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Name: Tiphareth D`Artes 
Age: ancient 
Race: Lichdrow Noble 
Class: Archmage 
Eyes: Menacingly Blazing Crimson 
Hair: Grungy sterling 
Skin: Defiled ebon 
Height: 5'2" (157.5 cm) 
Weight: 121 lbs (68.5 kg) 
Marital Status: Single 
Alignment: Neutral Evil 
Political Status: Leader of Trist'oth 
Clan Status: Co-Leader of The Syndicate 
Guild Status: Archmage of the Mage's Guild, Responsible for Guild Operations


Horror... Darkness... Malevolence..., radiating with an unmistakable aura from the decrepit form of this aged creature, is the first and most obvious trsub of the Lichdrow of House D'Artes. Defiled skin hangs loosely about his bones in a half decaying state, the stale stench of death quite offensive to the nostrils of anyone in his vicinity. A turbulent flame of ruby hue burns bright within the emptied sockets of Tiphareth's visage, an ominous telling of the creature's arcane and tenebrous nature. Ragged hair falls long tangled tresses, its once brilliant white now faded to a soiled silver hue. About the creature's neck rests the obvious symbol of his Drow leadership, the noble insignia of Trist'oth's First House, of which he serves as Patron. Though the Lichdrow hold potential to utilize his vast arcane knowledge by means of somatic manipulations alone, he often employs the Xalious-wood stave as a means to channel even greater mystic power.


  • The Eldermage Tiphareth D'Artes was raised in the Underdark, faithfully serving the Matriarchy for his first three centuries of life. As time passed by, the House grew in power... as did Tiphareth. Increasing their political clout through a series of risky raids upon the rival Houses, they eventually took position as First House of Krikstiel. Tiphareth in no way enjoyed his role, often forced into subservience toward far weaker priestesses; but he took advantage of the privileges available to loyal mages with significant ability. Tiphareth bided his time with the Matron, knowing that with each passing year his age became more of a limiting factor in the possibility of sacrifice to the Spider Queen; as they much favored the young, virile males as desirable gifts to Astrala. In time, Tiphareth became the House Wizard, earning some semblance of respect, if not fear, from the Priestesses and Matron.
  • He was released from service by his Matron after the fall of his former House during a planned assault by a group of rival Houses. After many years roaming the wild-lands of the Underdark, he eventually made his way to discover the surface. He spent much time there, his curiosity leading him to learn about various cultures and races within the lands. After feeling he'd learned the bulk of what the surface had to offer, he returned to his home of the Underdark. He does frequent certain surface areas in order to keep tabs on political situations, and take advantage of the substantial trade opportunities there.
  • After Trist'oth`s Matriarchy was rended weaker by the invasion of the Dark Immortals and subsequent invasion by the forces of the Archmosian Empire, Tiphareth joined with the forces of Patron Keter of House D'Artes, and eventually became a member of the House himself, serving as the House Wizard until the time of Keter's death. Tiphareth has now taken over the role as Patron for House D'Artes, leading the Underdark's First House and continuing the fight to return Drow glory and subdue the Matriarchy's return.
  • The Drow aggression toward the elves of Sage escalated to full on war, resulting in the eventual exile of the Sage Elves from their homeland. Only a contingent of fighters led by the vampire Rikailin and elf Liana remained to defend the forest; Liana seemed to disappear into the shadows and Rikailin was defeated, marked and banished from the forest, effectively ending any meaningful rebellion to the exile.
  • Tiphareth has completed the dark and lengthy process of becoming a Lich, finishing with a bevy of arcane rituals within the catacombs of House D'Artes to finally shake his mortal coil and transfer his soul to the the chosen phylactery.
  • After a battle that led to the destruction of Tiphareth's body by his former student Svilfon, Tiphareth has abandoned his original form and since occupied the preserved corpse of former Patron Keter D'Artes from within the Catacombs of House D'Artes. After adopting this new form, the Lichdrow withdrew from the surface for many months, spending the vast majority of his time within his secretive keep in the depths of Trist'oth. This time was spent in fervent study and devotion; working to gain full mastery over the Forsaken Book of the Dead and increase favor with his dark patron, Vakmatharas.

Current RP

  • Tiphareth is the highest ranking member of the Mage's Guild after the former Archmage Rheven stepped down and passed the torch to the Eldermage. Tiphareth tends to look down toward those who he views as boastful beyond their abilities, only a handful have earned his respect in the Arcane arts and he views himself as unequaled in Arcane knowledge.
  • Tiphareth represents Trist'oth as a Leader of The Syndicate clan, a secret organization of the various Kings, Queens, Governors, and their closest agents within Hollow.(App:28)
  • As Patron of the First House D'Artes, Tiphareth leads Trist'oth and chairs the Drow Council, where he is currently working to restore the Drow's power and glory to its once lofty position.


Tiphareth possesses a number of unique items/features including:

  • Vast Arcane-Knowledge

- Tiphareth historically has not used flamboyant staves or rods in his magical endeavors, rather, he is usually content and fully capable to wield the depth of his esoteric power merely through his hands, simple walking sticks, or daggers. Though, since joining the Mage's Guild he has been seen with a rare staff that has aided in his ability to channel inordinately large amounts of arcane force.

- An ancient compendium of Necromantic knowledge containing a vast array of the land's most powerful and closely held arcane secrets. Along with the wondrous variety of spells and dark secrets contained within, the black grimoire also holds vast power unto itself, capable of being harnessed only by those who've immersed themselves within its tenebrous text.

- A long wooden staff which has been magically harvested from the Xalious tree itself with particular care to ensure its powerful arcane forces are retained within the wood. The metamagical features of this rare object ensure a clean and uninterrupted flow of force as the mage channels them through the implement. Such relic also enables entrance to the Mage's Guild Headquarters. The relic is usually not seen on his person, though it appears within his grasp upon command.

- A magical insignia which bears the name and crest of his Drow family, passed to him after the death of Keter, and signifying his leadership role within the House.

- A magical flogger created aeons ago by the Matron Mother of Trist'oth. The matron used her influence and power to force each of the leadership council members to channel their powers into one of the arcane tendrils. The handle is emblazoned with the House Insignia of each of these Houses. The weapon was wielded as a source of fear and symbol of power for centuries until a united coup, including her own kin, was successful in bringing down the ancient Matriarch. The weapon become lost for millennia, until eventually being sold upon the surface as just another unknown relic of Drow conquest. Once upon the surface the "Spirit" found its way from owner to owner, until eventually ending up within Tiphareth's own house upon his acquisition of a slave named Orro.

- An arcane veil of black spider silk, ensorcelled by secret pact with the Illusionist Sanlig. This enchanted fabric, when worn about the eyes, will filter out illusionary visions and allow the bearer to see that which truly is.

- A fairly large and ominous looking skull from the realm's most powerful of psionic creatures. The skull has been carved at the base and fitted within so it may suitably be worn upon the head of Eldermage Tiphareth. Its natural makeup along with the spellwork utilized in its creation offer considerable defense against psionic attack for the wearer.

  • Lich Touch of Death

- The painful and possibly deadly result which comes about from laying of hands by a powerful Lich.

  • Ensorcelled Archmage's Robes

- Garments of unknown enchantment created by and for the Eldermage of Trist'oth.

  • Curate of Vakmatharas Cloak

- A black cloak bearing sigils of divine homage to the Dark God Vakmatharas, worn by those who have chosen a role serving as assistants among his priesthood.

  • Horrific Emanation of Evil

- An aura of utter diabolical evil which emanates from the Lichdrow at all times. Lesser creatures may flee his vicinity in sheer horror of the malevolence.

  • L`Quarth-d`Avariel Signet

- A signet ring of Keter's order, bearing a rising sun within an upright equilateral triangle - symbolizing the many Drow who have been forced to retreat from the Underdark to the surface, in efforts to escape male slavery. Passed to Tiphareth after the death of Keter, and symbolizing his continued resolve to keep the Matriarchy is check.

  • Eversmoking Churchwarden-pipe

- A finely crafted pipe created by a deep dwarven pipe-smith, and enchanted to never extinguish or run out of tobacco.

  • Royal Ring of Archmosia

- A ring signifying leadership roles withing the Archmosian Empire, given to Keter by Kasyr as a symbol of his support for D'Artes. Tiphareth wears this ring to express his commitment to the former agreements of House D'Artes under Keter's leadership and as a symbol of Alliance with the restored Archmosian Empire.

  • Syndicate Band of Prestige

- Ring symbolizing membership in The Syndicate.

Duel History

This isn't all of them, but it's all I specifically remember.

  • Drow
    • Tiphareth vs Armitas, (10k gold), Tiphareth wins
    • Tiphareth vs Sarvell, (slavery), Tiphareth wins
    • Tiphareth vs Ginger, (excommunication from Astrala), Tiphareth wins
    • Tiphareth vs Parsithius, (honor/respect), Tiphareth wins
    • Tiphareth vs Arien, (maiming-arm), Tiphareth wins
    • Tiphareth vs Rydian (DD), Tiphareth wins
    • Tiphareth vs Zeneth (maiming-wing), Tiphareth wins
    • Tiphareth vs Kirien (autohit, apology), Tiphareth wins
    • Tiphareth vs Vaali (autohit, permanent scar), Tiphareth wins
    • Tiphareth vs Landirion (autohit beatdown), Tiphareth wins
    • Tiphareth vs Lirithen (DD), Tiphareth wins
    • Tiphareth vs Damian(maiming-tongue), Tiphareth wins
  • Lichdrow
    • Tiphareth vs Leoxander (DD), Tiphareth wins
    • Tiphareth vs Rikailin (exile from Sage, removal from Sage/Drow war, permanent scar), Tiphareth wins
    • Tiphareth vs Svilfon (destruction of Tiphareth's physical body), Svilfon wins

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