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Hildegarde the Silver

Name: Hildegarde the Silver.
Official Status: Queen of Frostmaw 
Race: Silver Dragon.
Height: 6' 3"
Hair Colour: Red.
Eye Colour: A stormy kind of grey.
Skin Colour: Whilst in human form, Hilde's skin is a pale white with hints of silver scales.
Scale Colour: A brilliant silver.
Class: Knight 
Clan: The Eyrie, one of few wing-leaders.
Alignment: Lawful Good.
Origin: Xalious.
Home: Currently, the knight resides in and calls her home Frostmaw.

Her Oath

I hereby swear fealty to the people of Hollow and a Crown whom are worthy;

to ever be good and true in my duty as a Knight, generous and reverent, shield of the weak, blade of the weary, obedient to my liege, foremost in battle, courteous at all times, champion of the right and good.

Thus swear I, Hildegarde the Silver.