Arc:The Foundations Of Decay

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Arc Leader: Lhyrin

After a long time of living and working alone, something (or someone rather) has sparked a need for Lhyrin Amarth to finally make a claim for not only their forsaken elf house, House Vasile, but all of Vhys as well, for themselves entirely. And what better way to do it but under the guise of wanting to help Elimdor and the entire realm of Vhys as a whole?

With the whole of Vhys rather in a state of disrepair thanks to Ryeanna Drakenheart's disappearance, the near collapse of House Vasile (and along with it most of the region's military), a severe lack of a harbor, and a dismal number of students at Elimdor's academy, Lhyrin is determined to make this figurative house a home, even if it means making deals with leaders of other regions--the very people they'd like to murder and/or eat! If they weren't doing it for themselves, then they do for the sole creature that gives life into their undead heart: Kanna Tsuji. Even should she find her true home elsewhere, Lhyrin still wishes for a place for her to escape to should she need it.

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Chapter 1: And So Time, With Age, It Turns The Page

The rebuilding and expanding of Vhys begins, with talks of trade deals and alliances to go with it.

1. Joining House Mahara
2. Coming To An Understanding
3. The Moon Goddess and The Avatar of Vakmatharas
4. Strangers and Tandem Tattoos
5. Secret Siblings
6. Killing In The Name Of
7. Lhyrin x Tessa RP
8. Masquerade In Vhys: Halloween Edition 2022
9. Lucidity of Kinship
10. The Death Dealer's Descent
11. So, You Want To Be A Ranger