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  • A being cloaked in mystery, right down to gender and full capabilities. Little is known, save that Jelko is assumptively some form of black & white marked Feline by appearance, of average height and built, favors extended claw gauntlets as a weapon, and is ever hidden behind a black & white domino (or anbu) mask. Little else is known, and she prefers to keep it that way, as Satoshi adopts this disguise when conducting business for the Guild, having taken great care over the years to keep her identity unknown through a variety of magical, physically, herbal, and alternative means.

The Shadow for Hire

Information on Jelko is based on witnesses, rumors, and speculation. No two accounts match entirely, only bearing similarities enough to produce a rough image of Vailkrin's Shadow for Hire. Some believe 'Jelko' is a title and the face behind the distinct mask is not always the same. Some think Jelko is a shapeshifting, illusionist, or phantom, revealing little upon the surface. Others wonder if Jelko is some bastard offspring of the Drow, at home in the shadows, nimble as a cat, and as difficult to capture as water. Whatever the case, the Assassin's Guild Director weaves a cloak of curiosities to keep clients and hunters guessing, and Jelko intends to keep it that way.

Alias: Jelko

Class: Assassin (retired), Contract Broker (for the Guild)

Gender: Presumed Female, perhaps a smallish, lean male

Race: Presumed Feline, although possibly part Drow or Lycan

Height: 5'6, or thereabouts, due to conflicting accounts

Hair: Black & White, blotched as well

Eyes: Pale, some say gray, some say green, or blue

Skin: Light, Thinly Furred, ink blotch-like markings

Location: Vailkrin, the City of the Dead

Status: Director of the Assassin's Guild, retired from the hunt but always making arrangements

Deities: Vakmatharas, the God of Death

Clan: Associates with the Guild only

Weapon of Choice: Clawed Gauntlets wrought of silver. Obsidian Hair Pins. Powders. Distance.

Attire: Light-weight & fitted Leathers, ideal for mobility, dark for obscurity, and accented with Silver against the Supernatural. A waistcoat--lined with thin Mithril chain. And the mask, Black & White, all-concealing (...and enchanted?).

Scent: Nonexistent. ...Or too existent. Wisps of every race's scent can be detected, woven in a concealing blend around Jelko. Prone to causing sensitive races sneezing fits.

Aura: Suppressed. Concealed. Raw energy lurks beneath the surface, for those with the sense to feel it.

Abilities: Unknown.