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I. General

  • Name: Kristina Kasuki
  • Nickname: Kris (goes by this almost exclusively), Miss Kris, Krissy - (Though she's only allowed her brother to call her that.)
  • Race: Human
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 29, was born on December 20th.
  • Sex Pref: Males, if she bothers to care. (And she's been claimed by the only one who probably could've ever claimed her heart.)

Other: -Is a bit of an alcoholic.

    • Is a complete racist ~ she hates any and all vampires, but she's also come to terms with her racism, since everyone seems to want to prove her wrong.)
    • Is very prideful and often gets offended when people try and do things for her or protect her, even if she needs help.
    • Her trenchcoat is specially tailored: there are many, many pockets on the inner lining filled with various bottles of holy water, dragon's blood, some bandages, extra daggers and knives, etc. Inside the lining of both sleeves are special braces for the woman to hide a dagger in each for emergency situations, that she can release with a flick of her wrist.

II. Physical

  • Hair: Orange, short, and unruly. Has been wearing it to about her shoulders hear lately.
  • Eye: Pale blue, almost white, large, round and long-lashed. She has innocently feminine eyes that do not match her personality in the least.
  • Skin: Soft, pale peach, scarred.

Ht/Wt: 5'6" / about 140 lbs.

  • Build: Slender, athletic - a fighter.
  • Markings: -Various scars on her back, including the letters 'ANK' carved into her left shoulder blade. The majority of her scars are found here. There are others on her arms and legs that aren't as noticeable as those on her back.
    • A tattoo of a snake that coils around her entire right arm, the tip of it's tail starting curling around on her shoulder blade, and ending with it's head resting on the top of her hand, the tongue out and wrapped around her ring finger. Lined in black and dark blue in color. The eye is a bright, electric blue and represents the magical components her tattoo has taken on, thanks to Giacomo. He placed a bit of his symbotic lightening within the tattoo, allowing the woman a few tricks to use to her advantage.

-She has a six year old son named Ezekial, who goes by Zeke. He looks a lot like his mother in the face, but his hair is black, though he also wears his to his shoulders. He carries a bow and quiver with him at all times and often goes hunting with his mother. -The two live in Frostmaw, in the house given to them by her Giant friend Gunnar while she was pregnant all those years ago. She makes money by selling the pelts she gathers while hunting where she can.


II. Life

  • Hobbies:
    • Fighting.
    • Drinking.
    • Training.
    • Horseback riding.
    • Fighting (again).
    • Killing/hunting vampires. (Though this hobby won't be done any longer.)
    • Class/Occupation: Hunter. Fighter / Ex-Vampire Hunter. Watcher of Larket.
    • Guild: Was a member of the Warrior's Guild.
    • Alignment: Chaotic Good. Will usually do things for the right reason, but is completely ruthless with her hate for vampires.
    • Role Model: Her brother.

IV. Skills:

  • Basic hand to hand combat.
  • She's quick and nimble and is used to dodging and dealing with the speed of vampires, though her own speed is only just above average.
  • She is skilled with daggers and knives in both the melee and missle uses of these weapons.
  • She is a skilled archer and can use a bow, though she prefers the crossbow, and excels over the former when using the latter.
  • She knows a very basic spell to enchant her arrow to do extra damage upon impact, and she very rarely uses this trick, since her connection to her mana isn't the strongest.
  • She knows some first aid such as bandaging, cleaning and treating wounds, and placing a splint for a broken bone, and has very minor magical healing abilities. Living a life as...adventurous as hers she needed to learn this things.
  • She can do some minor sewing, just enough to patch up a hole or tear here or there in an article of clothing. Years of being on her own and doing plenty of damage to her clothing would teach anyone these skills.
  • She worked as a barmaid once, in pursuit of a high-paying kill, and has some skills in that occupation.
  • She is a very skilled eavesdropper. It is a habit of hers to spy on and listen in on others, without being noticed. The best clues never come straight-forward from someone, they're overheard.
  • She is a hunter, and though for a long time her prey was exclusively vampires, if she needed to hunt an animal, or anything else, she would be able to.

V. Family

  • Mother: -Deceased-
  • Father: -Deceased-


  • Kristian Kasuki - 21 (age when killed; is 16 years Kris's elder) - male - deceased.
  • Considers the paladin Kelovath Khamsin to be her brother.

Love Interest: Was once engaged to Giacomo Khamsin. Currently she is single.


  • A boy, Ezekial Kristian Khamsin. Six years old. Black hair, same blue eyes and face as his mother.

Best Friends: Dezerae, at least she was at one point.

Arch Nemesis: Korbus, once upon a time.

Friends: The few and far between that she has graced with this title~

  • Giacomo
  • Dezerae
  • Gunnar
  • Parsithius
  • Skylei
  • Keturah


  • A pure-white horse named Angel. The name was a suggestion from Dezerae that simply seemed to suit the animal.
  • An albino bat that was given to her, indirectly, by Saiyuri. For now it remains nameless.
  • A frost drake hatchling that followed her from Frostmaw one day. For now it too remains nameless.

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