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Jaize's IC Description

Name: Jaize Naginis

Race: Naga

Gender: Female

Class: Illusionist

Eyes: Frosted Blue

Hair: Fresh Snowfall White

Skin: Purest Lily

Clan: The Resurrected

Marital Status: Single, as per Naga beliefs she'll only consider being in a relationship with another Naga.

Jaize's Biography

Basic Knowledge

Like all Nagas, Jaize has the option of changing from her favored and common appearance of human above the waist and snake below to a completely human form or a completely snake form (in which she appears as a large python). As with all nagas, she has other forms but dislikes the rest of the possibilities, finding them distasteful and overly dramatic. Why in the world would anyone want to manage completely unhuman features, she reasons, quite attached to her long strands of glistening snow. In her preferred form, she stands about 6 feet on average but is able to stand as tall as the length of her tail.

Nagas are known to fight with many different weapons, ranging from their poisonous fangs to the ability to kill by simply staring into the eyes of it's victim, much like the basilisk of legend. The only difference pertaining to this offensive is it's distribution, unless a naga wishes the effect they are safe to meet with eye to eye. She is highly intelligent but does not possess knowledge of her basilisk relatives or their powers so it will not be a power she uses.

Falling into the mold of her race, Jaize is a "pure" creature who will not even begin to consider marriage of any sort with any other race save her own. Naga's are bred to be proud and intolerant of mixing their race with other, seemingly lower ranked races.

Though the naga race is known to detest the Elf, Draconian and Dwarf races, Jaize has no distaste for any of these. Her main race of offense is bestowed to the Avians, who unlike her are not glued to the musty earthern soil. Slightly envious, she will quickly snap at any in flight to protest their ability. Nagas hold the highest rank in their own minds, and any power they lack is bound to become an annoyance or an object of obsession and greed.

Before the Time Freeze

Before time was frozen by Q’na, Jaize flourished among the population in Alithyra. She was not of humble status, dwelling in an oasis of a powerful family castle within the city. She did not partake in fighting nor hard labor and rarely even ventured from the city's walls, for fear of getting her crystal white scales in the filth of the earth. This obsession led to her presumed relation to the Water and Spring Nagas of Old.

Rejoining the Time Flow

Since rejoining the time flow, Jaize has managed in her own way. Having yet to meet another of her race, she travels about the lands in search and in training. She has taken up learning the art of an Illusionist, no longer having the strong city walls and many warriors to protect her. She still dislikes being dirty or to travel along the earthen roads that line a great deal of Hollow, the Naga is too proud to complain. She is also going through the motions of becoming Queen of the Naga race (as Naga's are ruled by the females).

She no longer claims the human bard Alvina as her ward for the human joined with the Fold, which Jaize notes as a form of betrayal. Curse or not, the human bard will not be seen around the Naga if she wishes to live from this point further.

She has also recently joined with the Archmosian Empire as the new Queen of Alithrya {recognized by the empire for IC RP purposes}.

After joining with the Time Lord's Empire, she took on the employment of one of the only other Naga's she's ever met, Nakazo. He is now her bodyguard and a member of her court. She has also taken a fond liking to him.

During the Rynvalian War, she lost her left eye in a duel with Acheron. She is currently being treated for this condition by the wonderful Cerinii.

Nagas Met Thus Far

  • Zathos (has left the lands of Hollow)
  • Livya (Missing)
  • Nakazo (killed by Jerralith)
  • Jjinxie
  • Irivat
  • Vosh
  • Azem
  • Sargos
  • Zavian
  • Zerix (Missing)
  • Neiji (Never met, but wrote a letter to once)


  • Zathos
  • Cerinii
  • Nakazo
  • Livya
  • Mitzi
  • Damonn

Characters I'd Love to RP With

  • Everyone!

Characters I -Have- Rp'd With

  • Zathos
  • Alvina
  • Cerinii
  • Nakazo
  • Livya
  • Mitzi
  • Vuryal
  • Reiyuki (briefly)
  • Gregor (briefly)
  • Zeio
  • Beauregard
  • Eldrin (briefly)
  • Acheron
  • Arien
  • Filpien
  • Adain (briefly)
  • Marius
  • Damonn
  • Korbus
  • Nemisis
  • Sillabare
  • Zaros
  • Nadvyr
  • Heyx

OOC Contact Info

  • AIM = JaizeNaginis

tell me who you are from hollow,and why you are iming me

OOC Claim-age

I has major loves for these players! Respect 'em or I'll eat your face.

  • Nakazo (For being my one and only partner in crime. Couldn't have done it without ya)
  • Damonn (For being the cutest four legged snuggle bug I've ever met)
  • Corin (For your magical rain of gold and musical instruments)
  • Cerinii (For being the best friend a Naga could ask for)
  • Zenneth (My Zenny-poo!)
  • Reema (Just an awesome person)
  • Satoshi (believe it!, she <3'd me)
  • Vuryal (Pure Awesomesauce in my book)
  • Alvina (Always and Forever muh Bard)
  • Arien (Thanks for the warnings, lol)
  • Splag (I shall keep your bouncy red ball for now *shifty eyes*)
  • Cyllarus (For being the Magical God of Pickles & Sweet Fudge)

Important Note

If -any- of this information is taken IC without being told by someone who knows it ICly then I will refuse to rp with you. OOC things are OOC and IC things are IC. Keep 'em that way. Your character does not have access to this wiki ICly. Remember that.