Duel:Acheron-Morvious v Kasyr-Satoshi

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Location: Merchant Street
Duelists:  Kasyr,  Satoshi,  Morvious,  Acheron
Judges:  Thea, (Unstated), (Unstated)
Stakes: 2k to each winner, capture of the defeated team
Time Limit: 10 minutes/post

Morvious saunters in as a calming breezes hinders for one blow. Even the elements could tell of what was about to happen. The titan seems determined as he holds his beautifully crafted gauntlets to his torso. For am moment all is still and the smell of sweets still linger from the shop just south of here. His deep orange pools analyze his foes. The first a vampire, regal yet mouthy in his attempts and the other a feline who somehow ties in. The titan expresses himself with a cold dry tone." The agreements have been made. I feel pity on those who fall." The elder looks to his avian partner. "Give em hell." In the same notion he draws two daggers from his belt sheaths, both appearing to have a silver saurian beast's sanguine on them. Now glaring at Kasyr he swiftly lifts his right hand pointing the blade in his direction. "You'll go first..." With tremendous aegis the titan dashes down the wayside toward the vampire ,the only thing running through his head his striking down those whom aided in the capture of his daughter. Chaos now begins to flow through his body. The bond between him and chaos is unparalleled with each step closer. With a rather large yell he belts " For the queen! For the Brethren! For Paislei!" A frenzy of barbaric slashes relinquishes from the elder in hopes of a single scratch from the poisonous blade.

Kasyr 's appearance in Cenril had been of an entirely innocuous nature. Indeed, the trenchcoated tiefling had been innocuously engaging Satoshi with a light conversation on the finer points of avian diplomacy {..Killing them} and nibbling on what appeared to be a Mouse- ka-bob. Thingy. That being said, the vampiric hybrid was not entirely unaware that something terrible was about to happen. There was a benefit to being an empath, after all- the ability to discern emotions and what they were targeted upon...and to be able to trace them back to their source. Nonetheless, the hybrid didn't break away from his banterings until his ears caught the sound of blades unsheathing- by which point he was able to afford a slightly aggravated, "Oh~ Not again." Almost immediately the hybrid began to backpedal towards the edge of the street, the Titans momentary fixation upon him noted and used to lead him away from Satoshi. Moreover, it also allowed the hybrid to get within range of one of the myriad lantern posts- so that by means of a number of sidesteps and shuffles, the hybrid could keep the steel pole between himself and his aggressor, limiting his means of attacking to thrusting at the hybrids armoured trenchcoat. Leather would tatter, metal beneath would scrape, and the hybrid would continue his games until one particularily aggressive attack from the frenzied Titan would grant the hybrid the perfect window of opportunity- the hand that carried that sharpened piece of wood poised to impale one of Morvious' eyes. "..You idiots."

Kasyr told Satoshi, "Would tu be a dear et freeze this fellow in the back? I'll be over to help tu shortly."

Acheron trailed loosely behind Morvious, a wraith, lacking any more grandiose description from boots, to blood-flecked armor, and further to shielded features. As his current ‘ally’, the father of his prized pupil charges the teifling Acheron sets pale blue optics upon Satoshi, the slightest amusement revealed in them. He’d originally no interest in fighting, for that matter fighting allies, Morvious’ sudden charge at kasyr bearing little further meaning than the start of some private ware betwixt the vampiric teifling and the ‘Titan’. Satoshi on the other hand, he’s seen regarded and otherwise ignored in most instances; a change of pace to be pitted in a battle of any sort –against- her.” I suppose we cannot make them feel inferior, shall we?” He closes the gap with all the care of one less inclined and more obligated to do battle, a ploy perhaps as his fingers graze the hilt of Illideris, sending a shriek over the road’s inhabitants before his speed seems to triple. It’s not a matter of sprinting; rather the void he’d torn with the casual swipe of his gauntlet-covered hand was the cause, inhaling its master into an abyss of black haze before spitting out upon the once idly-chatting ice mage from to the right and angled slightly above. He uses no further magic than this teleportation, the sheathed form of his squealing-obsidian blade cutting a vicious arc at the feline mage, no thoughts spared for the direction this might cast his smaller, more slender opponent.

Satoshi had been rather enjoying the chat and rodents-on-a-stick with Kasyr, the little feline even regarding the appearance of Morvious and Acheron as nothing overly threatening. And even when the titan had charged her companion her expression carried little surprise. Folk did so love attacking him, and all. It was Acheron's words that brought her to a proper focus, slit-pupil eyes narrowing at the vaguely familiar fellow. "No, I suppose we can't," the mage replied, the hint of a smirk creeping onto her face. Her gloved hand fled to the worn satchel at her side even as the words left her mouth to take hold of and remove a pair of clear vials, appearing to be filled with water. The bottles were hardly uncorked when her sensitive ears caught the shriek, forcing an instinctive wince from the cat. It was an action that served her well when Acheron claims a far closer position to her, sheathed blade swinging for her unprotected form. The prior wince was deepened, becoming a duck as the mage pushed forward at the same time to produce a hasty tuck and roll. Those vials were dropped with the motion, quite intentionally, to shatter on the stone so very close to where the avian stood. A whispered word form the mage and the liquid inside would erupt at an unnatural speed upward and outward in the form of dangerously jagged spears of ice eager to impale the man.

Morvious was very lucky to be wearing a visor as the wood grazes his cheek.For a moment the titan felt a slight agony, but the rage inside did not seem to hinder him for long.The titan hurls both daggers toward Kaysr as he draws his plagued blade from his back. Would a second charge be wise he thought.His attention now being torn between the Vampire and aid of his partner.The elder tittered slightly as he discharges his hound on the alabaster tom, leaving his mind to be clear for only the vampire. Slightly dumbfound the elder ravages for a new approach. A astringent advance on the vampire would need to take place. Mentally shrugging the Titan proceeds towards his foe once more with an overhead attack.

Kasyr leaves his now ruined mouse-ka-bob lodged in Morvious' visor, the issue of his snacking no longer as pressing an issue as it was before. No, his energies are more devoted towards shuffling in that instance, a swift arrangement of feet so that his shoulder would have been facing Morvious, were it not for the pole between them. Arranged as such, the hybrid was able to 'leisurely' watch the daggers fly by- if only to step out, draw his right hand back- and promptly find himself switching targets. What would have been a punch towards the Titans face is instead redirected towards the downwards coming sword, the hybrid slamming a gloved palm towards the base of the sword in an attempt to stop it's downward hurtle. Strong in its own right, the mithril mesh still deforms under the force of impact- Morvious' blade still cutting into flesh. Still, with any luck the blow would have hopefully set him offbalance- something the hybrid hoped to ensure by a swift slide of his foot between the titans legs, intending on simply tripping up the man. Well, simply- so long as the sudden manifestation around the hybrids other arm wasn't taken into account, the sickly formation of Obsidian scale in the form of a gauntlet taking place even as that unused arm would be rammed forward towards Morvious chest with every ounce of strength the hybrid could afford; the intention to send the Last titan barreling backwards into a heap. ...A heap that would be aimed to collide into Acheron- and send the pair head of heels into one of the myriad shops. "...What now..?"

Kasyr told Satoshi, ".Er. Heads up?"

Acheron maintains the eerie, amused focus even after the swipe of clean air by his sheathed weapon. The drop of the bottles and their sudden alteration in form and function serves as an abrupt less than healthy lesson in being too eager in battle. The first of the vicious spikes slides into a joint of his armor, jabbing him much like a thorn and subsequently hindering his lateral movement, if only to the left side. Before he can fall further, and impale himself truly upon the cold ice, the avian forces his magic to the end of his sheath, a slash of hand in an arch around his feet returning his heavily armored body into another facet of the abyss that seems to serve as his peculiar magic. Returning him from its embrace not a few yards away from the devious little feline, Acheron cannot help but offer an appreciative nod as to her uncommon abilities. He unsheathes Illideris as if to bring forth the true start of their little battle, almost too engrossed with the motion, the simple thought of fighting the petite warrior the avian chooses to ignore the current sideways scuffle between Kasyr and Morvious. The motions are but partially completed before a show of his true power comes, the abyss of black swallowing him from sight and returning him directly before Satoshi, the hard-sheathe of his long-sword used as a blunt implement, leading this charge with a chest strike, aimed to send the feline into the nearby bakery via a window should it land. Though with her abilities in the field of ice anticipated the avian follows with his secondary tool, a gleaming edge of his obsidian-marbled blade, Illedris screech and all.

Satoshi allowed herself the briefest cattish grin at the marginal success of her ice but her attentions are quickly regained and just as quickly divided. Morvious's charging hound was considered firstly, the canine's initial charge made rather useless as the mage flicks a hand, the spiked ice immediately abandoning its post in a rushed fluid motion, half of it hovering before the cat while the rest moved to spread into a frictionless sheet under the hound's paws. Were she truly lucky, the slipping and sliding animal would end up barreling straight for Acheron, but that was for fate to decide. She reacts to the avian's movements, seen and unseen alike, with celerity a feline or vampire could truly possess. The globe of ice levitating before her chest is hurriedly ordered into the first form to cross her mind, an immaculately frozen katana held by the cat in a vertical position, one hand on the hilt and the other pressed on the upper flat of the blade. Acheron's strike would connect with the conjured weapon and most of the force absorbed by it, although enough still remains to send the mage tumbling backwards until she slides to a stop in a crouch. The katana trembled in her hands and absently the mage released it along with a quiet word of direction. The ice blade lunged forward, propelled by magics and drawn toward the liquid blood running in Acheron's veins, seeking to plunge itself through armor and flesh alike to reach the kindred element.

Morvious , The Last Titan, The Elder, whichever you so prefer, had his blade stopped by the palm of kasyr the Hybrid who will like die by Morvious' hand on this dark night. THe blade still being in his hand while attempting to knock Morvious over backwards was drawn sharply downward. As he draws said blade down word, he notices the oncoming attack meaning to throw The Last Titan backwords into his fellow combatant in arms, Morvious once again drops almost purposefully onto his back. This act was helped somewhat by the attempt at tripping him up. As he Lands The crimson fluid splatters his facemask and is blade is now soaked. The Elder was careful not to make the same mistake twice though. Two nights previously he had dropped to his back while combatting with the one known as Gregor, but one he dropped he stayed in the same place. This would not happen again. Morvious Rolls to his right quickly in order to keep himself from being trapped by the oncoming of another blade. As he rolls across the ground the blood on his face mask picks up some dirt and begins to congeal. Standing quickly up in his once again youthfull body, The Titan lifts his visor from his face and wipes the quickly congealing blood from it. As he does three scars cover one of his brightorbs. These scars were left years ago during the wars of times of old. Solaris. Hes the one. Hes the one who left those scars. placing his Visor back on quickly before anyone can do any atcual damage to his face, can now see clearly again. Now that his hounds are at the feet of Kasyr he orders that to attack with the bark of a single word. The world is belted for all in the lands of Hollow to hear. "Kill!!!" As the dogs are distracting Kasyr The Elder wings a blade given to him from his former Co-leader, Ekimrelyt, The Master Centaur, at Kasyr. The Blade was drenched In the blood of a dragon known as Blaze. If it connects peirces the skin in anyway shape or form the dragons blood would kill him, a slow painful death. After throwing this last blade, Morvious pulls one more trick from up his sleeve. Using his brazen strength , in in one fluid motion he raises his right arm kneels and punches the ground giving off a ripple of earth dirt and gravel. The ripple would surely cause the hybrid to lose his balance at the very least, not to mentions the stones and gravel sent flying from the rippel itself. Catching a larger rock from the ground, it is sent hurtling towards Kasyrs head.

Kasyr had been very careful not to overextend himself at any point of this little conflict, and so- the dogs are received with a certain amount of ease. The first is punted as hard as the hybrid can manage- that vicious strength granted to the tiefling by his aberrant nature used to send the mutt skittering across the ground, a mess of flesh, blood and even the occasional tooth left in it's wake. The next pair work in tandem however, lunging at the hybrid to bite and claw at his coat. Armoured or not, the defense was not perfect- and he could feel the occasional claw rake through those gaps in defenses. Still- there was something off about that moment- felt perhaps in the twist of emotions that accompanied that scene. Something which ensured the hybrid kept some focus upon the titan- and caught wind of the blade hurtling towards him. Entangled as he was- a repeat of his former action was not as possible, and so the hybrid does the only thing he can do. Ducking down, the hybrids shoulders roll- the coat slipping partially from him- before he abruptly sprints forward. With both dogs tugging- it's with a relative degree of ease that the hybrid manages to disentangle himself and promptly rolled aside. Now graced with his fully unburdened speed, the hybrid found himself able to evade the thrown sword- and promptly charge in towards Morvious. Even as the Titan lifted up his arm and crashed it into the ground, sent debris and stone scattering in every direction- the hybrids charge picked up speed, the vampiric demi incubi's wisp magic taking hold by this point- converting the emotions that the hybrid fed off into energy. The endurance he needed to push forward was found- even as bits of gravel embedded into skin, The speed to outrace Morvious hounds as they relinquished his coat, and the strength needed to push past that unnatural ripple of earth that would have otherwise robbed him of footing. All this allows the hybrid what he needs to push forward, to meet Morvious just as he would throw that rock- and give the tiefling the strength needed to slam his hand through the stone and into the Titans face. Not that the hybrids charge would end there. Carried by that momentum- the hybrid intended on racing onto that patch of ice that Satoshi had provided- A rapid slide to carry him close to the avian interloper. Once there, the hybrid would simply pounce- a feral lunge which would end with Gospel closing upon Acherons face, with intention of allowing gravity and built up force to slam him into the ground. With any luck, he'd be in far too poor shape to prevent the hybrid from then dragging him up into a standing position, then hurling him into a lantern post.

Acheron turns with the arc of his inflicting weapons, his body painfully twisting , aggravating his wounded left side as he clears himself of the troublesome feline, barely managing to miss the nearby duo and their continuous scuffle. He focuses again upon Satoshi, his sheath slid over the once-drawn blade to finish it seems the battle as such. Such things are short lived however, and as seemingly expected the avian unsheathes Illideris before the actions can be properly completed. The sliding, flying form of the Teifling is unmissed, in fact even caught by pale blue eyes, long enough to trigger inside the avian a wave of the power he’s kept from the battlefield until this moment, granting him the slightest leverage required of him. He steps inwards, towards the airborne Kasyr. A hiss of his marbled blade, crying forwards barely audible now, for it manages no squeal as it meets the devilish gauntlet in a clash of dark metal before an audible snap is heard. Without focus, and with without thought Acheron had thrust his blade into the fray, rewarded only by the shattering of his prized long-word from the combined stress of Gospel’s power and the force placed upon it. The severed blade is sent like an angry wasp downwards, imbedding it’s self into the shoulder of the astonished avian. He shudders, screaming in pain before the broken sword’s power is released not only upon himself but the attacking teifling and nearby Satoshi. / \\The black hole that tears from the broken hilt of the dark sword is uncontrolled, the power he’d called for now unleashed with a hungry vengeance. The opening of a Black void that drinks in the form of the ice-katana before it can hinder the paladin further and then it continues to feed, greedily attempting to drink in the road’s current inhabitants, including its master, should none find a way to contain the severed hilt.

Satoshi felt a rather uncommon emotion at the appearance of that all-consuming void. The feline was unaccustomed to feeling outright fear, nor the worry for another life. It left the mage unmoving for a long pause, with only the void tugging her form forward from where she stood allowing her focus to return with a jolt. The diminutive mage darted forward, sped along with that drawing force, a hand flick out to coax the sheet of ice still on the ground to return to her hand. Her next actions were a haphazard pounce, small form timed barely enough to allow her to collide with the tiefling and knock them both away from the void in a chaotic bit of tumbling--and it would have failed miserably were he still wearing that weighty trenchcoat. As she passed Acheron during her lunge, the summoned ice was hurled towards the broken sword, the element stretching to envelope the weapon, producing a frozen sheath for it in hopes that would halt or at least delay the black hole.

Winners: Kasyr & Satoshi