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Fierce creatures native to the far west reaches of the realm migrate inward at an alarming rate, causing untold strife for the less protected countryside communities in several key provinces. As Kreekitaka schemes to use this curious anomaly for political gain, Lionel finds Frostmaw caught in the crossfire -- a large saurian gathering in the forests near Larket mandates military intervention, but the queen’s banners cannot fly so close to Macon’s throne until the time is right. Desperate, Lionel assembles the Warrior’s Guild for a politically neutral mission to Northern Sage, there to flush out the predators in the name of peace. Krice courts the Uyeer King to gain information, thus preparing Frostmaw’s Knight-Commander Lionel for his first formal meeting with Kree. As a cold war rises, men clash in how best to approach a problem most Jurassic…

This is a completed arc. Its story finished in the first half of 2017, but some of its effects are continually relevant in current events.

Chapter One: First Blood

  1. Three's Company
  2. Healers and Dealers
  3. Never Fight A Land War In Crustacea
  4. Sauriangate
  5. Saurian Dignitaries

Chapter Two: Lithrydel's Mightiest

  1. Kingsguard to Queen's Caravan
  2. Saurian Story Hour
  3. Heroes of Diplomacy
  4. Sauriangate II: Jurassic Monarch
  5. Human Touch

Chapter Three: Aftershocks

  1. The North Remembers
  2. A View from the Gallery
  3. The Primal Alpha
  4. Sauriangate III: Prime Suspects
  5. Sauriangate IV: Chaotic Good
  6. Home