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About the Mage's Guild

The Mage's Guild exists to train and maintain the highest standards of arcane knowledge and ability within the realm. The Mage's Guild generally takes over when one has reached the limits of what they can learn through general study through the Mage's Tower or other institutions of arcane learning. Though it serves to elevate the most talented of mages, members of all skill levels will be considered for entry. Admission is based largely on observed potential, attitude, skill, and the nature of answers given during the admission interview. Progression will depend on devotion to the Guild, attitude, and development of the skill and potential for which you were accepted. While the Mage's Guild does implore members to spend suitable time researching the minute details of arcane casting and magical theory, it places elevated importance on casting in stressed situations where they must demonstrate true Mastery of the mystic arts within a mere moments notice from memory alone. It is nice to have the knowledge and ability to summon forth great power through the use of ancient tomes and elaborate rituals, but they will do little to serve the mage if they can not utilize those same powers to defend themselves in situations such as combat.

  • Spellblades are, for the first time ever, permitted to join the Guild. Although they do not devote their lives to perfecting the arcane arts, they are still skilled in the school of arcane magic and are offered unique ranks to reflect their learning.
  • Druids are now allowed into the Mage's Guild. There may be growing pains, as a druid's approach to magic differs very much to a classic mage's, but druids have long been trusted to care for the Xalious tree. This is a formal recognition of that trust.


  • Most degrees have minimum character ages associated with them, this serves to ensure that characters which reach higher ranks are also more stable characters that are likely to be around longer and continue to develop the Guild's RP. Bypassing these minimums generally requires defeating a member of sufficiently higher rank as well as Guild leader approval.

Admission Requirements

Anyone who wishes to join the Mage’s Guild must be devoted to the arcane arts, i.e. a Mage, Illusionist or Necromancer base class or an approved RP only class. Interested parties should contact an individual of the Provost Esoterica rank or higher for apprenticeship and admission. If you believe you should be admitted to the Guild at a higher rank than Entered Apprentice, you must contact the Guild Leader (or admin if this slot is vacant) and provide evidence that you are worthy of an elevated rank. It is anticipated that you will be required to perform either a spar or task - perhaps even both - to gain entry to the Guild.

Guild Items

  • Xalious-wood Staff
    • This staff is awarded upon entrance to the guild; it is a living scion of the Xalious Tree itself, harvested through use of an implement blessed by the Ascendi Arclandon himself. Being a direct conduit to the magical plane, it aids the user to channel energies beyond their body's capability of handling. OOCLY this item is keyed to guild HQ rooms.
  • Mage Guild Library Card OR Star-Speckled Arcane Sash
    • Upon reaching the rank of Arcane Steward, the guild member may choose between the mage guild library card OR the star-speckled arcane sash. (ooc note: both have the same AC and blessed value)
  • Modified Xalious Wood Staff
    • Upon reaching the rank of Provost Esoterica, the Xalious wood staff may be ensorcelled or modified by the Guild Leadership, at the request of the guild member. Players are free to purchase a "Xalious"-related custom, which accurately reflects said change, at their own expense. If players cannot afford the expense of the custom, the Guild will offer to cover half of the expense of a base custom.
  • Lamen Of Arcane Mastery
    • Awarded only to those deemed as Masters of the Arcane Arts (Magister Templi & Higher), this rare magical symbol offers the ability for the user to be instantly transported back to the Mage's Guild. Upon its surface are carved ancient arcane symbols mirroring those seen on the moon Arh'Nuk. Esoteric power lies within this implement, known only to those who possess it.
  • Compendium of the Archmage
    • This compilation of magical knowledge is both symbolically and practically an essential part of serving as the Archmage. Within the pages of this unique text are detailed explanations of inner magical theory, passed down and added to throughout the lineage of Archmages within the land. These unique and private insights offer the Archmage an unrivalled understanding of all things magical, truly setting them apart from other Masters of the Arcane arts. The esoteric manual is forever tied to the Archmage's Office within the Mage's Guild, and cannot be removed.
  • Elerium Tablet
    • This tablet, formed from partially refined Elerium lattice, is the last remaining key to creating "floating ore" from raw Elerium. After being stolen from Xalious and used to create the airships of Vhys, the tablet was subsequently returned to former Archmage Rheven, and now resides deep within secret confines of the Mage's Guild. The Mage's Guild serves as steward of this rare and powerful item, ensuring it does not fall into the wrong hands.

NPC Members

Various Non Player Character members exist to serve specific purposes within the mages guild, they vary in skill and function.

  • Foreza - Guardian of the Mage's Guild Headquarters
  • Oriyan - Teacher for Hire of various arcane disciplines
  • Lorkain - Teacher for Hire of dark arcane forces
  • Kyl'oriel - Academic scholar and informational resource
  • Throckmorton - Head of the School of Alchemy
  • Amorelly - Master of Menagerie Management

Rank Advancement

There are four primary ways to increase rank. If you feel you deserve a rank higher than that which is currently held, you may approach those of a higher rank or the archmage and ask what would be required of you to advance. In most cases, members rise up the ranks via:

Task based
Advancement in rank can be achieved by completing specific tasks of merit as directed by the Guild Leader.
Members can also advance rank by defeating all of the other guild members at their rank. If no other members currently hold the same rank, they can duel a member of a higher rank; a victory or tie will ensure advancement. These duels should be arranged through Guild Leadership and not driven by ulterior motives. Any unsanctioned, malicious, attack on another Guild member may be grounds for disciplinary action or expulsion from the Guild.
Proving oneself in combat against notable adversaries may catch the attention of the Guild Leadership, demonstrating that your skill has obviously surpassed the rank you currently hold.
Field Experience
Demonstrating the ability to utilize creative and powerful magics in situations where quick thinking and adept skill are obviously required.


Entered Apprentice

Accepted for teaching by the guild, the Entered Apprentice is considered a guild member, but not allowed in the guild headquarters. They aren't privy to any guild secrets and learn primarily magical theory by serving as scribes for the senior mages, their magical prowess is usually limited to minor cantrips and harmless sorceries. The Entered Apprentice is in a probationary stage and must find a sponsor under which they will serve as Apprentice. An Entered Apprentice serves at the pleasure of the Sublime Master and Archmage, and can be expelled by the guild leadership or their sponsor at any time, with or without reason. Mages that are more practiced, though unfamiliar to the leadership, may be given this rank until further trust is built – when such trust is gained, they may be promoted to another rank at that time, depending on their skill.

Entered apprentices who go a month or more without interaction with the Guild Leadership or their direct Master risk removal from the Guild, if a known period of absence is expected they may inform the leadership beforehand with no ill consequences.

Minimum Character Age: None

Arcane Steward

The Arcane Steward has acquired copious knowledge through tireless study and practice in the arcane arts. They are given moderate knowledge by the higher degrees to assist in increasing their magical prowess. Having committed the bulk of magical theory to memory, most of their work is in the practical use of their acquired powers. They have also acquired a certain degree of the leadership’s trust, thereby earning a Staff which has been magically harvested from the Xalious tree itself with particular care to ensure its powerful arcane forces are retained within the wood. Such relic will enable entrance to the Guild Headquarters.

Minimum Character Age: 2 Months

Provost Esoterica

Mages of this grade have a very solid working knowledge of both magical theory and practice. They help in educating the lower degrees, as well as attuning themselves more closely to magical energies. Mages of this degree have dangerous abilities in usually one or two specific forms of magic, with the other branches of magical energy still requiring considerable practice. Mages that have attained this rank will have their previously given staff imbued with specific energies personalized to the member's favored area of magic. Only mages of this level and higher may take on a personal apprentice within the Guild.

Minimum Character Age: 5 Months

Auxilia Veneficus

This rank is reserved for either powerful mages that have not fully committed themselves to the guild enough to be acknowledged as Magister Templi, or spellcasters who gained their skills outside of the guild and have been brought in as supplementary educators for lower ranking members. Much like the Magister Templi, mages of this degree possess a masterful level of magical skill and there is little limit to the expertise they wield. Unlike the Magisters, however, Auxilia Veneficus have very little authority in comparison and rarely are brought on as advisers to the Archmage, remaining mere consultants until an adequate level of trust is earned.

Minimum Character Age: 1 Year

Magister Templi

The Magister Templi are powerful mages; there is little they do not know about the study and use of magic. Mages of this degree have acquired a mastery of at least a few forms of magic or become amazingly skilled in one specialty, posing a very serious threat to nearly any foe. Mages of this rank and higher also often serve as advisers to the Archmage, more often than not being close confidants, though this is not always the case. Some uniquely talented specialists at this rank may be eligible for an honorary title identifying them as the Grandmaster of their chosen school of magic.

Minimum Character Age: 1 Year

Sublime Master

The Sublime Master can use nearly any form of magic, generally having at least one specialization in which they are particularly adept. Those of this degree who have devoted the entirety of their study in one specific school of magic are capable of nearly any feat involving those energies. The mage in this degree serves as the Archmage's heir apparent. The Sublime Master assists the Archmage by leading the Guild and overseeing the training of lower degrees.

Minimum Character Age: 2 Years


The Archmage is the highest ranking mage in all of Hollow; a master of all magics they attempt, having a natural knack and specialization for concentrating arcane force. The Archmage has final say in all Guild decisions, overriding any other rank; at any time; he or she can remove or promote members at their whim. The duties of this title generally lay above that of simple Guild admission and daily Guild workings, focusing their attentions rather on more pressing matters of worldwide importance.

Minimum Character Age: 4 Years

Aeturnus Ipsissimus

The Aeturnus Ipsissimus degree exists for the sole purpose of remaining intentionally empty. This ranking represents a power and knowledge capable only within a creature of a higher plane. The existence of this degree serves as a constant reminder that there is ALWAYS a greater power and higher knowledge than that possessed by the mage, ensuring the mage will stay humbled to the concept of continual learning.

  • Eternally Vacant

Inactive/Former Members

Archmage Magister Templi Auxilia Veneficus Provost Esoterica Arcane Steward Entered Apprentice

Rules & Leaving The Guild

All members of the Mage's Guild are players of reputable standing in Hollow and will abide by some basic rules if they wish to maintain membership. These rules outline the basic facets of being a respectful player with proper RP etiquette.
  • Mage's Guild Members will NOT:
    • Claim Guild ranks they have not been promoted to by the leadership.
    • Claim other titles beyond their skill or willingness to back up.
    • Claim or use abilities outside of their race or class without a good reason.
    • Antagonize those they are unwilling to fight.
    • Publicly complain about, or challenge, a Judge's duel decision.
    • Use OOC information to influence IC actions.
    • Take IC words and actions as representing the thoughts or feelings of the OOC player.
    • Cause or attempt to cause any OOC Drama involving other Guild Members.
  • Mage's Guild members WILL:
    • Follow all game rules posted in the Rules Of Behavior and General Policies.
    • Abide not only by the wording, but the spirit of agreed upon stakes if/when they lose a duel.
    • Remaining active in RP.
    • Attempt to maintain a cordial OOC relationship with other Guild members.
    • Remember that this is a GAME, intended to be fun. Work to make/keep it fun for yourself and other players.
  • Leaving The Guild
    • Those who leave the guild, either by removal or choice, must give their Guild item(s) to the Guild Leader. Sharing any Guild secrets, either before or after leaving, will result in dire consequences for the traitorous actions.

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