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Character Description

Name: Mahri

Race: Lycan


Family: Two children

Things of Noteworthiness:

  • Bonded to an Ice Dragon named Sora
  • Helped start the Eyrie
  • Was (is? It’s complicated) Cabal
  • Managed the Hanging Corpse
  • Rogue's guild (Not public Knowledge)
  • Pissed off a lot of people.
  • Most notably
  • Queen Jacklin of Larket – Lost a thumb, a few other fun times there involving a lot of pain and scars.

  • Captains a ship named Illoria, left to her by an old friend.
  • Has two children: Lan’tius and Sharice – currently not with her.
  • Has no Pack; and plans on keeping it that way, damnit
  • Lost her mate to a drow – probably not fond of that race atm
  • Drinks. A lot. May or may not be as drunk as she seems most of the time.
  • Prefers to use a silver dagger, of all things.
  • Is a druid, can heal. Ask only in direst of need. To save a life takes life.
  • Is a lycan. Enjoys it. A lot.
  • Once took a swim in a pool. It wasn’t as fun as it sounds.

This is not a comprehensive list. I’ve probably forgotten more than I’ve remembered; more than she wants to remember.

Character Biography

Nothing to tell anymore.