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Kasyr Azakhaer

*Titles: Ashen, The Third Promise, Requiem, Daedrias' Blade
*Class: Kuro No Kensai*
*Sub Class:Daedrias' Paladin
*Position: Abdicated King - Reluctant Warrior Guild Leader
*Status: Repeatedly Making a Mess Of Inks Attempts At finding him a date.
*Race: Vampire Revenant  {Sired by Terra} [Formerly a Tiefling]
*True Race: Figment Of Balance* 
*Gender: Male
*Age: 31 . . .?{ physically as 24} {Birthday's december 13}
*Height: 5'9 (and not growing an inch more)
*Weight: An approximate of 170~175 lbs

Being Daedria's chosen Paladin has it's perks. Like a Pact that prevents you from permanently dying. That said, the lack of vacation days can be a bit exhausting.

Physical Appearance: The (former) Vampire tends towards a somewhat lightly tanned complexion, complemented by a wiry but not overly so build. What really tends to stand out about him however is his eyes, which happen to be a particularily luminescent shade of Amber, having become such after he became a tiefling. After being turned vampiric, they shifted again- Albeit in a more subtle manner, crimson flecking across the amber.

His hair also tends towards being a bit outside of the norm, being a fairly pleasant shade comparable to that of sandalwood, tipped with silver. Kasyrs' most noteworthy trait, however, is his ears. By some odd combination of his abilities, choice of companions, and shenanigans- he somehow managed to develop cat's ears. A pair of perky Calico ears, in fact, the likes of which have never really been explained- although they serve their function as ears admirably. With a matching Calico tail after his rebirth- which had been dubbed closer to a monkey's tail courtesy of Svilfon, and which has proven to be rather durable, despite efforts to remove it. That aside, the most noteworthy element is the slowly growing array of faded scars that litter the swordsman's body, courtesy of a life spent almost perpetually in conflict.

Disposition: Kasyr is, quite frankly, a bit of a jerk. Whilst he is well-intentioned to a degree; given his ingrained desire to be a hero- he doesn't actually see anything wrong in resolving problems through 'alternative' means. These include but are not limited to: Sabotage, Assassinations, Political unrest, Theft, Lying, Manipulation, Spying and Copious amounts of violence- all of which are 'justified' if they help achieve the greater good. This isn't to say his methods don't work- it simply makes him unpleasant to deal with at times. This being said, the hybrid is contrary in this manner- as while he'll go to great lengths to see a just cause succeed, it does not mean he's without compassion. But then, most individuals are stuck dealing with the carefree and 'sociable' self he presents- so it's no wonder that his brooding or contradictory bits of conscience fall beneath notice. Has recently added genocide to the list of War-crimes for the greater good.

The Kit: Kasyr has a certain penchant for black~ From his simple shirt and padded vest, to the loose-fitting (& gravity defying) pants he wears. Even his trenchcoat and scarf are black- but then, the colours serve the swordsman well, given his penchant for clandestine operations. Usefulness is not limited at colour, however- With the Kensai's Fur-trimmed trenchcoat hiding a particular interesting secret. It's armoured- the leather serving as an outer shell to the mithril wire mesh, and plates of preklek armour underneath. Whilst heavy, the Kensai has enough strength to move quickly while wearing it- and the boost that is provided by removing it is enough to offset some opponents.

It's not just the coat that hides a secret, however, as the Kasyr's scarf also has two things particular about it. One, there's Mithril mesh wire woven through it, making it effective as a garotte. And two, it never stops flowing. The only thing that could actually stop it from flowing in an invisible breeze, would be the presence of an anti-mage. He liked the idea of having a scarf heroically fluttering in the wind enough, that he still feels the enchantment was worth every coin. More mundanely, the swordsman wears a pair of fingerless mithril mesh gloves- a small bit of insurance to keep his hands protected. The gloves are accompanied by a plain gold ring on his left hand. That said, The kensai is in possession of a few magical items of note. The ring on his left hand, is in fact the Ring of Misinterpreted Sight; a gift from the Ascendi Coreliant- given to him for good service. When active, the ring projects a flawless illusion- the likes of which distorts the vision of those who perceive the Kensai. They still see Kasyr as he 'is', doing whatever it is that the hybrid is doing- however, that 'image' of the Kensai is always at the nearest viable position five feet away. The rare times it's been used, it's made the hybrid an utter nuisance to contend with.

And speaking of being a complete inconvenience, whilst the hybrid is swift on his feet to start with- it apparently wasn't enough for him. And so, he went out of his way to get a pair of boots made for him, with a rather simple enchantment placed on them: An augmentation to his movement speed. Lastly, the hybrid's goggles aren't just for fashions sake. Having visited the underdark numerous times, the hybrid commissioned these goggles from the dwarf Hepti at high cost- with the specifications that they be made exceedingly durable, and with the ability to augment his ability to see in the dark. Asofar, they've worked admirably.

The Kensai does still wear his Amaranth ring, but it's no longer on his right hand- instead hanging off a simple leather cord buried beneath his scarf.

  • Weapon: Any sword he can get his hands on. At this point, the quality barely even matters- given they all tend to wind up broken, or some variant of 'Sealed-Evil-In-A-Can'. It helps that he can summon up his own.

  • Fighting Styles: The Swordsman has a fairly versatile set of fighting styles at his disposal:

1~His original fighting style is rather peculiar, really- Kasyr having learned to adeptly wield a bastard sword in one hand- if only so he could use its sheathe as an improvised shield, if he absolutely needed to. What was most peculiar about this style however, is that it mostly focused on disabling his foes with the flat of his blade, or while the blade was still within its sheathe. The purpose of the style is simple enough- to win a fight without killing the opponent. It's no wonder, really, that this style's use died along with Kasyr's first Ward, Estbel.

2~Kasyr is actually fairly proficient when it comes to unarmed fighting. Whilst he does not have a monk's lifetime of martial training in the arts of hand to hand combat, what he does have is an intuitive grasp on how to strike properly- along with numerous tips and tricks he's picked up from brawling alongside and against various people. Not all of these tricks are particularily nice, either- as the Vampire doesn't see anything wrong with butting heads, punching kidneys, or Tearing off ears. ...The hybrid also has developed a certain penchant and proficiency for grappling people- and either throwing them around, or slamming them in the ground. At this point, there's likely a sizeable list of people he's thrown off cliffs, or suplex'd.

3~ While the Kensai is adept at fighting with mutable weapons- it's not a style he's leaned into much these days.

4~ Instead The kensai has begun to lean heavily into his proficiency with mimicry, along with a curious knack at Arcane-ly creating disposable swords. While it's an eccentric style of fighting, it's more than functional.

  • Alignment Neutral Evil, though he makes attempts at being 'Good'. These attempts at being good are usually morally questionable in one way or another.


Sparky ~ An energetic fox kit, in both the hyper-active and perpetually-emitting-sparks manner. It seems to have taken a liking due to having been 'abandoned', and sensing a kindred spirit in Kasyr due to the hybrids affinities. ...It might just have poor taste in owners. It might also be a fair bit bigger than it once was.

Casper ~A white coated female cat that hangs around the hybrid. Surprisingly, it manages to escape every single situation involving the Vampire completely unscathed. This seems to indicate either some degree of intelligence or an infinite amount of luck on the cats part. Given it has the common sense to duck back down into the hybrids backpack when things are going wrong, it seems more likely it's the former however. Had a companion in Satoshis' Calico. Now wanders where it's safer, though she returns occasionaly.


The Coterie has dwindled, but it's no longer an empty reminder. The Warriors guild now serves as a second home, when he's not navigating Vailkrin. A few new faces, and a few old ones- seem rather adept at curbing the worst of his impulses. And as ever, the bond to Daedria remains.

History of sorts:: Ask Him? Though, certain details like his history in Vailkrin, or certain wars are likely well known at this juncture. That said, he doesn't share much about his time before arriving on the mainland without serious prompting.


Figment Of Chaos/Balance:: Kasyr was a concept made manifest in the form of a human, actually born of an idea, unbeknownst to even himself. He was born of a flux of those forces of chaos which naturally run their course through the world,and given form to that which was most common in the area, that being a human. Hence, being something unreal made flesh and blood, his aspects tend to be influenced by that which birthed him, a large reason as to why he is so discordant in action, and tends to find himself in conflict after conflict. The presence of a soul within his being kept the greater parts of his being under control~

Kuro No Kensai:: Kensai (meaning Sword Saint) is a word reserved for those who have achieved such skill with the sword that it is considered legendary. This title is applied to swordsman who are peerless in their own era. To such a point, that there should be no more than one Kensai at any given point in time. Which is where this particular derivation of the title comes from. Kuro No Kensai (meaning Dark Sword Saint), A swordsman of legendary proficiency- though the source of that talent is more murky than that of the Kensai- as is the usage of that skill. In this particular instance, it is meant in the particular dichotomy of Riss, and Kasyr's Skills. On one hand, there is Riss: A prodigy of hardwork, with one particular skill acquired at the cost of another. On the other, there's Kasyr: Whilst he has not forsaken hardwork, the path he had taken to achieve his mastery came at a great many costs, and not just to himself. Stealing the knowledge of others when he was able to consume souls, His black blade's affinity to mimic skills that might otherwise be difficult to learn, and even his own gambit to further refine his knowledge by trading a part of his very being just to gain a mastery Equivalent to Riss. All these factors, and what he intends to use these skills for set him as a Kuro No Kensai.

Ability / Knack List

Sword Mastery~A supernatural understanding and talent with swords. The Kensai is able to pick up and use any sword that he comes across... unless, of course, he would be unable due to it being soul bound or otherwise barred from being used by most individuals. Even then, he would be able to both understand why he couldn't use it, and possibly even cajole the sword into being used by him if given enough time. Beyond that, it gives him the ability to comprehend the logic behind attacks that use swords as a medium, by they a blade spell or technique. Given time, and/or ability- this allows the Kensai to mimic almost any technique or skill, and eventually refine to his own ends.

Vampiric Strength:~Speed, Strength and Constitution are boosted. Also granted Regeneration as long as he's fed recently. Will regenerate more rapidly the more he's fed, and will regenerate wounds immediately if he's given a chance to feed from something- though he won't draw as much nutrience from it.

Empathy~Formerly tied to his nature as a tiefling, Kasyr managed to retain this ability nonetheless- If only because he had stepped into the Obsidian pool to augment it. Whilst it is not as potent as it used to be, the hybrid still retains enough prowess to locate an individual if they were in the same city as him, give or take a small amount of distance. He also still retains the ability to track an individual in this manner, though the trail grows colder all too easily now.

Paladin Abilities: ~Protection From Evil, Healing Hands, Minor Blessings & other small miracles of that same sort.

Psionic Capability: Able to speak with someone psionically, and stop people from prying into his mind. This is where the hybrid has focused this particular gift.- Forced upon him By Wark- Solely capable of Telepathy for the moment.

A Monstrous History

There was a time where the swordsman had the capacity to consume the very essence of those who fell to him. Whilst he no longer maintains this ability (In part because it had precipitated the very ire of the heavens), he's maintained the distortion to his magic capacity, the knowledge- and Khasad's curse. A unique corruption that has served to set his vampiric line apart from others.

Fun facts

  • Kasyr was 5'5 and about the ...140-150 ish mark? when he first arrived..und 18 (early 18, as I recall).
  • Acquired Empera over Ekaitz's Cold, Dead Body.
  • Came back a Kensai, & a Revenant
  • In charge of Vailkrin for the second time now. Dreading the paperwork that comes with the responsibility. Enough to eventually abidcate.

Satirical Entrys, Based on actual Rp: ~