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Gualon Revival Tournament

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Gualon Revival Tournament

In celebration of Gualon coming back to life, Gualon is hosting a Tournament to commemorate the Gladiators of old! Hadrian, the still-standing Grand Champion of Gualon will also be participating, for any hopefuls to rip free his title and claim it for themselves! The bouts will be held in a similar fashion to real Gladiatorial Bouts... Meaning plenty of surprises, fight variations, and lots of fun!

Directions to the Arena

From The Gualon Grog Shop: One south, two west.

Rules and Details

  • Entrants will be randomly selected to fight in any variation of Gladiator Bouts.
  • Duelists will be provided a random set of armor and weapon(s), and forbade from using anything beyond what they are given to use. To do otherwise will result in a DQ.
  • The winner of each random fight will be placed in the next bracket, and go up against the other winner/winners in a new random fight variation.
  • Duelists are barred from using any variation of magic. This includes, but no limited to, elemental magic, psion powers, curses, cures, inate/inborn powers, or the like. No Drow darkness, no breath attacks, no transformations, no wizardry; the use of anything on this list, or magical, when not allowed, will result in a DQ.
  • The Championship match will be declared a Free-For-All, any arts will be permitted for the sake of unrestricted combat. However, Gualon's Arena has a ward on it, making the use of magic impossible. This does not however, include breath attacks, or shape-shifting.
  • No entry fee required.
  • Duels will take place any/every day of the week, or based upon Darraq's, the one acting as the IC host, schedule. The duels will be announced days prior to allow duelists and watchers to prepare. Any scheduling issues need to be sorted before the day of the duel, and no-shows will be DQ'd while a Back-up Entrant takes their place.
  • All duels will take place in Gualon's Arena.
  • Duels will be 3 rounds, with a final defense, with either 10 or 15 minute rounds as agreed by duelists.
  • Duels will be posted on the wiki, please record and send your duels to Hadrian or Eboric if either are not present for it.
  • Duelists are allowed to add further stakes to their duels if they so desire. If no additional stakes are agreed upon, 'auto-hit round to the winner is the default stakes.
  • Guests may organize betting pools if they so desire.
Special note: The winner of each bout receives the losers Gladiator gear given  
to them/earned through their winnings. Upon a win, you are allowed to mis-match your
newly-claimed Gladiator garb in order to be a more effective fighter in the bouts!

Duel Bracket Variations

  • Initial Round: 2 vs 2 Team Beat Down and 2vs 2 Reenactment.
  • Second Round: 1 vs 1 Jousting and 1 vs 1 Duel with Companions.
  • Semi-finals: 1 vs 1 Duel with traps.
  • Finals: 1 vs 1 Duel, original.

Specifications of Variations

  • Team Beat Down is as it sounds. Three rounds each, with final defense. Reenactment will be a randomly selected reenactment of a past war or battle in Hollow's history, where each team will play out one side of the battle; other than that, it is a duel, and you are expected to try to win, despite how the battle/war really turned out.
  • The Jousting Match will be three rounds, with a final defense as well. It will be played out similarly to any other duel, however combatants will be mounted on horses, and charging each other. At the end of each post, include that you return after your attack, to your end of the field. Duel with Companions is the same as a any other duel, except you will be given a beast to use as your own in the fight. Auto-hits/kills on the companions are discouraged, but not entirely out of the question.
  • Duel with traps is an ordinary duel, but after each combatant posts once, and every other time there after, Darraq will spring a trap at random, on either both combatants, or one of them. It is up to the combatants to deal with the trap, on top of the other's attack.
  • The Finals will be an all out, original duel. The two Finalists will be able to use their original weapons and items, along with any magic they can use--but bear in mind, Gualon has an enchantment on it keeping all but inate magics from being used. Breath attacks, transformations, and psionics will be allowed at that point.
Note: Combatants will be selected at random to participate in either fight 
variation. Combatants are unable to choose which fight variation they get, or which person
they will be fighting. This is all at complete random, for the sake of fairness! 


  • First Place Price: 10,000 Gold and a +0 Custom Weapon, along with the title of Grand Champion of Gualon

Participants Thus Far

Vaidhe--DQ, failure to meet time.
Otis--DQ, no show.
Vajramirne--DQ, no show.
Victor--DQ, no show.
Valiana--DQ, failure to meet time.
Jextar--DQ, failure to meet time.

1st Round

2 vs 2 Team Beat Down

Name VS Name Victor
Vajramirne Rawnie
Hadrian Sasha Vajramirne and Hadrian
Name VS Name Victor
Shien Piero
Redovian Vaidhe Piero and Vaidhe


Original Beat Down

Name VS Name Victor
Piero Hadrian Piero
Note: After spending three weeks in the making of this, the tournament was forced into
its final match, due to the combatants failing to show for their required times. Thank you all
that participated, but the end has been long overdue. We look forward to any more RP's that
will take place in Gualon.

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