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Name: Terra

Alias(es): Miss Mercy, Sparrow, Blondie
Race: Elf, vampire
Physical description: Green eyes, blonde hair, pale skin
Clan: The Row
Status: Reclaiming

==== Recent Events ====
♥ Reminded of the importance of boundaries
♥ Planning a heist for some lucky dice
♥ Moving away from First Lady of Gualon to ...?
♥ Reconnected with old friends who she is going to need
♥ Took up a shovel with a grave robber
♥ Plotting and searching with a mummy
♥ Doing her best to keep secrets that are not her own
♥ Functioning on blood and whiskey, a dangerous but necessary addiction
♥ Trying to track down the Darkness
♥ Hearing the call of a certain Pool.....