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This is a Bard's Guild RP.


Someone gifts the Headmistress of The Bard's Guild, Vakmatharas' Jar. This beautiful tool accidentally gets released out of curiosity and unleashes chaos throughout Lithrydel. It is up to the guild leader to craft a plan to rectify this horrendous mistake. Brennia threw a celebration for The King and Queen of Larket and Brennia unexpectedly broke open a Jar on August 14th.

Brennia has started to see a link between all of these mysterious events taking place with the help of Krice. Further clarity came from when she visited Vailkrin and witnessed the circumstances that made the jar, but only with the direction of Draiman was she headed in the right path.

Meanwhile Brennia has been having a heck of a time trying to conduct her duties as Dean of the Bard's College, but a certain secret organization has been attacking her name in the papers and trying to frame her in public. The last straw was when they kidnapped her best friend. She has now decided to run for Senator of Schezerade against Vermillion Draft under the advisory of Corvo, her campaign manager. Due to her new undertaking Brennia is now under the constant protection of Daermon Schezerade Secret Service.

As of 1.24.18, during a new moon, Brennia banded together members of the bard's guild, friends and warriors when she called they banished the curses back into the jar. The wonderful Kreekitaka and Muzo helped make a contraption so that all the bards placed throughout Lithrydel on that night would be in unison under the dark cover of the new moon.

Now she seeks to destroy the jar so it may never fall into the wrong hands and be released ever again.

Arc creator Brennia.

OOC NOTE:Your character’s curse will manifest depending on which area your character was residing at the date the Jar was opened (in bold above).

Table of Curses

Area Curse Portrayal
Alithrya Hydrophobia A sudden fear of water causes many issues to add to the heap they already have.
Cenril The Vanishing People are mysteriously disappearing.
Chartsend Plague Citizens have been bed ridden or died due to a horrendous plague reigning terror. - Passed their burden unto another.
Frostmaw Perpetual Chill As if this area doesn’t have enough troubles afoot, residents seem to be battling a never ending head cold.
Gamorg Rapid Civil Decline Residents become even more feral and destroy not only their homes, but each other as well. Something akin to rabies.
Larket Accelerated Aging Youth seems predominantly affected by this curse, causing pregnancy complications and in some cases, death.
Rynvale Island Ceaseless Thirst No matter how much water one drinks or potions made the thirst is never satiated causing dehydration.
Schezerade Solar Allergy Boils, hives, swelling, and headaches caused by the sun to residents living in the skies.
Vailkrin Spectral Loop The spirits raise at night to repeat their last days within the city before fading at the break of dawn.


  1. Meeting of Fate
  2. Opus
  3. Cause for Celebration
  4. Celebration of Life


  1. Cenril: The Sudden Vanishing
    1. The Sudden Vanishing, Part II
  2. Chartsend: The Plague
    1. The Plague, Part II
    2. Calling For Aid
  3. Larket: Rapid Growth
  4. Schezerade: Solar Allergy
  5. Frostmaw: Abominable Head Cold
    1. Frostmaw: Abominable Head Cold, Part II
  6. Gamorg: Rapid Civil Decline
  7. Vailkrin: Spectral Loop
  8. Spectral Loop, Part II
  9. Rynvale: Ceaseless Thirst
  10. Alithrya: Hydrophobia


  1. Curse of a Deathly God
  2. God of What?
  3. First Attack
  4. Second Attack & First Questioning Attempt
  5. Making Friends
  6. Third Attack

Getting Pushy & Sloppy

  1. Second Questioning Attempt
  2. Fourth Attack
  3. Someone On the Inside
  4. Fifth Attack & Finally Some Answers
  5. Hiring Campus Security
  6. Don't Hurt My Birdie
  7. A SiDDnapping!

When Push Comes to Kidnapping

  1. Schezerade Senatorial Candidate Smyth
  2. Secret Service Protection
  3. To Look the Part
    1. To Be the Part
  4. Losing Friends
  5. A Temporary Leave
  6. Wicked Minds Think Alike

Getting To the Bottom

  1. Losing Friends
  2. Summit
    1. Post Summit
  3. Losing Years
  4. Homicide Hotel
  5. A Berserkers Adoption
  6. Changing Avian Views
  7. A Berserker Offers Help

Unlikely Hero

  1. Raven's Desperation
  2. Daermon Leaves
  3. I Did it For Her
  4. Meeting a Myth
  5. Trying To Be Like Her
  6. I Feel Numb
  7. I'll Never Be Her
  8. I Am Raven Cadenza


  1. Battle of Schezerade
  2. The Jar is Destroyed
  3. A Loss Is Still A Loss