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This page is an OFFICIAL CLASS page.

It contains important info about this class.

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Combat Style: Magical
Combat Rating: Very Low
Magic Style: All Magical Styles
Magic Rating: Mystical
Preferred Races: Elf, Dryad, Pixie Vampire
Preferred Alignment:Any
Allowed Races: Race-Class Table
Preferred Weapon(s): Staffs, Staves
Skills: Firebolt, Chilling Touch, Meteor Shower
Skill Weapon Type: Magic
Skill Centers: Mage's Training Centre
Opposite: Anti-Mage
Related/ Similar Classes: Illusionist, Necromancer, Spell Blade


Mage is blanket term for a very wide variety of magic users including, sorcerers, wizards, and various types of magical specialists. All mages are capable of using some degree and type of magic many of which are outlined here and here.

The default or most common mage however is a spell caster who has studied under a tutor and learned arcane spells that can be of varying uses. Many mages are Battle Mages and use their spells to inflict damage on enemies with biting cold magical winds, bolts of lightening, fire balls and showers of meteors. Other mages may use their powers to complete tasks that aid the everyday life of others, such as moving heavy objects via levitation spells, scrying for lost or hidden objects, or protecting local businesses by enchanting items to prevent their theft. Mages can be found in almost anyone’s employ doing almost anything with their magical abilities.

In Hollow the vast majority of mages are Battle Mages using powerful spells and enchantments to aid them in battle. Mages versatility make them an excellent combatant as the enemy may not know what is coming, a fireball, a magically enhanced elf, a summoned water elemental, or even all three, if the mage is particularly adept. In general, a mage will not be perfectly skilled in all schools of magic, preferring to specialize in one or two subjects. While sacrificing a bit of skill in the other subjects, this focus allows a mage to vastly improve the skill of the chosen subject(s), making a mage a valuable ally or a treacherous foe.

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