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Name: Trey
Age: 34
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Height/Weight: 5'9", 155lb
Hair Color: Burnt orange (A darker strawberry blonde)
Eye Color: Green
Class: Pirate
Titles: Captain
Clan: None
Guild: None
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Deity: Trey worships only the sea.

Physical Description

Although not nearly the youth she used to be, time has been kind to the woman, and most often she can be confused for a somewhat youthful lad. Aiding in the illusion is the general way she carries herself, and the way she has come to look over the years. At a young age she chopped her long reddish hair off and hasn't let it grow back since. In addition to her hair, Trey wears men's clothing; breeches tucked into her boots, a comfortable shirt, and an open doublet which amply hides any curves she might have had, 'though her figure is fairly straight, lean, and boyish to begin with. Tan and dirt oft go hand in hand for her, having fallen out of the habit of bathing years ago.


Despite her age, she is still a great pursuer of enjoyment and thrills, doing what she does mostly for the joy of it. Seriousness is not lost here, for when necessary the captain turns into a fierce leader, and her crewmen and officers respect her greatly... these days.

Never able to refuse a good, stiff drink, Trey is often found in taverns and bars, and not just for the drinks, but for the company. A great fan of stories, she'll sit and listen to a sailor's tale for hours, whether it's purely true or stretched imagination. Laughter and bar fights can also be found in taverns, and Trey is a big believer and purveyor of both.

Also, an immense sense of adventure is always lurking just under her skin, and 'though not terribly skilled when it comes to protecting herself, she's easily capable of getting out of a tight fix, and eager to get in them.


Raxoth: (Supposedly Deceased) The little, dirty albino ferret that's been with her from the beginning, Raxoth only leaves his captain's side when danger lurks, or when it seems like Trey's getting herself into trouble. Though fiercely loyal, the tiny companion is a total coward. He has defended Trey twice the entire time they've known each other, yet it is always when it counts. Though she has never noticed, the captain's companion is much older than a ferret should be, since he is on his third decade and should have died twice over by now. He has recently disappeared (around the time that Riptide showed up) and it can only be assumed that he finally met his end.

Velocity: When out with her horse, Trufax, the woman was attacked by a raptor--who just so happened to also be a zombie, who devoured her horse until the captain skillfully tossed a baby kitten at it. The raptor eagerly ate the kitten and did not injure or attack the rider. Now, without a mount, the sailor rides the zombie raptor around, and though he used to snack on kittens when Trey needed him to do something, the marauder has successfully weaned him off of his favorite snack. She really has no control over him, and he does pretty much anything he wants. Since it seems like a bad idea to keep the raptor in a stable, the woman leaves the raptor out of the hull of the ship and in the upper most room, with the chickens-which he has little interest in eating, but doesn't mind tormenting them on occasion.

Le Rut: (Ratter, stays on the ship) On a recent voyage, the captain and her two ships came across a low-lying merchant vessel that seemed to be easy prey. Upon closer inspection, no crew members could be seen above decks. Once boarded, Trey's crew realized that the crew of their prize was dead. The cause of death was a very deadly neurotoxious venom, which came from the seven foot long monocled cobra that had found its way on board. To both the captain and the snake's surprise, Trey was able to hear the cobra's projected thoughts--it had a telepathic link with Mutiny's captain. Since then, the cobra has followed Trey around relentlessly. Abnormally proper, the cobra talks the way a high up noble would, and often calls Trey a lady or misses. Though he is very prim and proper, he is still a cobra, and still enjoys devouring large prey, though he thinks nothing barbaric of it.

RipTide: This strange pocket-fox pup was found curiously sealed inside a barrel of ale. It was easy to learn that the blue-marked brown fox wasn't like normal foxes. Despite the very apparent shark-like tail protruding from his hind side, his legs were also shorter than normal, and he 'tantrums' when not played with. Giddy, upbeat, and very playful, Riptide is always bounding around at Trey's heels, eager for adventure, or just a stiff drink.

The Ships


Although often referred to as 'The Mutiny', Mutiny is Trey's second and current ship.

A Dutch-styled east-Indiaman, it's fairly small, stretching only thirty five meters from bow to stern. Five decks from top to bottom, three masts made of strong Scots pine, and--strangely enough-- no figurehead, makes Mutiny somewhat difficult to point out by the illiterate who don't know of her attributes. Typical for this type of ship, Mutiny sports white square rig sails as well as a shroud stretching from the foremast to the bowsprit, all of which are lashed to their respective booms when in port.

The ship can be found near Cenril, if not out to sea, and is always manned, since it's general crew would rather spend their earnings on women and drink than on lodgings. Because of its constant guard, even if the captain was not on board, it would be incredibly difficult to do anything to her, especially by someone who is not familiar with sailing vessels.

The Crew

  • The Captain: (2 shares) Trey

The owner of Mutiny for a decade now, Trey has oddly survived a pirate's life for quite some time, though so has most of her crew. Her men respect her, and if they question her decisions, they are comfortable enough to discuss their doubts with her. Sometimes she will change course, sometimes she will not. Either way, whether they agree or not, the crew sticks with her decision.

  • Quartermaster: (2 shares) Shoadie

More androgynous than Trey and older by several years, no one, not even the captain or Harry, knows Shoadie's real gender. It's assumed that the quartermaster is male, and so he is referred to as such. The sailor has been such for most of his life, and was born and raised in a port environment. Both Shoadie and Harry have been with Trey since the beginning, though the two who joined the captain did not always get along. Now the three are as close as three companions can be.

  • Boatswain: (1 1/2 shares) Sakahna

Dark skinned and once the commander of an army, Sakahna found himself stolen away by Trey with offerings of gold and adventure. Though orcs do not generally ally with humans, Mutiny's Boatswain never was contented with running non-strategic land raids. Now, though odd sight as it is, Mutiny's rigging is most often climbed and worked by an orc, heavy as they may be. Mostly the general crew keeps clear of him, but the officers who have sailed with the man for years know that there is no reason to fear Sakahna unless you are on the wrong side of battle with him.

It seems as if the feline would never leave, and Trey won't complain. Having a mage onboard is incredibly helpful, and the fact that it's someone that the captain has known for so long is even better (without the prior knowledge of the feline, it's doubtful the woman would let such a destructive person on board; ever). It seems that ever since the mage joined Mutiny's roster, Trey hasn't managed to salvage loot from a single ship, or at least, not when the feline is on board. The ship has also come home incredibly damaged at least once, though mostly it was due to the feline mage's companion (who snapped the main sail off of Mutiny, making it incredibly difficult to sail home).

  • Gunner: Casee

Also an ample weapons master, Casee is the hand crafter of Trey's prized falchion--which is almost always at her side. The man had been poor most of his life, and eventually became an indentured servant for a wealthy military man, who refused to let the weapon maker leave his employ once the terms of his contract were up. Lucky for Casee, Trey needed a gunner and weapons master, and felt great respect for someone as skilled as him. He should not be imprisoned to make weapons only for one greedy, soulless man. Though he feels indebted to the captain, she has made it quite clear that he is free to leave her roster at his leisure.

  • Carpenter: Zachriel

Picked up in a port town, there is nothing of much significance about this human. Zachriel is the oldest crew member on the ship, and his white hair reflects this. A great carpenter who takes his time, the old man will insist that things always turn out better when they aren't rushed. Even with a frantic captain on his back, urging speed from him to repair the hole in the hull, he always manages a superb job (though to appease his captain, he does work swifter when the ship seems to be sinking).

  • Surgeon: Jyun

A dark haired vampire who is opposed to sunlight, he stays below decks until he is needed. Well educated and somewhat moralistic, Jyun will not feed off of the crew. In battle he will fight--though he prefers night battles-- and proves to be vicious. A mage, though not trained or very powerful, he manages to rip into his foes with magic and teeth. A devistating fighter, yet a delicate surgeon.

  • Steward:

Though many may know his name, they all merely call him Steward, or the steward. A tall man, Steward is from a much more arid region, a place of dark skin and pale sand. The man keeps the ship's living quarters in order, and keeps the crew and guests fed.

    • Additional Crewmates:

Ashuel, one of the fair-skinned and blonde-haired elves, is often if not always on the lookout when on watch. Even if not in the crow's nest, the elf tends to see something before a man high above with a spyglass will.

Fitzwilliam was a young chap when he first joined the ship's roster. The old cabin boy, now in his early twenties, is a fit, lean boy who is skilled in many things, since all of the officers and several crew men taught him things as if he were their son. He has joined the regular crew, leaving the younger and less sea savvy lads to be the cabin boys.

The Dusk

Previously the pirate warship turned ferry, 'The Dawn', this ship is currently captained by Trey's old first mate, Harry.

The Ship was dubbed The Dusk while sailing back to Rynvale after Trey and her crew attacked it and took it for their own.

  • Captain: Harry (2 shares)

From a noble family, the man was disowned after spending all of his inheritance of the family fortune on gambling. Because of this, he ended up spending some time in taverns and bars, and often in fights (which he didn't ALWAYS start). Such a situation was exactly how Trey found Harry, fighting with her soon to be quartermaster, Shoadie. The two who are now captains found it easy to get along due to them both coming from similar backgrounds.

The Frost Isabelle

A ship of the line roughly 55 meters long, The Isabelle was delivered to Trey by the pixie Ginger. Though the ship was fairly damaged and in need of much repair due to her previous owner's negligence, she was cleaned up and rebuilt with stronger, more resilient polar woods. Despite claims of the unusual wood being used, it cannot be seen under the tightly overlapping scales of various large reptilians that make up the outer ‘shell’ of the ship. The same scales line the decks, though it is hard to tell. The entire ship is covered in ice, thickly lining any horizontal surface and dripping down them, freezing even some of the walls, or at least the tops of them. The figurehead, once likely a beautiful maiden painted with blonde hair, a longing look in her eye as if waiting for her husband to return, is now frozen over. It seems as if the ice had a shape at first, but one of the creatures from the ship, or rather, a pack of them, has made their nesting grounds on that lump of ice. The figure is carved up from claws and teeth, features of the Frost Isabelle’s ‘living figurehead’, as some refer to the pack of frost howlers. The ship is owned by the feline Satoshi, though Trey is its commodore—for lack of a better word— and keeps it in working order. It has joined the company of Mutiny and The Dusk, and is crewed by a most unusual group.

The Fiddler's Green

Once a merchant's ship, this junk has since become the home of a once wandering necromancer. Though the ship is owned by Trey, she could not convince anyone to sail it due to the ghostly stories surrounding it. As it sat idle, the necromancer had made his way in, and Mutiny's captain allowed him to stay with the condition of him arming it with a crew and sailing in her ranks. The red sails and black hull complete the ship's look, complimenting the fact that it's sailed by the dead.

Recent Happenings

  • A disagreement between Trey and the captain of The Dusk, Shoadie, left Mutiny's captain with only one ship for a short while. Unfortunately, when The Dusk returned, Trey had no choice but to remove Shoadie from position and re-elect a reluctant Harry, who would much rather be a first or quarter than a captain. After a short spell in the brig, Shoadie was reinstated as Mutiny's quartermaster.
  • Velocity has recently been weaned off of kittens, his favorite snack, though he still craves them.
  • The Isabelle's repairs have been completed, and so Satoshi and Trey are on a search for not only a crew, but a capable captain, one who has the skills to captain the type of crew that will be manning the ship of the line. The carpenter Zachriel and several others are left to finish the rigging and hanging the sails.
  • The feline Satoshi and Mutiny's captain headed towards Frostmaw, where they ran into a tribe of yeti, as well as a strange man masquerading as one of them. After their encounter, the man left the yeti for other adventures, and Trey wondered if they would meet again.
  • The captain and her ships have left the island of Rynvale to find less confined waters. It seems most if not all of her shore-time is spent in Cenril and other mainland areas.
  • The Frost Isabelle was completed and her crew set into place. The woman's fourth ship has also finally been linked to her.