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Purpose of this Page

This page lists current and past arcs and tournaments. Those looking to engage in active plots should look here to see what's happening in Hollow.

Individual rps, duels, and artifacts should not be listed here. Only those events which bring together multiple players belong on this page.

Current Arcs

Laugh Now, Cry Later

In which the Cenril people try to drain the swamp.

In mob-controlled Cenril though, swamp drains you ...


Following the defeat of the false Queen Jaize, Reginae is left to clean up the mess in Alithrya both literally and figuratively but something isn't quite right...what happened when Jaize died?

Once Upon a Midnight Dreary

Sometimes dreams do come true . . .Cursed items have been popping up all over Lithyrdel with various effects and guises. Some look like normal magical items while others have more nefarious purposes. Who or what is creating these cursed artifacts and spreading them throughout the world?

With only their wits to guide them, a group of adventures bound in secret and shadow begin to uncover the mystery, but will they be enough to stop the influx of dark magic and save Lithyrdel from being plunged into chaos? Rogues of the land and sea come together to end the career of a slaver named Captain Morgan after rumor circulates of her using a magic item far beyond their capabilities to create. Following her capture and bloody interrogation, Morgan spills the name of the woman who sold the cursed item to her, a crone by the name of Maggie the Magpie.

With clues few and far between leading to this woman, Quintessa gathers the entire Syndicate of Shadows together to pool their efforts into finding this woman. All signs lead west, but will they be able to find the Magpie before she fades into the shadows once more?

The God of Undeath

In the Chaos Realm there lurks an entity known only to a few living souls. He is hell bent on turning all living things undead, throughout the universe, and in every plane.

Vinabre Cosmetics

Alvina and Brennia have put their creative minds together in the form of a cosmetics and skin care line called Vinabre. Between the guilds they are involved in and the friends they share, surely there will be plenty of people to get ideas from or even test out new products. The pair aim to hunt down the best natural ingredients for gentle application that has a pleasant smell to it and a lightweight feel on the skin so it practically feels like the wearer as no make-up on! Maybe the undead could use the replenish cream or a vampire could use the primer to see themselves in a mirror. The possibilities are infinite.

Welcome To The End Of Eras

An abdicated King returns to a home in disarray, forced to confront faults that had long gone unchecked - And to seek out allies who might be able to restore the stability the dead city once enjoyed.

Current Tournaments

Current Quests

Pey's Birthday Party
Start by visiting Pey in his tower and saying Hi!
Guild Quests
Guilds often have quests for their members to take up. Are you a member of a guild and looking for adventure? Look no further than the Guild Side Quest Central Listing! Are you not a member of a guild? Tag along with a guild member, or join a guild yourself.

Past Arcs

Past arcs that have been seen through to completion.


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Inactive Arcs

Many arcs are abandoned before completion. If you are curious to see what others have attempted before you, you can browse through the list of inactive arcs. Perhaps you'll be inspired to try something similar.

Past Tournaments

Vailkrin Blood Bowl Tournament