles into a... well... nibble.
  • Glowing Xalious Flower. Svilfon was lucky enough to find one of these rare items when the The Xalious Tree flowered for the first time in living memory. He has spent a long time trying to fathom its secrets, and though he would tell you he understands the flowers' properties completely, in truth he does not. But equally true is the fact he doesn't care; mystery is the spice of life for a wizard, and archaic mysteries are his favourite. He will cherish the flower for the rest of his (hopefully) long unlife.

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