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Acolytes of War Tournament 2016

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Acolytes of War

To celebrate the true revival of the guild and to welcome its newest champion, the Warrior's Guild is hosting a tournament! Warriors, knights, berserkers and spell-blades are all welcome to join the tournament. As befits the Warrior's Guild, this is a melee-focused tournament. It is expected that all duelists will steer clear of magic. There will be more details listed below. Be warned, however, that casting magic in any fashion is potential grounds for disqualification. Please come prepared to duel in the physical style!

Rules and Details

  • Tournament will be single elimination rounds.
  • In regards to the no magic rule: The sole exception is the option for characters possessing the ability to enchant their weapons. Simple elemental enchantments -- ie, coating one's sword in a sort of fiery or icy property -- is acceptable. Using one's sword to shoot forth a pillar of flame, however, is not acceptable.
  • No entry fee required.
  • The duel dates and times will be announced days prior to allow duelists and watchers to prepare. Any scheduling issues need to be sorted before the day of the duel, and no-shows will be DQ'd while a possible Back-up Entrant takes their place.
  • Duels will be the traditional 3 rounds and final defense, with either 10 or 15 minute rounds as agreed by duelists.
  • All duels will be posted on the Wiki, please record and send your duels to Hildegarde or Lionel if she or he is not present for it.
  • Duelists will be required to find their judges on time for the duel, so once you have agreed on a date with your partner, it is advised that you begin to search for judges. NB, it is important that you and your opponent agree on judges. If you cannot agree on your judges, please inform Hildegarde or Lionel ASAP. If none are available that you can agree on, it is suggested to begin the duel, record all posting times, and send it to judges afterwards. Hildegarde or Lionel intends to be available during each duel and is willing to judge. For additional tested and trusted judges, see Judges List or Rheven's Judge List.
  • Duelists are allowed to add further stakes to their duels if they so desire. If no additional stakes are agreed upon, auto-hit round to the winner is the default stakes.
  • Guests may organise betting pools if they so desire.
  • RP from and within the audience is permitted and encouraged! It goes without saying, of course, that the audience should not interact with the duelists for the sake of fairness.

Helpful Guides

For those who perhaps feel a little nervous or a little rusty about duelling or even judging, it sometimes helps to check out the various guides available on the Wiki. For those who are interested, you can check them out below:


  • Participation: Receive a unique commemorative pin!
  • Survive 1 Round: 5000 gold.
  • Survive 2 Rounds: 10,000 gold
  • Survive 3 Rounds: 20,000 gold and a 0+ custom of your choice.
  • Championship: 70,000 gold and a custom +5 weapon or +4 armour of your choice.
    • These prizes are subject to change based on the number of participants on the tournament.


If you are interested in participating in the tournament, please contact Hildegarde or Lionel. It's first come, first served. If there are no slots available, you can be listed as a back-up entrant to take someone's place in the event that they are unavailable to complete their duel. If you would a title preceding your characters name, please let us know so we can edit this.

  1. Lionel
  2. Queen Hildegarde - bowed out
  3. Jarith - eliminated via inactivity
  4. Gerik - bowed out
  5. Aerondur - eliminated via inactivity
  6. Sidonia - eliminated via inactivity
  7. Rorin - eliminated via inactivity
  8. Kreekitaka
  9. Vaeh - eliminated via inactivity
  10. Xzavior - defeated in round one
  11. Grailan - eliminated via inactivity
  12. Raelynn - defeated in round one
  13. Beldur - defeated in semifinals
  14. Emrith - defeated in round one
  15. Vrag - bowed out
  16. Aarika - bowed out
  17. Elias - defeated in semifinals
  18. Macon - defeated in round one

Back-Up Entrants

Back-Ups are not called upon in any specific order. The one most likely to provide a fair opponent to the duelist (and good show for the audience), and is most readily available at the needed time, is the one that is selected.

Round One

Click the VS to see the duel

Name VS Name Date Location Victor
Gerik VS Grailan N/A N/A N/A
Aerondur VS Hildegarde N/A N/A N/A
Lionel VS Raelynn Sept. 18 Snowless Training Yard Lionel
Kreekitaka VS Emrith Sept. 23 Snowless Training Yard Kreekitaka
Beldur VS Xzavior Sept. 25 Snowless Training Yard Beldur
Elias VS Andelle N/A N/A N/A
Vrag VS Trajek N/A N/A N/A
Macon VS Rorin Sept. 25 Snowless Training Yard Rorin

Round Two

Click the VS to see the duel

Name VS Name Date Location Victor
Gerik VS Elias N/A N/A N/A (Elias)
Lionel VS Hildegarde N/A N/A N/A (Lionel)
Kreekitaka VS Vrag N/A N/A N/A (Kreekitaka)
Beldur VS Rorin N/A N/A N/A (Beldur)


Click the VS to see the duel

Name VS Name Date Location Victor
Beldur VS Lionel Nov 22 Kelay Way Lionel
Elias VS Kreekitaka Nov 21 Bridge to the Wildlands Kreekitaka