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Lamen of Arcane Mastery

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Lamen of Arcane Mastery - Armor-Neck
Bonus: +15
Sold at: Mage Guild Shop

A disk shaped pendent of ruby hue hung from a black silk ribbon to be worn about the neck. It has on both sides the same arcane symbols which appear mysteriously on the surface of the Hollow moon Arh'Nuk.

This symbol is awarded only to those deemed to be Masters of the Arcane Arts, (Magister Templi & higher within the Mage's Guild). The rare magical implement grants the ability for the user to instantly transport to the Mage's Guild Headquarters. Along with this ability, the Lamen may impart, in time of need, a large portion of dark esoteric energy to its wearer. Once used for this purpose, the Lamen must be charged under the light of a full lunar cycle before it may be used again. The nature and power of this artifact is kept a secret known only to those who possess the item.