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The Hollow Wiki is the main source for information about The World Called Hollow. The Wiki is powerful community tool that can be used to promote role-play in Hollow, curate and record lore about the world, give feedback to administrators, and form a closer-knit online community. A more detailed description can be found in our editing handbook.

Make this tool your best friend! You and your peers are the wiki's editors. There are a few rules that you should be aware of, however. Please read the rules page carefully before posting any content to the Hollow Wiki, or your content and editing rights may be revoked.

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September 6 2022

August 20 2022

  • Lita is the new deputy leader of Port Rynvale!

August 11 2022

  • Kanna is now the leader of the Bard's Guild!

August 1 - August 10 2022

  • After an assassination attempt on Mayor Valrae Baines by Quintessa Blackwell, several regions and guilds have made their thoughts known about the situation. Read them here!

August 1 2022

  • Khitti is now the deputy leader of Cenril!