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Manifestation: Sloth, Wrath, Respect, morality, glory

Preferred weapon: Katana, Equinox

Traits: Smoking, lazy demeanor, stolid facial features (mostly), calm, usually has his hands in his pockets, half open eyelids

Chaotic Aura: [Medium]: Deep, Subtle, Soul piercing, Endless

Hierarchy: #1

Title: The Wanderer

Honor is the first and original persona created by Nemisis when he first attempted to control his new surge of chaotic energy. He is the head figure in any organization that involves leadership including the personas. He is also the only other persona who can unlock Madness; however he will not be able to lock him back up without Joy’s help. When the unlocking process goes properly (Joy unlocking him), Madness’ chains will bind with his sword, causing it to grow feathers and turn pure white. When he stabs Madness with the fused blade or “sword of binding”, the blade will turn back to normal and the chains will return back to the persona. Honor is one that demands respect before giving it and is quite blunt when it comes to the tongue. This persona is more of a loner, being quite fine with enjoying the serene environment away from people and their issues. He tends to wander about Hollow to find the perfect place to be lazy and rest. However, he will not shy away from a good battle, which is one way to earn his respect. Usually you would encounter him with a cigarette in his mouth, eyelids half open, and his hands in his pockets. But don’t let this fool you, he is the fastest amongst the personas, being able to reach for his sword and cut you in two should you approach him wrong. Honor also tends to speak in a low deep and lazy voice, taking his time with little care in the world. This persona is not one to show much facial expression, usually keeping an unreadable neutral look upon his face. Every now and then he may grin, but you’ll be lucky if you get a raise of the eyebrows, widening of the eyes, or even a laugh. Reigning over Nemisis’ natural energy, senses, and part of his emotions, he has the unique ability to sense people’s souls, energy, and emotions to an extent. His regular senses are also heightened which makes it extremely hard to surprise him. The range of this ‘sixth sense’ is a ten feet circular diameter, making underground movements also noticeable. Honor is mostly a spell blade when fighting; knowing a range of sword styles in which he tends to mix together in his own freestyle form of fighting while using ninjustu, dark magic, and his energy. His favorite scroll to use is “Mugen”, which is a neutral spell that drops swords he’s collected onto the battlefield for everyone to use. The spell will never drop a sword onto a person and the blades are diverse enough for any race to use. However, as for the durability of them, it ranges drastically. This persona is always ready to test his sword skills against another’s, especially if it means he can improve. Honor will always keep his word upon the deals he makes and knows when he is outmatched and will respect one for it. However, he will go above and beyond to protect those he sworn he would. He is even a bit softer to those who are under his care. However should you betray him or go back on your word; there will be hell to pay.


Manifestation: Knowledge, curiosity, creativity, experimentation, understanding, logic

Preferred weapon: Diamond scalpel set, scythe, anything that will get the job done

Traits: Analytical, logical, curious, crude, busy, high strung, calculating, scratches head when thinking

Chaotic Aura [High]: Dizzy, confusing, strange, vibrating, technical

Hierarchy: #2

Title: The Mad Scientist

Intelligence is the second in command when it comes to the personas. He and Honor share leadership and decisions when it comes to very important matters. Reigning over Nemisis’ brain and memories, he is very meticulous and goes over everything to the minute detail. He is also very logical and a genius when it comes to inventing and doing mathematical equations. This persona is a database that is always curious to learn more about something or someone. When he finds something that interests him or has his attention, he tends to stare….hard. This tends to make him run into some very interesting people in which he may share a laugh or two with them if they can get over his peculiar attitude. Intelligence has photographic memory and can recall anything that has happened in Nemisis’ history. This also helps him learn and copy the moves of his opponents, though it will take a prolonged fight with the person to learn it. When he thinks, he scratches his head in sync with him turning the bolt in his head inside Nemisis’ mind. He is also a scientist, which causes him to experiment on any and everything as well as try to dissect and put things back together. His experiments aren’t always the safest and sometimes blow up in his face. He has also tested out some of his serums on Nemisis, which have caused quite the experience for him to remember. What makes him unique compared to the other personas is his supreme cerebral ability. He may not be as fast as Honor but he always get his measurements correct, from judging distance to aim. Intelligence almost always considers all possibilities of a situation before moving, He is also the one who has the best control over Nemisis’ spatial abilities. Most of Nemisis’ new techniques that he uses are created by Intelligence, most which the other personas are also able to use. However, besides Madness, he contains the most energy, requiring it the most for his experiments and so far. Besides Madness, he is also the only one who can use Nemisis’ new yet shaky technique “Shift”, which takes spatial manipulation to the next step for the draconian. However he requires almost full concentration to create and maintain it. Unless combined with another persona, he can mostly only use it defensively. When upset, he can be the most tortuous person ever, due to his extensive knowledge of the bodies of various races he’s experimented on.


Manifestation: Anger, Destruction, Bloodlust, Pain, Paranoia, Entropy, Dissonance, Fear

Preferred weapon: Claws, Equinox, Swords

Traits: Harsh, Indifferent, Bloodthirsty, Challenging, Sarcastic, Painless

Chaotic Aura: [Dangerously high]: Suffocating, overwhelming, causes Paranoia, Violence, and/or Suicidal tendencies

Hierarchy: #3

Title: The Wrath

Madness is by far the most dangerous persona within Nemisis. He is the most unstable, containing the most chaotic energy inside of him. Any energy the rest of the personas cannot control goes to him, making him a living energy bank.This inadvertently means the longer Nemisis' stays in the chaos realm, the stronger Madness becomes, due to the man's latent ability to absorb chaotic energy unconsciously. What makes him so dangerous is that when he comes in control of Nemisis, the chaos within him leaks out, drowning the nearby area (4 room radius in all directions) in his chaotic aura and projecting his manifestations unto them. If those nearby are weak-minded they can easily succumb to random hallucinations and acts of violence upon themselves or others. These hallucinations will be based on their greatest fears, angriest, and saddest moments, uprooting the darkest corners within their subconscious and bringing them to light inside their minds. The chance of this predicament is multiplied by five if the said person was to look into Madness’ eyes while he is in control. The level and experience of Madness is also dependent on how close you are to him. The closer you are to him, the higher the chance of experience. To combat this, while he is not in control of Nemisis, he is sealed up in chains that can only be unlocked by Honor and Joy/Justice. When unleashed, his chains become part of Honor’s sword, and can only be restrained if he is stabbed with it. Aside from his chaotic quirk, he cannot feel pain, which is quite inconvenient for the other personas. Due to his rash nature, he can be careless when fighting partly because he barely gets one and is usually wrapped up in the excitement and the fact that he’s never actually found himself in extreme danger of dying. Usually Intelligence and Honor are watching out for attacks that he must dodge or defend against or else Nemisis may die. Just like Joy, he tends to talk to both personas and people without hiding it. Also he would introduce himself to his opponent. Madness does not hold back and is able to utilize all the other personas strengths and specialties except Joy’s. Having such an excess of energy, he tends to cause destruction wherever he goes. He is also able to corrupt another persona; placing them in a Maddening state should their emotions get too out of control. When this happens, the persona will not stop until they accomplish their goal, get knocked out, or Nemisis is killed. Usually another persona stops the corrupted one. Aside from Madness’ actual abilities and quirk, he is quite the indifferent persona. He can sway either way and is not necessarily evil. Just being restrained all day everyday can make one grumpy or excited to be free. If someone could actually stand to be around him, you would fine traces of politeness within him as well as a sense of humor. There is also a softer side to this seemingly vicious persona as he expresses some type of gentle aspect towards Joy when he’s sleeping. He can even be a deep thinker at times. Madness was split off from Honor and Intelligence along with Joy at the same time. He also reigns over the chaotic energy within Nemisis as well part of the demi’s emotions.


Manifestation: Innocence, happiness, purity, light, peace, hope

Preferred weapon: None

Traits: Child-like, Innocent, Playful, can be a brat

Chaotic Aura: None

Hierachy: #4

Title: The Key

Joy is the purest of all the personas. He is the only one out of the bunch of personas who emits no aura. Resembling an innocent child in every way, he does not know any better in the things he do, all he wants to do is play. Though innocent, he still possesses the skill set of all the other personas, being able to use their abilities should he wish to in order to get what he wants. Mostly attracted to shiny things, he tends to shock people in his movements, antics, and questions. He is oblivious to personal space, danger, and ill-intent. Joy also tends to speak both outside and inside Nemisis’ head at the same time, whether he’s talking to the personas or someone else who is standing in front of Nemisis; he does not separate the two. Splitting off from Honor, Madness, and Intelligence, he possesses all the light attributes and innocence that dwells within Nemisis. This persona is also the only one who can utilize the attribute. However, he does not attack anyone, even when being attacked. He is however, highly reactant to one, should even a hard shove occur. If this does happen, a bright light of warmth as well as an extremely hard shield of light will appear to protect him, reflexively. Joy is also the key to Madness. With proper procedure, he can safely break Madness’ chains which will bind into Honor’s sword until it’s time to lock the persona away again. For this reason, it’s often Joy tends to sleep near or on Madness, using his hair as covers. Though Joy will never attack a person, he is also very powerful and important to the existence of the personas. Should his barrier ever be broken, he will transform into his alter ego Justice.


Manifestation: Righteousness, Law, Order, Purity, Judgement

Preferred weapon: Claymore, Equinox

Traits: Strict, Stern, Stiff, Unyielding

Chaotic Aura: [None, but gives off a light aura}

Hierachy: #4

Title: The Key

Justice is the true reason why Joy is the key. He is the final blockade between Nemisis as one mind and Nemisis as many. If the personas were to become one, that would have to go through him. Should Joy be in danger of being harmed, you would have to deal with him. Unlike his first form, he takes the form of an adolescent with an attitude of a prince. The persona plays no games or hardly cracks a joke. His main objective is to figure out why he is out and handle the issue. He would usually revert back into Joy but he does have the option to stay awake for awhile. Justice is more like a paladin, and follows the theory of Absolute Justice. Should there be a chance of evil, it must be eliminated. Since he is the same body as Joy, he possesses all the personas’ ability, however unlike Joy, he will attack, first even. Using only light based attacks, he can recall all training Nemisis’ had in his life that dealt with the attribute. He is also the only one who can use the draconian’s strongest light attack without harming the body, “The Arrow of Original Sin”. Should Justice ever be defeated, Nemisis will revert back into one mind and his full power will be unleashed.


Manifestation: Whims, Antics, Pranks, Atrocity, Boredom, Sabotage,

Preferred weapon: Whips, Seals, Bombs, anything that fits into his schemes

Traits: Drumming of the fingers, chuckler

Chaotic Aura: [High]: Risky, Wayward, Troublesome

Hierachy: #5

Title: The Prankster

Mischief is one of the most unpredictable personas within Nemisis. He is a planner and is almost always three steps ahead of his victims or opponents. Often subjected to boredom, he relieves this problem by playing pranks on people that can range from petty to highly constructive. Though looking for a good laugh, Mischief is highly destructive due to his heavy use in the environment to reach his goals. Splitting off from Intelligence, he is highly cognitive and has a good eye for judging distance and range (though not as good as Intelligence himself). He also has enough energy to rival some of the Big 4, usually having to utilize a lot for his plans. Mischief is very neutral in his attitude, lying in between serious and laid back. However, when pissed off, his true nature of destruction and planning or lack of thereof, can be overwhelming. Reigning over Nemisis’ nerves, he has the unique ability to transfer chaos into anything he touches, causing an unpredictable amount of destruction. In less technical terms, he can make anything he touches explode via unstable corruption.


Manifestation: Arrogance, battle,

Preferred weapons: Bare knuckles, Knuckle weapons

Traits: Tends to crack his knuckles

Chaotic Aura: [Slight]: Humid, Abrasive, Eager

Hierachy: #6

Title: The Trash talker

Brawl is the persona that is best attuned with Nemisis’ actual physical body. He is what his name implies, a brawler. He prefers to fight bare handed without any weapons. This goes to the extent that he would actually place Nemisis in danger to stick to this. Only in emergency situations will he use what little chaotic energy he has to avoid fatal situations. The closest weapons he would use are knuckle based weapons, which would require persuasion from the other personas. Splitting off from Honor and reigning over the majority of Nem’s muscles and body, he is the best martial artist of the bunch. He is also technically faster than Honor but only when he uses his specialty. Leaning the closest to the natural side of the spectrum within Nemisis, he can release the draconian’s chakra gates with meditation. This will unlock the man’s full physical potential while risking a huge backlash of fatigue. Brawl is a huge trash talker even if he can’t always back it up (by himself). This often gets him into trouble and a lot of verbal arguments. Any chance for a fight, he will take it. He gains respect for those whom he fights, especially if they give him a run for his money. His rash nature is ideal for the coliseum and spars. The persona is hardly ever serious, but if you manage to push him to that point, you’re in for a bloody beaten.


Manifestation: Pride, Fashion, Feminity, Cleanliness

Preferred weapon: Strings, sound, and anything he considers beautiful

Traits: Tends to hum and dance, very clean and sharp

Chaotic Aura: [High]: Fuzzy, Ticklish

Hierachy: #7

Title: The Primadonna

Spree is the most annoying of all the personas. Even his fellow personas can’t stand him at times. Splitting off from Honor, he is extremely prideful, though based on his energy level and control, piece of him may have come from Intelligence as well. Beauty and perfection is above all else. Should you approach him wear a displeasing attire, he will most likely scoff at you and look down at you so far that he is actually looking up. Representing Nem’s feminine side, he can sing and dance and tends to do makeovers. Reigning over the vocals, he can produce the highest sounds capable of the man; especially his “Buster Call”. Also, unlike the others (besides Madness), he can manipulate chaotic energy through sound waves. When he isn’t being annoying, he can be quite the entertainer, utilizing the draconian’s knowledge of instruments to the best of his ability. The worst thing you could do to piss this persona off is to mess with his hair. Disturbance of his hair will most definitely make him try to beat you into a bloody pulp in the most beautiful and flashy fashion ever.