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Name: Rhocielle Sombhra
Age: 267, though appears to be in his mid to late 20's, by human standards
Born in: Island of Cassande, east of Cenril
Race: Anthro Lycan
Class: Warder (Ranger)
Clan: The Fold
Position: Round Guard
Eyes: Grey
Fur: Black
Height: 78 in./48 in./83 in.
Weight 220 lbs/145 lbs/260 lbs
Marital Status: Married to Arien
Family: Arien (spouse), Shyr (son), Eruanna (daughter), Torsei (father), Relli (mother)
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Physical Description

Unlike most traditional born lycans, Rhocielle resembles more of an anthropomorphic black wolf, rather than only sporting furry ears and tail with a human-like body. Whereas this form is usually reserved to lycans that have gone feral, either due to the pull of the moons or provocation, this black furred male retains all of his sanity and judgment. Excluding the slight height of his canine ears when perked up, he stands upright with a pair of digigrade legs at six and a half feet. Stark black fur covers his entire body, though he is usually dressed in the same manner as the more humanoid races. His hands resemble a hybridization of human and canine: fur coated digits around a palm of leathery padding. Behind him wags a bushy black tail and atop his shoulders rests a wolfen head complete with a long muzzle filled with sharp canine teeth and broad tongue. Upon said muzzle, protective runic symbols from his native tribe have been intricately dyed into his fur much like tattoos.

As a full natural wolf, he retains the same markings upon his muzzle as when standing on two feet. His clothing is shed off of his body to fall onto the ground, and for this reason, he prefers to wear loose fitting garbs in order for a more fluid and graceful transformation. On four paws he is much taller than the wolves of the Kelay forests and tundras of Frostmaw, the height of his shoulders being 48 in.

In the rare cases of his usually stolid temperment being pushed to the breaking point, Rhocielle is capable of falling prey to the same bloodlusting state of his other lycan kin. During these times, his appearance only changes slightly. Maws secrete poisonous froth and fur becomes more wild, similar to wolves in a rabid aggressive stance. His body lengthens slightly and muscles thicken in preparation for the thrill of the kill. The reasoning for only a small physical difference is due to his usual anthro appearance. As most of the visible traits of a feral lycan are already present when calm, his body does not physically require much more to complete the transformation.


The only surviving pup to the litter of Relli and Torsei of Sombhra, Rhocielle was to be the hereditary alpha male of his pack. However, the pup wanted nothing more than to live to his whims. His solitary and headstrong nature led almost to his death at the hands of a Black Annis if not for the intervention from a Feline in a feral jaguar form. Upon the safe return of the pup to the pack, the jaguar was given honorary inclusion into the pack, albeit much to the future and current criticism scrutiny from the rest of the lycans. As the young lycan grew, he became fond of one particular female kit from the jaguar's bloodline, assuming the role of guardian and confidant to her. At the middle of his second century of life, the pack began to groom him into the role of the future alpha male, much to his dismay. The increasing pressure of responsibility he did not care for soon led him to decide to leave the pack and strike out on his own, departing on the first available ship, not caring where it led him. As fate would have it, the ship, after a long and arduous journey, arrived in the port of Cenril where he made his way west to the calm forests of Kelay.

Personal Timeline

  • Rhocielle is born and raised in the secluded wooded outskirts of Cassande, a province outside the territories of Hollow.
  • Saved as a pup by the grandsire of Tifra
  • Travels to Hollow by way of the port of Cenril, continuing on westward to the forest of Kelay.
  • Received the black-dragonscale-trenchcoat from Trekia
  • Tifra, an old childhood friend, arrives in Hollow

Dueling History

Rhocielle, (ally) Vs. Opponent(s) Judges Win/Loss
Rhocielle Vs. Cyllarus Jacklin, Liana, Kenneth Win
Rhocielle Vs. Satoshi Marhi, Nicholai, Portea Loss

Rare Items

  • Sombhra Tribal-Runic-Symbols (+13 AC)