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This Page has been marked as a Character Profile.
This page describes a character who is permanently dead.

Heyx was killed by Kurlurk.

Heyx is in possession of a Pendent-of-Abated-Sorrows, which causes her to only feel positive emotions. Because of her inability to feel regret or sorrow, or anything of the nature, she has taken on Sadomasochistic tendencies and occasionally murders hapless villagers in and around the town of Larket. She'll secretly dispose of the corpses, then pose as someone else and report the crime under a fake name. Heyx's murder tool of choice is a heavy Hatchet fitted with a billhook.

Heyx is also Herbalist of Larket and is willing to fill all of your Herbalism needs!


Picture of me^


A handdrawning of Heyx that I did.

I plan on doing a new drawing of Heyx soon. Look forward to it.


^, this very well done peice of art was done by a friend of Kaval's. I like it very much and I extend my thanks to the both of them.

Heyx, the Bad-Luck mage

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Real Name: Mara Ve'deur

Age: 19

Height: 5'0

Weight: 89 pounds

Hair Colour: Red, orange

Skin Tone: Medium Grey

Eye Colour: Blue

Friends or Allies: Ekimrelyt, Iavy, Azife, Zaina, Abbith, Tsukiko, Kainan, Ydna, Morvious, Telemnar


When Heyx needs to be careful, or sometimes just for practice, she dons a disguise and takes on the name Needles. Her disguise consists of dying her hair a deep blue, wearing it long, a mask, and a thick gold and black dress that covers every inch of her skin. The mask is jet black and featureless, with a face badly scrawled on by crayon.

Heyx is a member of the Renegade Cartel

Heyx is a Hexenmeister, a practicer of Speilwerk or Hex Magic.


A nice page about curse magic and whatnot

Old Chars: (because I kinda suck at remembering my old chars, here they are listed)

There's like five or six more, but I dunnno remember....

She does not use big words (though I may in an RP description)

She does not swear.

She reacts angrily to accusations of being crazy.

Forms of magic Heyx is proficient in-

EXITIUM (destruction magic)

IGNIS (fire magic)

SPEILWERK (curse and hex magic)

Heyx the serial killer

Heyx approaches the entrance of the town slowly, a wide smirk playing upon her grey features. She notices several children up ahead, eagerly chasing a terrified dog. The Bad-Luck mage approaches, hair blowing somewhat in the wind. One of the young girls look up at the drow, and is greeted with a smirk and a, "Hello". She grins, eyeing the two other kids before breaking off from the small pack and approaching Heyx. Heyx smiles warmly. "Hello there. Hey, I'm new to this village. I've got some cleaning to do, could you show me where the town does its bathing and laundry?" The little girl says, "Sure. We do that stuff in the waterfall north of here! I'll show it to you!." Heyx grins down at the young child. "You sure are brave, leading me here all by yourself." The young girl looks up at Heyx with a smile that swiftly turns to terror as the Drow grips her tightly by the throat, a wide-grin playing across her features. "I guess we're both going for a swim now." Heyx forces the girls head beneath the water, her fingernails digging deeply in the child's throat, blood oozing slowly over her fingernails. "Yeah, you like this too, huh? The water is warm...so warm." Heyx squeezes hard into the girl's throat, feeling the bones and muscle slowly begin to give way as she tears and tears. Finally, the girl stops moving, but Heyx isn't quite finished yet. She continues to hold the girl down under the water for an additional five minutes, just to be sure. Heyx stands back up, her chest heaving slightly with the effort. "Wow...Looks like someone had a little accident. Oh well. That sure was great! What a workout!"

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