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Purpose of this Page

This page lists current and past arcs and tournaments. Those looking to engage in active plots should look here to see what's happening in Hollow.

Individual rps, duels, and artifacts should not be listed here. Only those events which bring together multiple players belong on this page.

Current Arcs

The God of Undeath

In the Chaos Realm there lurks an entity known only to a few living souls. He is hell bent on turning all living things undead, throughout the universe, and in every plane.

Dissonance Theory

With Kahran dead and Esche vanished, Lionel is free from his sorrows. In order to discover the man he hopes to be, he goes on walkabout -- a journey across the land. But everywhere he travels, the former Prince of Catal finds mounting evidence of a bizarre threat to Lithrydel's forests. Magical monoliths rise from rivers and streams; overzealous cultists threaten the peace; wild and sentient flora emerges from the ground, hungry for flesh. Even the Southern Sage, allegedly cured from its curse, begins to wither once more. Who are the true masterminds behind this plot, and what do they hope to accomplish? Even without warlords like Kahran, there will always be strife. As Lionel attempts to find his true self after a lifetime of psychosis, he and his allies will be called to arms once again. The Warrior's Guild must rise to meet new foes, who haunt the realm's wilderness and challenge the very cycle of nature itself.

Through A Glass, Darkly

Tensions soared the night an informal coven of witches gathered in secret to resurrect Valrae Ivy Baines, convicted enemy of the Larket state. Now, with her aid, the barrier that protects Cenril from Kahran and his dark army is restored but the city's problems are far from solved. Peace is fragile and idle minds lead to idle chatter. Who is Uma Abelin, and whose interests does she protect? Can Cenril’s witches be trusted - was their leap of faith worth the potential conflict with neighboring Larket?

Will the powers at play within the barrier destroy the city before Kahran even makes his second attempt?

Hungry Like The Wolf

Ever since becoming a werewolf, Meri has found that her temper is shorter than norm. As a wolf, she is lacking total control of her behavior and has turned to violent against those that she cares for on more than one occasion. This is prompting the blonde to go on a personal quest to find a lost artifact rumored to be of aid to werewolves. The details behind this artifact are sparse, but who ever said adventuring and artifact hunting was easy?

Lies Within Us

Among the Guild's of Lithrydel, the Mage's Guild of Xalious stands foremost as an unparalleled institute of education and advancement. The Shining Jewel in the Crown of the Xalious Mountain Range, where those blessed with the gift are promised prestige and power beyond their wildest imaginations. But where there is light, shadow too gathers. Power breeds corruption. Corruption festers, and soon, a rot settles in, sequestered away in the darkness. Where it can spread. Where it can grow.

Where it can wait.

Still reeling from the backlash of the Razurath genocide, The Mage's Guild attempts to consolidate itself, turning in towards its members, weeding out the dissidents and trying to recover from it's weakened state. Meanwhile, research long buried in the Guild's past is uncovered. Research perhaps best left buried.

As the curtain rises on a new Era of the Guild, ancient secrets are set to decide whether we will overcome the past, or succumb to it.

The Seven Sins of Sagittae

Once considered a master thief, Seteth -- surname unknown -- is a lad of a mere nineteen years dispatched to Lithrydel by a league of wealthy and power-hungry barons. The barons, led by Alm, successfully captured young Seteth and shackled him with magical cuffs designed to demand his utmost obedience. Their orders? The boy must locate and steal seven crystals said to exist within Lithrydel by ancient scrolls written in his homeland of Amyra half a world away. With no one to turn to but those whose friendships and alliances he forges in a strange new land, this prisoner to the whims and fancies of evil men must hope his long-gone lucky streak returns -- or it's his head on the chopping block. But neither Seteth nor his Lithrydelian cohorts have any idea just how dangerous these sought-after crystals truly are! Will the coming of the crystals spell doom to the world? Or can a rogues gallery of antiheroes outwit their foes and herald something greater?


Following the defeat of the false Queen Jaize, Reginae is left to clean up the mess in Alithrya both literally and figuratively but something isn't quite right...what happened when Jaize died?

Seven Dwarves All Around Me

While exploring the length of her metaphorical leash, Eleanor—Fox to her guild-mates—landed herself in hot water with her mistress of the shadows, the All-Seeing Oracle. After finding in her sticky-fingered possession the hag's favored weapon ( her Major Wand of Pain), El knew she had to lay low—at least until she was confident that the wand's forged replacement could fool their discerning eye. Much to the rogue leader's eventual chagrin, The Oracle was very much aware of the swap and had been scheming to humiliate the spell-thieving upstart.

Fox resurfaced several months later, and when the Guild started taking on new clients again, The Oracle ensured the All-Seeing Syndicate made it into their supposed ledger. Furthermore, the hag sent a private client on her behalf to lure the Guild Leader into her complex web. The Guild took the bait and plotted out the contracted hit of Vejemir Stonewall, a dwarven merchant visiting Cenril with his entourage of six kith and kin. What the Guild had not anticipated, however, was that the massacre of all seven dwarves would trigger a curse—and that The Oracle herself had poisoned all of them first to secure this outcome. Ignorant of the fateful evil already starting to work its magic, Eleanor nevertheless felt a growing sense of sickening dread.

When Leoxander came to her and said he needed a job, she knew he was the only one she could trust with the treason she was plotting. She offered him a bounty of 25,000 gold pieces if he could help her pull off the toughest assassination yet: Decapitating the Syndicate at the source. Given how many had already tried to kill The Oracle and wound up dead themselves, a great deal of arguing followed. Tensions escalated, and more of Eleanor's transgressions stumbled from her lying crimson lips. Leo's wolf showed up, and El took a bold chance to lure the human forward in the wolf's skin. Fortune favored her, and she took another risk with the wolf that night. However, she was not yet ready to share her secret weapon.

In the meantime, she waited patiently for the client to reach out. When they suggested the rendezvous take place at the scene of their previous crime, a whole bevy of alarm bells tolled between her temples—gathering up a select few guild-mates, Eleanor dove head-first into an obvious trap. Still, when The Oracle placed her taunts upon the table and then disappeared without a trace, the client and innkeeper in tow, the rogue was left with more questions than answers. It is up to the would-be assassins to unravel the cryptic clues before The Oracle's vindicated path of vengeance destroys everyone.

Current Tournaments

Titans of Winter Tournament 2020
Who will be the Titan of Winter?

Current Quests

Pey's Birthday Party
Start by visiting Pey in his tower and saying Hi!
Guild Quests
Guilds often have quests for their members to take up. Are you a member of a guild and looking for adventure? Look no further than the Guild Side Quests Central Listing! Are you not a member of a guild? Tag along with a guild member, or join a guild yourself.

Past Arcs

Past arcs that have been seen through to completion.












Inactive Arcs

Many arcs are abandoned before completion. If you are curious to see what others have attempted before you, you can browse through the list of inactive arcs. Perhaps you'll be inspired to try something similar.

Past Tournaments