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A massive boreal forest and arctic tundra, situated high in the Xalious Mountain Range. This is where the snowbound city of Frostmaw can be found, surrounded by sheer, icy cliffs well suited to shattering invading armies, and backed against a mighty mountain. Frostmaw is a fortress that crowns the Xalious mountains, its perimeter monumental wall of masterfully built stone and ice wide enough for troops to patrol atop. Beyond the wall is the city itself, with houses and businesses arranged in an elaborate fashion, seeming haphazard at first sight, only to reveal that winding paths and enormous homes are military defenses designed to break up and bottleneck enemy forces. Dominating the northern section of the city and partially built into the mountainside is Frostmaw Fort, a giant among already huge buildings. At present, much of the city is under repair after suffering heavy damage in the civil war. However, it is clear that the repairs include improvements as a skeletal structure of a large stable is now visible; along with scaffolds surrounding the damaged clinic, city wall, marketplace and mines.

For countless generations, the Frost Giants have called this harsh, frigid environment their home. They consider themselves masters of war, fierce fighters born and raised in an unforgiving land, devoted worshippers of the God of War, Aramoth, they bow to none but the stronger--their leader.

Maps of Frostmaw

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Recent Events

October 2016

  • October 24
    • After a meeting between Macon of Larket and Queen Hildegarde of Frostmaw, wherein the two were unable to agree on the terms of Larket and Frostmaw's future friendship, the relationship between the two cities has taken a rather unsavory turn. All indications highlight that war has been declared.

Geographical Areas of Frostmaw

Hunting Grounds

A heavily wooded forest surrounding most of Frostmaw's northern and western edges. A wide variety of cold-weather beasts reside here, offering challenges for all levels of hunters. Some include: Winter wolves, frost worms, drakes, wyverns, and dragons of the icy sort, Mammoths, frostmares, lesser elementals, and even exiled frost giants.

Lake Frysta

A large, iced-over lake in the western region of the Hunting Grounds. This location is a popular--if difficult to reach--ice-fishing spot for citizens of Frostmaw, and is the supposed home of the mythical Frystallian Fish the lake is named after--although none have successfully captured the creature in recorded history. One end of the lake is home to a series of huge waterfalls, called the Wintering Cascades, whose waters plunge over the cliff-face and into the heart of a glacier to be lost within the abyssal fissure depths. The cascades have been a deathtrap for a number of adventurers, as have some of the creatures that lurk in the lake's deepest regions.

Ruined Castle Town

An ancient castle-city long since destroyed by a war from countless years ago. Little is remembered of its history, and its old inhabitants have all but disappeared--save for the range of wayward, vengeful, or restless spirits still roaming the ruins. The frost giants hold this land sacred, as many of their ancestors were lost in the age-old war, and their essences still roam the area, although many of the spirits have been put to rest in recent times in hopes of restoring the lands. It is currently also home to some of Frostmaw's deadliest entities, such as Ice Devils, Snowflake Imps, "Not-Alpacas", blue ravens, and numerous ghosts. It has since been given a great deal of attention in an attempt to restore some of the area.

Royal Academy of Aramoth

Situated near the entrance of the Ruins, the academy is a massive construct even by Frost Giant standards, a place raised from the destroyed lands in honor of Aramoth, God of War. The establishment is dedicated to the studies and arts of combat, inviting masters and students alike from around the world to visit, share their knowledge, and teach others their battle skills. In fact, this establishment has become the base for the Warrior's Guild due to its reputation as a fine establishment dedicated to the arts of war.

Transport wyverns from The Eyrie are stationed outside the Academy and Frostmaw Tavern, providing swift flight back and forth to those willing to climb aboard.

Temple of Judgment

A half-hidden temple, ancient shrine of Aramoth, beloved god of the Frost Giants. The temple boasts three unique libraries, of Light, Dark, and Ice, each holding written treasures of immeasurable value--and equal danger.

Settlements in Frostmaw

Settlement Name Main Race
Frostmaw Village Frost Giant, Sage Elf immigrants
Hunting Grounds Frost Centaur, Exiled Frost Giant
Ruined Castle Ice Devil

Merchants and Shops

(All directions from Kelay Tavern)

Shop Name Goods Sold
The Bone Cleaver Weapons
The Dragon Scale Armor
Animal Allies Pet Shop Pets
Middle of Town Clothing
Frostmaw Tavern Food and Drink
Merchant Area Food, Drink and Misc Items
The Frosty Herb and Armor Armor and Herbs
Diamonds in the Rough Weapons
Wall of Memoriam Armor

Player Owned Shops

  • None

Other places of note in Frostmaw

Area of Note Function Directions
Bank Store money, Interest, Currency Exchange. City of Frostmaw- 1e, 1n, 1w.
Mines Mine for gems and minerals. City of Frostmaw- 1w, 1n, 1w, 1n, 7w, 1n.
Frostmaw Colosseum The grand arena for all things combat. City of Frostmaw- 1w, 1n, 1w, 1n, 7w, 3n, 1w.
Hunters' Market Sell pelts, scales, and other hunting trophies. City of Frostmaw- 1w, 1n, 1w, 1n, 3w, 2n, 1w.
Healing Room Healer, to restore magic, stamina, and health points. City of Frostmaw- 1w, 1n, 1w, 1n, 2w, 1s, 2w, 2s.
Lake Frysta Fishing spot and shop. City of Frostmaw- 1w, 1n, 1w, 1n, 7w, 1s, 4w, 3s, 2w, 3n, 1w.

Clans with HQ's in Frostmaw

  • The Eyrie's Northern Outpost.
    • Situated near Frostmaw's main gates, the Outpost is an enormous spire of translucent ice riddled with countless glassless 'windows' that allow the winged inhabitants easy entrance and exit. High among the clouds rests the Hawk's Eye Roost, where the Eyrie's Commander and mount reside when visiting Frostmaw, and where a behemoth sphere of polished Hawk Eye stone sits center--presumptively as the main mana source maintaining the various magicks, wards, and enchantments that make the Outpost comfortable for its occupants.

Training Areas in Frostmaw


Economic Areas in Frostmaw

Near the Dragon Scale is the Hunter's Market, a trading place for animal furs or other such trophies. Once illegal, the business has since been legitimized. After vital members of the city's operations were victims of a vile poaching ring, Frostmaw's laws on poaching hardened. Businesses had to choose to pay their dues or face execution, and the Hunter's Market was swift to join the right side of Frostmaw Law. This market is a thriving place where one can sell and purchase various pelts, horns, claws, and fangs of northern wildlife, so long as the catches were obtained with a license. Although hunting is regulated, Frostmaw's forests are plentiful, providing more than ample means for hunters to survive while staying within the law.

Additionally, the Merchant's Guild has a storefront in Frostmaw, bringing in further commerce to the city through imports. This can be found in the merchant corner off the Main Road, where many of Frostmaw's vendors sell their wares on a daily basis, and citizens purchase items from far-off cities and regions.

Northwest of the city, nestled in frozen valleys and ice caves, is a nomadic tribe of Feline people. Little is known about them, for they are secretive by nature, however in recent times relations have been forged between the tribe and Frostmaw. The felines are masterful artificers, using the fluorite abundant in the Xalious range for a variety of purposes. It is believed they are responsible for the unusual tunnels and statues unearthed beneath Frostmaw's Bank. For those willing to brave the arctic in search of these elusive nomads, trade may be possible--although they only part with their creations for a hefty price.

An easier band of traveling merchants to trade with are the centaurs of the Queoldian Tribe. Once bitter enemies of Frostmaw, was formed between Lady Satoshi and Aldred Frost, allowing tentative trade between the two factions. Disputes still break out between giant and centaur, however, making the market a tense location. With Dominic going to the aid of the Quelodian Tribe who were held captive by Balgruuf’s cronies, good relations and good trade continues between the Quelodian Tribe and the people of Frostmaw.

Political Information About Frostmaw

Frostmaw is ruled by a tribal monarchy, with the Jarl or Lady of the giants at its head. The giants here are beings of combat, bowing only to the strongest in Frostmaw that has earned their respect. Over the recent years, in-fighting has decreased, allowing growth and prosperity in a region that otherwise had grown stagnant. The giants have become less wary of other races, having realized that there are numerous methods of combat. The epitome of this new way of thinking is found at the Royal Academy of Aramoth, where the art of war in its myriad forms is taught by masters of nearly every race.

Factions that disagree with Frostmaw's growth have, for the most part, left since the reign of the Snow Maiden began. Alongside them are the Exiles of the city, those that broke one or more of Frostmaw's laws and either refused to face Trial by Combat, or failed. Branded as cowards, weaklings, and outcasts, they are Exiled from Frostmaw to live in the wilds. Few survive on their own in the harsh environment, however banding into large groups has made it easier for Frostmaw patrols to hunt them down. Since the end of the Exile War, these groupings are hunted with far more energy than before, to prevent an army from forming as it had before. As is always said in the north, Frostmaw is as ruthless as Winter, devouring the weak and challenging the bold. it is not a suitable home for any but the most determined of souls.

Local Government Buildings

  • Frostmaw Fort

Allies of Frostmaw

Organization Leader
Queoldian Tribe NPC Quelodian Centaur - Part of the Northern Alliance.
Gualon Governor Tristram - A long-standing alliance, a kindred unity born of Frost & Swamp Giants. This alliance is by far the strongest and oldest that Frostmaw has, one might even describe it as a cherished alliance.
Sage Forest Refugees Gilwen - The elves that sought refuge in Frostmaw have insisted that connections be kept between their homeland and their new home. In honour of this, Hildegarde maintains the faith with Gilwen - the present voice of the elves of Sage.
Vailkrin Larewen - An alliance once held out of marriage and blood, it is now held by the political machinations of Hildegarde and Larewen, convincing Larewen to pledge assistance in the war in exchange for future help from Hildegarde.
Larket King Macon and Queen Josleen - Frostmaw and Larket have had a difficult history. They were once allies until Larket did not come to the aid of Frostmaw many years ago. After Kelovath was ousted from Larket, tensions between Frostmaw and Larket escalated. War broke out but soon matters were resolved, through a peace deal and a marriage: the ultimate union between The City of War and The Hard City.


Frostmaw was founded roughly fifty-five thousand years ago, around five thousand years after the giants entered Hollow. By this time, the giants had split into two clans, between whom there was much enmity: the Jotnar, who were to become the giants of Frostmaw, and the Traends, who would become the giants of Gualon. They warred constantly, over land, water, food, or anything really, with much loss on either side. Finally, the leader of the Jotnar, a giant by the name of Jarn, decided to lead his people to new lands, after inflicting a last, scathing blow on their rivals. Thus, Jarn became the first Jarl of Frostmaw.

After departing for the Xalious Range, the Jotnar giants were cut off from the rest of the world for many generations. It was only in the past decade that the upper sections of Xalious became accessible again, and thus Frostmaw was discovered by the other races. The history of Frostmaw is not fully known, as its people are not scribes, preferring to pass down their knowledge through story-telling. As with all tales, facts were warped, truths recreated, and memories altered with each re-telling, until Frostmaw's history became a convoluted legend of war, Aramoth, and Winter. Additionally, the Frost Giants possess a legend of the Snow Maiden, telling of the mythological birth of the Frost Giants.

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