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  • Sorry to have to say this, but I need to retire the character of Splag. He's been a lot of fun to RP with all of you. I may bring him back some day, but until I do he's M.I.A.
  • The project he was working on in the sewers of Port Rynvale went very very wrong and backfired on him. It didn't cause much structural damage, but it did drive the surviving members of the Painted Ones pack out of the sewers and into the wild. They probably won't survive for long, sadly.


  • Male Fermin Mage, specializing in Sewer-related magics.
  • White fur, often filthy
  • A bit over 3' tall.
  • Is approximiately middle-aged for a Fermin, although it is hard for non-Fermin to tell.
  • Tends to run on all fours rather than walk on his hind legs.
  • Beady red eyes (purchased the 'Red Pitiless' Chaos upgrade.
  • Always wears a pair of dirty mismatched fuzzy bunny slippers on his hind feet.
  • Currently sports rather wild paint splatters across his face and head from Rowen's artistry at Vuryal's engagement party.

OOC Info

  • Has moved into the Port Rynvale sewer system with a small group of follower Fermin, who call themselves The Painted Ones.
    • The Painted Ones fought a skirmish in the sewers against teh Fold's force
  • The Painted Ones are working to clean up the sewers at the direction of Ariens government in Rynvale in return for food and being left alone.


  • Very clever and intelligent for a Fermin
  • Not very brave or aggressive personally, but can be rather nasty when cornered or threatened or when he thinks he has an advantage.
  • Has been exposed to enough Chaos energies to be mildly infected. He has become more aggressive with his new power, but it is the aggression of a bully who is compensating for their cowardice.


Note: This is OOC info.

  • Summon Rat Swarm
  • Summon Giant Rat
  • Sewer Water Splash
  • Oilslick
  • Stinking Cloud
  • Summon Sewer Water Elemental
  • Turn Object To Goo
  • Has shown some ability to control slimes (used in the invasion of Rynvale)

Character Interactions

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History Draft

Note: This is OOC info. And possibly won't be used in the final version.

  • Born into the Magician's caste (white-furred Fermin)
  • Has never tried to lead or assume any position of leadership, as he knows that he would immediately be the target of every thief or assassin Fermin in his pack, and that thought fills him with terror.
  • Somewhat reclusive by Fermin standards, he was quite happy exploring the depths of the Larket sewers. While he was in this area he discovered his affinity for the sewers and that his magic was strongest when it incorporated a part of the sewers into it.
  • As his magic got stronger and tied more and more with the spirit of sewers, he learned how to corrupt all but the fastest flowing waters with the lovely essence of filth.
  • He also learned how to cause foul winds and trapped the essence of the stench to himself so that he could use it as a weapon against his enemies. Long used to the smells of the sewer, he is all but immune to his stinking cloud spell, but even other Fermin are vulnerable to it's potent putrescence.
  • He learned how to contact the nature spirits that had dwelled here and been twisted by constant exposure to the filth, and so became able to summon Sewer Water Elementals. They are strongest when they have an actual sewer to pull from, but they can be summoned from nearly any stagnant or still water source.

The Painted Ones

Note: This is OOC info. They're notes for my use.

  • Sigger - larger black Fermin - in charge of sewer patrols, and was the one in charge of the assault on Lirithen's force of Nagas.
  • Het - small brown Fermin - in charge of scrounging runs to the surface for food and supplies. Status unknown after failing to bring home enough food.
  • Conna - medium brown Fermin - One of the youngling instructors
  • Jutle - medium brown Fermin - One of the youngling insturctors