Create Character

Questions? The Creating Your Character page on HollowWiki is a good starting point. You can also find more information about the different classes and races of Hollow. Struggling to find a character name? Try out Fantasy Name Generators' Anglo-Saxon or fantasy names!

Step 1: Your Real-Life Information

Your real name is only visible to administrators and is only used for account maintenance purposes

Hollow never sells your email address - it is required for password resets and to reduce misuse of Hollow

How did you hear about Hollow?

Step 2: Your Character Information

Your character's first name should be original and creative, while also adhering to Hollow's setting. See the Fantasy Name Generators link above if you're having trouble creating one!

In Hollow, you are equal regardless of gender. Choosing a gender is purely a role-play choice.

Your class determines the available races you can choose. It will determine role-play, starting statistics, and what skills your character may learn. More details on each class available on the wiki page (see above link).

The race you choose for your character has a large impact on your character's role-play and starting statistics. More details on each race available on the wiki page (see above link).