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Character Description

Sophie is a kind and gentle person. An honest merchant and a caring healer.

Brief notes

When her dearly beloved sister Gwenilyn left The Temple. She asked Sophie to take over as recruitment officer, which she has done.

Sophie is currently spending much time in Frostmaw, caring for the refugee elves from Sage Forest and speaking on their behalf to Queen Satoshi.


Sophie has adopted many children in order to free them from slavery or because they were orphans.


A PC child. the tiny white dragon whelp is Sophie's youngest child and firm friends with Gwenilyn the five year old yellow dragon. She doesn't speak the common tongue very well as yet.


Kassy is a nine year old human lad, named for the teifling Kasyr( See User:Kasyr). He is currently staying with his good friend the Ice mage Satoshi ( see User:Satoshi), but he often returns to visit his mother Sophie. He is lots of fun, a complete tearaway. Soph loves him dearly, but doesn't really know how to cope with his outrageous behaviour.


Sanmichel is a 7 year old pixie lad. He is 3" tall, and almost always cheerful and enthusiastic about life. He is named after Sophie's dear friend, the giant Sanmichel. He is very cute and loves to play games. He is learning swordsmanship from the noble warrior, and worthy paladin Guerin. He is very proud of his tiny wooden practise sword. Sanmichel is good friends with, the illusionist Reece. The mighty pixie, warrior, child,(or so he thinks of himself) now has a Intricately Crafted Miniature Crossbow. He is very proud of it. Sanmichel has a heart of gold.

  • Sanmichel is incredibly fond of hamsters. He has two at present.
    • Champion the Wonder Hamster, his noble steed.
    • Slone a very sweet baby hamster, who was a gift from Sanmichel's friend Kenneth. Slone may be more than he seems.


Arysel is a 12 year old Human. She is the ringleader of the kids and often leads the others into trouble. For example she was the one who lead Cyllarus and Corin off through the Portal to explore the Prek Planet. They were later joined by young Nassy. Luckily the prekleks survived this terrible ordeal.

  • Arysel is studying magic with the ancient feline Kaval. He is a skilled mage and a great teacher.


Damonn is a two year old, born lycan. He is named after Sophie's dear friend and fellow Lycan Damonn. (Often called Damonn puppy by his friends, or House pet by Mahri.) Damonn is a sweet child, often laughing. He changes easily and often into the form of a wolf cub.

Marcus Claudius Marcellus.

Marcus is a six year old human lad, with blond hair and blue eyes like his namesake. He is named for Sophie's much loved friend Marcellus, the high priest of Kanos. He resembles Marcellus in other ways too, being kind, gentle and intelligent, which is why Sophie chose this name for the lad.


Myrall is an eight year old giant girl. She towers over her mother, Sophie, being almost 9 feet tall already. She is named for Sophie's dear friend and clan leader, Myrall. She is a kind gentle, child, very curious. This curiousity often gets her into trouble. For example, she has been known to make small holes in the roofs of houses, so she can see what is going on inside.

  • Myrall is very interested in plants and often helps Sophie gather healing herbs and potion ingredients for Kaval. She thinks she may like to be a healer when she is older.

Cornelius is a nine year old human lad, named for the much loved dandy of the same name.( See User:Cornelius).