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The Hollow Wiki is the main source for information about The World Called Hollow. The Wiki is powerful community tool that can be used to promote role-play in Hollow, curate and record lore about the world, give feedback to administrators, and form a closer-knit online community. A more detailed description can be found in our editing handbook.

Make this tool your best friend! You and your peers are the wiki's editors. There are a few rules that you should be aware of, however. Please read the rules page carefully before posting any content to the Hollow Wiki, or your content and editing rights may be revoked.

Use the menu below to navigate quickly to the wiki's most popular articles. To search for a specific page, such as a character name, there is a search field on the left hand side where you can input any term/person/place you are looking for. If that page exists, you will find it in the search results. If not, feel free to add that page!

December 23 2021: Nonbinary has been added as a third gender! If anyone wants their character's gender officially changed, please hmail Customs and it will be changed free of charge!

December 21 2021: This year's Yule ball was a success! Thanks to the wonderful Kanna for our entertainment for the night and congrats to Penelope and Soraya for winning best dressed of the night and being dubbed the Sovereigns Of Joy And Revelry!

December 12th 2021: Thanks to Mathollak of the Devout's Guild, Lithrydel now has access to a new type of metal, Celestial Bronze. It is extremely rare and has certain stipulations for how it is used.

December 8th 2021: The ill-reputed Lazy Eel Lounge has long since gone out of business and was recently replaced with the Cenril Fish House!

December 1st 2021: Sign-ups for the 10th Annual Titans of Winter Tournament have begun!