Welcome to Hollow!

  • Hollow is a FREE online, web based Multi-User Dungeon (MUD). Most MUDs are played through telnet, but not Hollow! A unique web interface makes Hollow easy to use, and allows you to concentrate on role playing - not remembering commands. Create an Account!
  • Hollow is a Role-Playing Game (RPG), meaning you create a character's entire personality and role-play (RP) as that character. If you are new to role-playing, don't worry, we can teach you RP techniques!
  • With 15 classes and 27 races, Hollow has a wide range of characters to meet. You can be the rich, land-owning miser, or the begging peasant. The beauty of role-play is that you decide who your character will become.

Hollow History

  • The World Called Hollow has an original codebase and world that expands daily. New features are continually being released, and this free online RPG continues to beat expectations of what a free online game should be.
  • Originated in December 1998 and made public in April 1999, over a decade of development has allowed this RPG to become a cult-favorite! From the mountains of Xalious, to the humble town of Kelay, adventures are never far away.
  • New features are added constantly, with at least one major new feature introduced each month. Hollow's programmers pride themselves on being some of the most innovative in the industry.