Arc:The God of Undeath

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In the Chaos Realm there lurks an entity known only to a few living souls. He is hell bent on turning all living things undead, throughout the universe, and in every plane.

Arc runner: Lanlan, Kasyr, Valrae


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Chapter 1: The Seeds of Deception

  1. The Monsters That Scare Monsters
  2. Kill the Children First
  3. A Sinister Samhain
  4. Gevurah Interrupted
  5. This Mess I Have Made
  6. Fascination, Fancy, Fate
  7. Interloper Interlude
  8. I Won't Chase You
  9. Drow Alliances Are Hard to Maintain
  10. Love, Resentment, Revenge
  11. Escape From Trist'oth
  12. Quintessa Strikes a Deal
  13. Worms In The Petri dish
  14. (Y)our Personal Hell
  15. The Leviathan Cometh

Chapter 2: A Blooming Betrayal

  1. Lanlan's New Ambition
  2. Quintessa vs. Gevurah
  3. A New Strategy
  4. Gospel and Lanlan Strike a Deal
  5. The One Where Lanlan Actually Does Try To Kill Kasyr
  6. A Promise Made and a Debt Unpaid
  7. I'll Be Waiting
  8. Remember the Girl
  9. Doom And Gloom (And Cupcakes)

Chapter 3: Dawn of the Living Dead Girls

  1. An Ill Wind Blows
  2. No Longer Human
  3. Heir to Vailkrin, Heir to The Thorne
  4. Striving After Wind
  5. The Enemy of My Enemy
  6. Night of the Living Dead Girls
  7. Night of the Living Dead Girls 2: This Time, It's Personal
  8. Expect Nothing And You Will Never Be Disappointed
  9. A Shadowy Correspondence
  10. The Power Of Love
  11. How Have We Not Talked To Each Other Yet?
  12. The Party That Went Viral
  13. Impromptu Afterparty
  14. An Introduction And A Bit Of Zombie Killing
  15. All Wrapped Up
  16. Healing the Druid's Eternal Tree

Chapter 4: Pyrrhic Victories

  1. For What You've Done And For What You Will Do
  2. Discoveries By Moonlight and Chance
  3. Until It Sleeps, We Must Push Through
  4. Until It Wakes, We Must Continue
  5. At the Start
  6. La Mantra Mori
  7. A Pound of Flesh
  8. Night of the Living Dead Girls 3: The Betrayal
  9. Night of the Living Dead Girls 4: All Time Low
  10. Weighing Of The Hearts
  11. Dancing in the Moonlight
  12. Xicotl Frostmaw Battle - Uprooting the Enemy
  13. Worms and Widdershins

Chapter 5: Withering Bonds of the Broken

  1. Thanks, I Hate It
  2. Cenril's Charity Bazaar 2022
  3. Tower of Glass
  4. Another Bookworm
  5. By Blood And Fire Quenched
  6. Journey to the Repository of Remembrance
  7. At Each Other's Throats Again
  8. At Each Other's Hearts Again
  9. Things That Have Been Long Overdue
  10. The Lady of Maggots
  11. Double-Sided Pages
  12. Faithful Are the Wounds of A Friend
  13. So Take Me With You
  14. The Cost of Bravery
  15. Watashito
  16. Heart to Heart

Chapter 6: A Violent Repose

  1. Revenant-Skin Throw Rug
  2. Requiem for the Lost
  3. The King In Black
  4. Requiem for the Vengeful
  5. Dirge
  6. Your Presence Softens My Pains
  7. The Cost of Kindness
  8. Hind's Lost Temple
  9. Fait Accompli Part 1
  10. Fait Accompli Part 2
  11. Requiem for a Dream
  12. Requiem for the Powerful
  13. A Contract Between Cabalities
  14. The Cost of Violence

Chapter 7: Recriminations & Retaliations

  1. You Must Have Been Heartbroken
  2. A Coronation Celebration
  3. Responses To The Assassination Attempt On Mayor Valrae Baines
  4. Current Affairs
  5. Loss and Gain
  6. Anything For You
  7. A Sage Chat
  8. Measure Every Grief
  9. To Be Fair, He Blew Up Her Ice Cream
  10. Khitti/Val Beach RP
  11. Welcome Home
  12. Just In Case

Chapter 8: Revelations

  1. The Resplendent Introduction
  2. The Death Dealer's Descent
  3. A Foundation Forged in Blood
  4. The Cost of Freedom
  5. As It Was
  6. The Cost of Forgiveness
  7. For the Trumpet Shall Sound
  8. Fishing for Answers
  9. And Perdere Followed with Him

Chapter 9: The God of Undeath

Symphony of the End