Arc:The Ice Plague Cometh

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Frostmaw has always been in constant battle with the exiled Frost Giants, once proud citizens of the City of War, only to be made outcasts for crimes and acts of cowardice. False Jarls have risen and fallen, but one, the Ex-General Hrathgar, is more determined than any of his predecessors to bring Frostmaw to its knees. With unholy pacts and a year-long scheme in his deck, the Death Knight prepares to strike.

In Chartsend, a young legionnaire receives a vision in his dreams from Arkhen, warning him of the dangers threatening Frostmaw:

"The hand of the abyss touches Winter, tainting the snow with blood. Ice meets darkness and the Lady falls. Beware the prideful show of the mighty! Friends and allies heed the call..."

Time will tell, whether his dreams speak truth or not.


These Rps took place a year or more prior to the current arc, setting the stage for events to come:

  1. Crimson Snow, Hrathgar's Raid on Frostmaw
  2. Dancing with a Devil, the fall of Bozrah the Wraith
  3. Eternal Waltz with the Ruins King, death of the Ice Devil Father
  4. A Contract of Queens, pact and banishment of the Ice Devil Mother
  5. A Light Lesson Carries Weight


  1. Silver Oaths Unrelenting, an interconnected Arc
  2. A Mysterious Robbery of Bozrah's Grave
  3. Instincts Speak of Storms Brewing
  4. An Investigation with Jonn
  5. Speculations, Spellcasters, and Sprung Traps
  6. A Difference of Biased Opinions
  7. Desert Eagles and Tundra Foxes
  8. That's No Goat... That's an Ill Omen
  9. Thrones are for Napping, & Kits for Kidnapping
  10. Company for the Journey
  11. Couatl Lessons on a Trip to a Grave with no Bodies
  12. Scouting the Exiles
  13. A Glimpse of the Abyss
  14. Warnings Against Devils
  15. Tarnished Silver
  16. A Piece of the Puzzle Falls into Place
  17. An Interruption at Frostmaw's Gates
  18. Don't Go Breaking My Pod
  19. Investigation at Lake Frysta
  20. A Test, Invitation and Offer
  21. Cards in the Hand
  22. Paladin in Deathland, Bard in Iceland
  23. Rabbit's Shadow
  24. Laughter on the Wind
  25. Satoshi's Pet Knight
  26. A Bloody Reminder not to Enrage Already Angry Dragons
  27. On Riddles and Lodgings
  28. The Ice Devil is Armed
  29. The Ice Witch & her Pet Dragon
  30. Blue Skies at Night
  31. Fallen Captain
  32. A Dragon's Bite & Drargon's Cough
  33. Formulating Plans
  34. Volcanic Emotions & Glacial Illusions
  35. Ding-Dong Ditch: Devilish Diversions
  36. A Duplicitous Rescue
  37. Siege on the Academy
  38. A Foreigner Joins Frostmaw
  39. Calm Before the Snowstorm
  40. A Knight's Gauntlet
  41. A Wayward Dragon and an Invitation
  42. On the Wings of War
  43. Stubborn as a Dragon-Mule
  44. Shades of Arkehn
  45. Academy Altercation -Runs Parallel to The Ice Queen Cometh
  46. Caliginous Cat vs Ophidian Fox
  47. The Ice Queen Cometh
  48. A Frozen Game of Chess
  49. Azakhaerian Improvisation for Catastrophic Conflicts
  50. Aftermath Amid the Snowfall

NPCs in Play

Frostmaw & Allies

  1. Tharn- Captain of the Queensguard, and bodyguard to Satoshi. Deceased.
  2. Jorbik- Frostmawian warrior and expert Ice Devil slayer. Stationed at the Royal Academy of Aramoth to teach students and teachers alike how to combat the Devils.
  3. Eliason's Desert Legionnaires- A score of the Desert Legion sent from Chartsend and overseen by Eliason.
  4. Sabjorn- Frost Giant warrior and companion of the knight Hildegarde. Captured and cruelly slain by Exiles.
  5. Tormund, Onjar, & Gunjar- Frost Giant warriors and companions of the knight Hildegarde.
  6. The Eyrie- Clan of aerial riders, stationed in Frostmaw.

Exiles & Enemies

  1. Storik & his Forsaken Monks- Exiled Frost Giants, surviving as a mercenary band of mage-hunters. Their leader, Storik, was an accomplished anti-mage. Hired to capture Satoshi and kill any mages living in Frostmaw.
  2. Hakkon- A self-proclaimed Jarl of the Exiled Frost Giants. Slain by Hildegarde, only to return from the dead to capture and torture the knight, as a taunt to Satoshi.
  3. Ice Devils- Vicious, supernatural beings, once known only to live in Frostmaw's western ruins. They've since increased in numbers and have begun to stray from their borders.
  4. Hrathgar- Ex-General of Frostmaw, exiled for heinous crimes. Presumed killed in a failed raid against Frostmaw.