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Standing at over six feet tall, Rheven is always found garbed in robes - in battle, an aura often radiates from the vampire lord, making an already intimidating presence seem even more deadly. After his evolution into a revenant, the vampire also has a pair of leathery wings that extend from his shoulders, coupled with obsidian-hued fangs, darkening where they were once pearly white.


Rheven's past is full of betrayal, a lust for power, and several events that further warped his mind and soul alike. Knowing the finer details requires getting to know the arrogant vampire, yet he rarely reveals his secrets to just anyone.

  • Race: Vampire Revenant - was made such following an agreement with Vakarash. (ooc note: This is the revenant found in the wiki definition. Not the out-of-hollow term.)
  • Age: Over three-hundred years old.
  • Lord and ruler of Venturil. He also holds possession of Xalious and the mage tower.
  • Delves and dabbles in most magic; has specialized almost all magic he knows for use in combat if necessary. His knowledge in the arcane knows no bounds.

OOC Information

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