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Aiya's Description: A mere glance into flickering shadows reveals the shadow mage and illusionist for the briefest of seconds. A cascade of rubicund hair topples to her waist, piercing malachite gaze and sun-kissed flesh marking the high elf as one who does not sit daintily in-doors. Slender and with deadly grace, she is gone before onlookers can register her presence.

Aiya's Biography:

The entries below were not dated, but are all listed in chronological order from the records of a historical researcher.

... Entry 1:

For the first time the Professor allowed me to accompany him into the tavern for his evening meal and recollection of the day's learning. He seems to enjoy the environment and the women about, not that I would ever stoop so low as to eye them, but the man has earned his own vices. His eye seemed particularly caught on a red-headed wench I did not pay much heed to. Not long after comparing notes on the subject matter in which we are caught he dismissed me for her company. At least dinner is a step in the right direction. The woman's face did seem familiar, but it's not one I've seen, at least not recently. There was a rough sketch I saw once tucked away in the files that I might ferret out. It was a recent sketch if I recall, within the past several years. Is it a coincidence?

...Entry 2:

I found him tonight dead with his notes scattered about save for one paper. It was his latest work and scrawled at the bottom was a warning. Raven. I know that name as well. I must seek out that picture. According to a nameless source, the activity in the coves has increased. It warrants looking into. Perhaps the professor was simply seeking in the wrong direction. The way to the man must not be direct, but through the woman? Who is this red-head? It must have been the one I saw at the tavern last night. Why is she so familiar and why did I not pay particular attention to her presence?

...Entry 3

Its been days and I finally managed to unearth the afore mentioned sketch. It is strikingly odd how much that woman resembles this picture, but also how close the bone markers and characteristics match those of the Lady Governor of Rynvale. It is quite odd. The sketch and the elf from those nights past were darker than the Lady Arien. Much darker, seemingly deadlier though I would not deny the Governor is not dangerous herself.

...Entry 4:

It happened. I don't know how, but it did. I found the Raven. Her name was printed on the sketch and was verified, but how to inform the Governor? I stole out towards the coves where the docks lay hidden allowing for piracy to run rampant within the city. Many were burned on the Lady's command to keep her city safe, but not all have been taken care of or found.

High on the hills over-looking the ocean I crawled until mine eyes fell upon a small boat laden with cargo of some sort. I am not certain what it was, but it was worth something for the amount of bodies guarding it. A strong female voice rose above the commotion calling out orders. She was fierce looking even from such a distance, more so than the small gaggle of women waiting behind her. They too did not look like mere damsels, but this red-headed she-elf moved with a lethal edge that had shivers crawling up my spine, goose flesh spreading across my body and a hitch forming in my breathing. Her eyes lifted and met mine. I blinked, she vanished. Of course I believed myself to be out of harm's reach for she was so far below and I might escape should she think to approach. Oh how wrong I was.

I did not see her coming in the bright light, but she clings to shadow and all that is unholy. From behind she slunk until a cool blade's metal pressed into the warm flesh of my neck. "Think to give me only one answer, for a single chance is all I'll grant. Why are you here child? It was this knife that plunged deep into your mentor's chest taking his life away so do not think I am above death." I could not stop myself and I poured out my reasons for seeking her. My belief that she was somehow related to the new Governor, I shudder to think, and how intrigued I was by the stories that were mere whispers in the underworld of a ruthless, cold hearted Raven. She confirmed her tie to the Lady Arien, she is her sister and I am only alive because I am in the Lady Governor's employ.