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Morvious Kalia

Race : Forsaken Elf
Home : Vhys.
Age: Unknown
Class: Diplomat
Alignment: Evil
Height 6'5"
Weight: 155lbs.
Clan: Freelance
Build: Brawny
Eyes: Deep dark blue
Hair :Midnight Black
Skin: Pale
Family: -Father Kilz {dead}
-Brother Gamia (rumored){dead}
Favored Friends:Ryeanna,Jacklin,Maere,Faythe,Vladimire,Heyx,Ydna,Vladimir,Arien,Noemi,Telemnar
Melee Weapon: Broad sword and Bloodlust daggers
Ranged weapon: Crossbows
Magic weapon: Dipole
Markings: Missing his right ear. Missing his right arm

Formally was the "Last Titan", but now, Now he's something completely different.

Rebirth- Only few creatures truly know how this came to be, however there are tons of speculations that it was by the keen hand of the Lich Queen and the Grace of Delisha herself.
After the rebirth Several weeks pass, locals and friends speculate that he is dead. Mean while Morvious struggles to adapt to his new body. It was if he was a newborn. Slow but surly, he gets back to his feet eager to take in all that he had been missing with this worn old body.
-The Bazaar Morvious along with the help of a few locals of Larket get land granted by Lady Jacklin,Queen of Larket/ aka the Executioner. Impromptu tents emerge every where covering the vacant space with worldly items. Business begins to booming and Morvious is finally back on his feet.
- The beginnings of Magic The now forsaken elf has been granted a extra gift that he had never had, the ability to begin learning magic. Morvious began to search for a mentor only to find a wonderful teach by the name of Basil Montgomery. Currently the only skill he has learned is how to activate a dipole, however he seems eager to learn.
To rule Gualon
To master Magic
To Serve His goddess and Lady Ryeanna.