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Name: Zarah Rosalyn-Pfeifer

Nicknames: Ms. Pfeifer, Ms. Zarah, Zar, ZarZar, Zarry. (ooc: If you have anything different I may add the nickname to the list.)

Hometown: She forgot where it was...

Hair: Wavy golden blonde it goes slightly past her shoulders. She usually wears it down.

Eyes: A forest green. Sometimes when she is mad they turn a bright emerald.

Skin: Moonlight pale skin. It shines with the moon.

Markings: A scar on her left shoulder. A scar around her right arm, though, it's hardly noticable.

Status: Is taking the chance.

Personality: Stubborn, nice, goofy, frustrating to deal with, can be in a pissy mood at times, silent when meeting people, talkative when friends are around.



Chad, Zarah's wintery wolf

Quincy, Zarah's black wolf. (deceased)





Jarvis (considers him as a friend now because she understands what he is going through)

Black Lotus

Rulis (deceased)

Zarah's Biography:

Zarah was a human. Her father taught her to sing harmony for fun and protect herself. Her mother talked about many things and taught Zarah the piano and also to read and write. Her mother loved Zarah deeply. Soon everything changed when she was 16 years old. One day safely in bed, she heard something. Someone break in. A terrifying scream of a woman shot Zarah's ears. Still childish, Zarah hid under the covers. She heard a different man's footsteps walking slowly around the cottage dragging something. It was her parents... They were murdered. Zarah woke up and walked through the cottage to see where her parents were. Zarah thought they left her and vanished. However, Zarah then stepped in a puddle of blood. Then, she knew...

Walking along a path and taking care of herself, she thought she was doing quite well. Although she was sad and terribly angery, she was alright on her own thanks to her loving parents. One dark breezy night, Zarah was walking to her cottage of haunting memories when suddenly something pulled her backwards. A sharp pain hit her roughly in the shoulder, she screamed in terror. Venom rushing through her veins, she felt like she was dying, which she wasn't exactly. Nothing but a burning sensation running through her body, she wanted to yell for help but now she couldn't move. For a couple of days she layed there helpless. No one noticed her, she was in shrubs and everyone was busy with their own business.

Finally, Zarah wakes up. She felt different, way too different. Her skin was pale as moonlight, her sun-kissed skin was gone. Her eyes weren't her olivey green color. Instead they became forest green. Her light blonde hair was now golden blonde. She was somewhat more beautiful than before, but she was still not the same at all. Whenever someone was near she craved to drain their life away completely, but she knew she wouldn't do it. There was only one explanation she thought... A vampiress. But the cruelest part about this life was that she forgot most of her past. Her good memories she had were gone. This was too dangerous though to be with the public. She had to hide for the rest of her long life...

Zarah is now searching for a new beginning. So far, so partly good. Things have happened horrible, but she moves on in peace. Zarah has a problem with nightmares creeping up on her... Odd nights she falls alseep in pain and wakes up with that burning sensation in her shoulder. It only lasts for a couple minutes then she gets up for the morning. If something bad happens it adds to her pained dreams. If something good happens, it lightens the pain. (ooc: Zarah is always RP friendly. She would love to meet anyone so go for it ;))

Shout Outs

Brandi- For helpin' Zarah out on her first days in Hollow!

Damonn- For being Zarah's first brother!

Teira- Being Zarah's best friend till the end, dear!

Juro- Being Zarah's first love.

Korike- For just bein' Korike. ;)

Zeckar- For helping Zarah through with her memory problems and always keeping Zarah company! <3's for you!

Melani- Zarah's first sister.

Zedreth- For letting me say 'Hi' to ya. When you're definately a stranger for meh. ;) haha.