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Duel:Nakazo v Satoshi

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Duel Info

  • Mages Tournament: 1st Round
  • Judges: Nemisis (mid), Jaize, Kundera
  • Rds/time: 3 rounds, 15 minutes
  • Venue: Xalious Tree
  • Winner: Satoshi, unanimous

Nakazo is a naga and seems to be a mage. Nakazo is wearing blue runed-robe on his body, blue runed-sleeve on his left arm, blue runed-sleeve on his right arm, nothing on his legs, and nothing on his feet. Nakazo is unarmed. Nakazo is not using a shield. Nakazo has grey eyes, light skin, and black hair, and is single.

Satoshi is a feline and seems to be a mage. She is wearing White Magus-Long-Coat on her body, Snazzy Black-Leather-Goggles on her face, Silver-Belled Leather-Collar on her neck, Ragged-Boundless Leather-Satchel on her shoulders, Oversized-White Furtrimmed-Sleeve on her left arm, Oversized-White Furtrimmed-Sleeve on her right arm, Long-Black Satin-Gloves on her hands, Augmented-Glacial-Bracer on her left wrist, Runic-Black-Feather Talisman on her right wrist, Fitted-Black Suede-Pants on her legs, and Wintry-Aura-Emanating Boots on her feet. On one of her right fingers, you see Syndicate band-of-Prestige. She is using Asorials' Malice as a weapon. She is using Assiduous Frost-Katana as a shield. Satoshi has Azure Slit-Pupiled eyes, pale skin, and white hair, and is single.


Xalious Tree

Before you is an enormous tree like none other you have ever seen in your entire life. It stands about forty feet high, must be twice as long, and is giving off an aura of blue light. The leaves are of a rich golden color, and the veins of the each leaf are silver each one almost looks like a large human hand and the veins match the same type of resemblance. You notice that they seem to move of their own volition, facing and reaching in all different directions to get the best angle of the sun. The bark of the tree is a very dark brown, until it reaches the base where it turns a deep black. Before you stands the famous Xalious Tree, which appeared when Xalious, the now god of magic, died and became a god. Many legends have been told about this tree, including one that tells of the fabled warrior through whom the prophecy of Xalious' return to help against a great evil was brought to fruition. As you look closer into the tree you see an inscription carved deep into the bark. There is nothing else here but some carefully kept grass, and some travelers who have come to see this sacred tree. To the west appears to be a nice merchant's shop. To the north is the town well.

Satoshi vs Nakazo

Nakazo slithers around the area rather nervously, as this would be his first duel since rejoining the time stream. He hoped that all of those years frozen would have no degradation on his abilities, but he would soon find out. Staring at his opponent, a female feline whom Nakazo had met, only briefly, during his meeting with Kasyr and someone associated with him was not likely to be easy prey. Muttering to himself, "Well, lets get this started..." With that, the Naga smiled, revealing two, very sharp, very poisonous fangs, one of the constant reminders of his serpentine heritage. The Xalious Tree, a bastion of magic, promised to make this duel interesting to say the least. Still smiling, the mage began to mutter in the ancient language of the arcane. Soon the eddies of mana could be felt, swirling around his serpentine form, being summoned and then shaped by those words of power, the natural world itself was bending to his will. The first manifestation of his power came with something as simple as a snowflake, but soon the temperature began to plummet, flash freezing any major collections of moisture in the vicinity. Warping nature further still, Nakazo called upon those frozen pools, further forcing them to his ideals. They began to break apart, with a terrible cracking noise that echoed throughout the clearing, sickening crunches of ice on ice. Jagged and poised, the blades of ice flew at their intended target, Satoshi, from all sides, hoping to maim, impale, and further debilitate, until he was declared the victor.

Satoshi's lips are already moving in a near silent rhythm when the temperatures begin to drop, the feline offering no more than a flick of her tail as the climate shifts to suit her preferences. Even the abrupt flash freezing seems to leave the little mage unbothered as her whispered tone carries on, a ring of pale light forming around her small form in unison with the air becoming frozen. It's the sharp cracks that finally seem to trigger Satoshi into a semblance of action, arms that hang limp at her sides suddenly lifting as the serpent's projectiles fly for her. And with the motion, the glowing ring erupts skyward to form a circular wall of ice around the cat. The thick walls absorb most of the flying shards, with a small few carrying enough force to break through and slice the mage's sides in shallow cuts, earning hisses with the quartet that catch her flesh. The wounds only serve to provoke the feline into taking an offensive, however, and with a soft growl her arms drop to chest level before swinging out toward Nakazo's location. With the gestures the barrier of ice shatters, exploding outwards in jagged spikes of the algid element, each with the intent of piercing scales, and all to begin a steady feeding of an enchanted, numbing chill into the cold-blooded creature's bloodstream.

Nakazo lets a small grin of satisfaction find his face when those hisses are heard, but that may have been his first mistake. As the barrier exploded, the serpentine-esque male's eyes grew wide, if his shards had been impressive, this was phenomenal Though collapsing under pressure was not something his kind were known for, so he didn't. His eyes narrowed as the projectiles encompassed his entire front half, threatening to make him in to snake kebabs. Reaching into one of the pockets on his robe, a single feather is pulled out. Bright red and orange, it seemed as if the feather itself was made out of flame, which was partially true, as it came from the legendary phoenix. Using it as a focus for his next spell, Nakazo began to chant, very fervently. Flames began to lick off of the feather and soon it erupted, forming a flaming wall that caught the frigid onslaught, but Icicles formed by a true mage of the ice are much harder to melt than normal. Some of the vicious frozen spikes made it through, one still large enough to lodge itself into his abdomen. Piercing the skin on his left side, right above where the snake turned human, he let out a resounding hiss. Pain burned through him, almost causing him to falter. The fire in front of him wavered but didn't disappear. Using that pain, he retaliated. That wave of fire in front of him began to edge its way forward, melting all ice in its path. A slow and steady pace was all that it seemed capable of. Changing the incantation, the fire began to morph, taking shape as it was commanded to do. Fire folded upon fire, creating the visage of the creature, whose feather gave this magic shape. A veritable phoenix separated the feline and Naga, but only for a moment. With one final command word, the firebird launched itself at the woman in front of him. Zipping through the air with a speed that only magic could enforce, the ground in between the two was covered in the blink of an eye. Upon impact, the elemental effigy would explode, sending flame in every direction and rewarm the clearing, hopefully singing some kitty fur along the way.

Satoshi is not idle once her intial attack is sent into motion. If her opponent could chill the air so quickly, he is hardly one to take lightly and every second must be made to count. And it's this cautious nature that spares the feline a hellfire demise, as she hastily slips a hand into the depthless satchel at her side only to pull it back a second later, a quintet of glass vials now in satin-gloved hands. These don't remain in grip for long, the feline throwing them upon the grass at her feet as soon as they're retrieved, the fragile vessels shattering upon impact. It's with a brief collection of words from the cat that the freed waters instantly reforms, stretching upwards and around Satoshi in a bubbling mass of tendrils, hyper-chilled water prepared to meet the comback with an open embrace. Unfortunately for the feline, she's miscalculated just how powerful the retaliation is going to be. A conjured phoenix, of all things! And thus, when that explosion of flames meets the heavy sphere of water its an age-old display of rival elements, fires extinguished but at the cost of the water's form becoming a clinging steam that's propelled across the field with the collision. This at least provides Satoshi a blanket of cover as she stumbles back to her feet, singed and bleeding but certianly not finished, obvious by the softly spoken words already calling to the fog. In no time at all the temperature is dropping yet again as the mist contracts around the naga, each frozen, miniscule droplet reshaped into serrated edged crystals. Simple contact is enough to draw blood, but its the threat to lungs when inhaled that Nakazo should be most worried about. After all, these tiny daggers can only help with that spreading chill in his veins from her prior attack.

Satoshi dropped 5 Ever-Chilled Water.

Nakazo can't help but chuckle as the fire connects with water in a oh so wonderful display of the elements, resulting in a hiss that is only music to his ears. That peaceful thought is quickly drawn to a close as the soft chanting of another spell can be heard. What can the crazy feline be up to now? The mist settled around him, which was fine, or at least he thought so. The scent of burnt flesh resonated through the much more aquatic-ish atmosphere, and then it turned cold. Not that he was unused to it, there was just a menacing feel to this chill, one that cut straight down to his bones. Wiping the back of his neck, trying to get a bug that just bothered him, he pulled his hand back, because he felt blood. How didn't he feel that? Pain then lanced through his body from all over. That first prick had been nothing compared to how he felt now. Tiny razors of ice were gashing his epidermis from every angle. His lower half was much better protected due to the scales, but that only went so far. Crimson ichor flowed from under his robe, staining it a morbid shade of purple. A hiss escapes his mouth but is then stifled, as the coughing begins. The cuts in his lungs causing blood to expunge itself from his mouth. Now the anger begins to set in. His normally rotund eyes retract into slits. His fangs reveal themselves, not retracting as they had done before. If this mage wanted to play, he would play. Blood still dripping from his mouth, he commanded a terrible visage, a true embodiment of the wrath of the Naga people. War is what they were made for. This was his. Following the smell of smoldering flesh, Nakazo stalked his prey, spitting blood only when necessary. More of the vicious ice pierced his flesh, but pain was nothing but a hindrance now. Once within range, Nakazo struck. Much like a viper, his strike was fast, almost to quick for the human eye to follow. His fangs reached out, intent on finding soft, feline flesh. Easy to pierce and vulnerable to poison. Even if his fangs missed, hopefully his tail would not. Cracking like a bull whip, this dangerous natural weapon was aimed for the tender underbelly. He easily out massed the feline and if it connected it should send her flying sans wings, and hopefully into one of the trees in the area, or worse.

Satoshi has only the faint sound of scales sliding over grass to provide any semblance of warning before the naga is suddenly before her and with bloodied fangs bared. Feline reflexes, not quite as swift as the serpent's, react to bring her left arm in front of her as those jaws descend. One fang catches the frigid bracer encasing her arm and glances off, the other sinking deeply into the flesh of her wrist. And yet the mage doesn't even get the chance to cry out in pain before yet more is inflicted on her in the form of that heavy tail, colliding uninhibited with her midsection and doing exactly as intended, hurling the small cat backwards with a number of freshly broken ribs. And yet, it's not just any tree that stops her course, but the Xalious Tree itself, the thick bark almost an embrace as it catches the cryomancer, letting her gently slide into a heap on the grass at its base. Unsteadily the feline pushes herself back onto her feet and places a bracing hand against the tree for support, the venom of Nakazo has left her dizzy at best--with praise going to the natural resistance to poisons felines possess. The words that fall from bloody lips next carry none of their original gentility, the mage dipping into an area of her magic too dark for idle play fights, magic fueled by her connection to the tree. Now is the time she turns Nakazo's own blood against him, the by-now chilling liquid pumping through his veins and staining his robes all too eager to answer her call. The first sign of trouble for the naga comes from his own clothing, the crimson fluid coating it now frosting over, solidifying into a mockery of armor in mere seconds. Only, this armor begins to contract, tightening its hold upon the naga with all intentions of squeezing him to death in much the way a python would its prey. And while Nakazo is contending with attire turned foe, the cold placed in his veins from Satoshi's prior attacks is also reacting, small patches crystallizing as they travel, with the explicit desire to shred his circulatory system by the simple force provided by adrenaline-rushed blood.

Nakazo lets out a cry of triumph as the feline is sent, sprawling through the air, but that cry was cut short. Frozen death was upon him and he wasn't even prepared. It was much more cold here than he originally thought. His affluence for the frigid temperature was normally enough to hold his cold-blooded nature at bay, but this feline was something else. Then his robe began to shrink, frozen by the plummeting temperatures and then manipulated by that witch of an opponent. Causing his breathing to be shallow and hoarse and intermingled with blood. This was not a good sign, but oh, that wasn't the worst of it. His insides felt like they were being ripped apart and, in truth, they were. His coughing became more prevalent. Any spell he began to cast was stifled by a cough or rigid breathing. As a last resort, the naga reached into his robes, hoping they weren't all trapped within its constricting grasp, and reached for another one of the phoenix feathers so graciously given to him by Lady Jaize. Finding one, he simply willed it to explode. Enough latent magic was in his voice, that he succeeded. His robe incinerated instantly and soon, the acrid smell of burning flesh and hair could be smelled. Pervading all of his senses was the overwhelming pain, but the feather had achieved its goal. Even though he lay there smoldering, the naga was free of the ice that threatened to take his life, inside and out, and he was warm.

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