Arc:Thy Kingdom Come

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Hildegarde Has Won!

After a long and arduous campaign, Hildegarde and her allies have emerged victorious. Six months of war and pain, yet the crown is Hildegarde's and the need to rebuild and repair is upon Frostmaw.

For those of you who are interested in getting involved, please contact Hildegarde for more details.


With the untimely death of Steward Hildegarde the Silver at the hands of the Savage Queen, Frostmaw has entered a mourning period. But with Hildegarde gone, there is no apparent heir to the throne and much has changed since Queen Satoshi's absence: the giants were none too pleased about Hildegarde's decision to go to war in support of the elves and they have grown suspicious of outsiders since the war. With Hildegarde and Satoshi gone the throne is left vacant; hands move in the shadows, rumours abound in whispered voices... Who will take the throne?

Chapter One: Who Casts The First Stone

Chapter Summary: The chaos in Frostmaw is just beginning! In the wake of the Stewardess Hildegarde's death, the giants of Frostmaw are banding around one of their own in hopes that a native of the Artic realm can reclaim their home from the outsiders. While Leone forms various teams to start the process of removing and replacing Hildegarde's corrupted heart, she has to battle against time as well as Balgruuf the Bloody Beard and his sons AND the Lich's lackeys! Balgruuf hosts the Annual Titans of Winter Tournament in the hopes of gaining favour and support from fellow Frost Giants and Hildegarde's champions rush towards the finish line to complete her new heart. But tensions are rising faster than anyone could have predicted. Orikahn's back on the loose and a bloody conflict with Balder (one of Balgruuf's sons) is only the beginning. Will Leone be able to resurrect Hildegarde in time to repair the damaged relationship with Frostmaw's citizens or will Hildegarde's life be lost, leaving the Frostmawian throne vacant after her selfless sacrifice at the Yule ball?

  1. Which Side Are You On?
  2. On Thin Ice
  3. Undead Creatures and Altered Features
  4. Duelling Words
  5. Heart in Hand
  6. The Heart of the Matter
  7. Bar v. Bard
  8. A Pure Heart
  9. Balder at the Gate
  10. Aerial Grabs and Tummy Stabs
  11. What If?
  12. Frail Voices, Biased Choices
  13. The Day the Music Died
  14. Soothing the Savage Beast

Chapter Two: The Winter Tourney and the Dragon's Journey

Chapter Summary: Leone's promise has been fulfilled! Hildegarde the Silver has returned to life, though not in time to prevent strife from breaking out in Frostmaw. Hildegarde and her supporters are forced to flee, and the giants begin to terrorise those non-giants left in the city. While Hildegarde regains her strength, she finds allies in the likes of both the mighty, like Tristram, the small, like Alex, and the formerly antagonistic: Orikahn himself! Leone goes missing, and Josleen and Krice are determined to find her. Xzavior beats on some giants and finds himself banned from Frostmaw, and is inspired to join the fight. Ayras takes the fall for Laezila's blood-crazed murder of a giant, and slowly loses his mind from a lack of blood and murderous hatred. Pilar sneaks in and out of the city, retrieving supplies to help her friend Aira, who has been hiding in the woods since chasing after Orikahn. Hildegarde, learning of their plight from Linn, sends Kenway to help them. The couatl is wounded, but the plan is a success, and both Aira and Pilar lend Hilde their support. But Hildegarde still doesn't have enough help. She's going to have a lot more travelling to do...

  1. Breath of Life
  2. Jeers and Tears
  3. Refuge
  4. Priestess Taken
  5. Mama Said Knock You Out
  6. Talk of (Re)exile
  7. Frost vs Frostmaw
  8. Dark Alley Dealings
  9. The Bear Necessities
  10. Allegation and Indignation
  11. You've Got A Friend In Me
  12. Lower Than a Snake's Belly
  13. A Reunion
  14. Hatching a Plan
  15. A Rock Solid Friendship
  16. Let Me See Your True Face
  17. Out of the Frying Pan
  18. The Benevolent Warlord
  19. Bar Fights and Vampire Bites
  20. Laughing Freely
  21. Escape Plan Kenway
  22. The Serpent and The Dragon
  23. The Phantom Archer
  24. Free Couatl Rides
  25. We Three Exiles
  26. Of Wanderers and Home
  27. Quest to Save the Priestess
  28. War Games

Chapter Three: In The Shadow Of The Mountain

Chapter Summary: Hildegarde may be gone from Frostmaw, but Balgruuf isn't so careless as to believe she is no longer a threat to his rule. He tasks his son with assassinating the dragon, who in turn tasks one of his cronies, Mimsgor, with the deed. Meanwhile, Hildegarde is holed up in Kasyr's castle, and is making allies among the vampires. Larewen lends her support to Hildegarde in exchange for Hildegarde's support for when she attempts to take the empty Vailkrin throne, and Khitti fulfils Hildegarde's need for a necromancer to deal with Frostmaw's spirit problem in exchange. Lionel returns to Hollow and lends his aid, and Jesen of Rynvale offers the same. Hildegarde visits Larket in search of aid and encounters the healer Sabrina, and while there, Mimsgor enacts the plan to slip Hildegarde poisoned cakelog. The assassination attempt fails and ends with Mimsgor smeared on the cobblestone and Hildegarde, in a moment of high emotion, declares herself Queen in the North. Balgruuf is furious with Balder for the failure. Hildegarde meets with Tristram again to discuss battle plans again, and the Frost Giants attempt to establish trade again with a festival in Xalious. Things take a turn for the bloody, and Balgruuf ends up shamed and losing valuable support, and Balder loses his hand. Hildegarde establishes a camp in Xalious, now with a backing of Frost Giants!

  1. It's Simple, We Kill the Dragon
  2. The Cakelog Plot
  3. Vampire Allies, Part 1
  4. Vampire Allies, Part 2
  5. The Assistance of Friends
  6. Forgoing Division to Provision the Mission (A Fine Decision, Given Current Conditions)
  7. Commissioning A Crab
  8. Reporting to Hildegarde on the Subject of a Certain Businesscrab
  9. Matching Mithril
  10. An Alliance Forged
  11. Designer of War
  12. Defense Against The Dark Arts, Magical Maladies, And The Trouble With Trust
  13. Take Me To Your Leader
  14. Lie
  15. Vakmatharas Falls
  16. Assassination Attempt by Cakelog
  17. We Three Queens
  18. Every Rose Has Its Thorn
  19. The Old Guard and the New
  20. Visiting the Priestess
  21. Kill For Me, I Kill For You
  22. The Cat and the Lion
  23. Training With Hildegarde
  24. Laezila's Confession
  25. Khitti Pledges Her Service to Frostmaw
  26. Leifa Makes a Friend
  27. Hold the Line, Boy, Hold the Line
  28. Steady As A Razor's Edge
  29. Strange Bedfellows
  30. Festival of Frost Giants

Chapter Four: The Iron Hand and The Iron Heart

Chapter Summary: Balder is not happy. After the failed attempts on Hildegarde's life, and the loss of his hand, he is beyond ready to mount the dragon's head on the wall. Hildegarde knows better than to bask in her victory and gets down to the business of running her camp and gathering further support. Ayras returns, changed by his experience as a prisoner, and Hildegarde, in an attempt to get the real(?) Ayras back, orders him to steal her armour from Frostmaw, WITHOUT killing anyone. Kasyr goes along to assist, but ends up returning alone, Ayras having disappeared during the mission. At least they got the armour! Gilwen arrives to lend her support to the cause, and Sabrina tasks Kovl with infiltrating Frostmaw and collecting medical supplies. Alex, broken and beaten in the tournament, is brought to the camp to recuperate, as is Aira, who was injured on a hunting excursion. Josleen tends to the wounded, more allies are made, and oh yeah, someone tries to kill Hildegarde again. This time, the perpetrator is Trajek, someone Hildegarde trusted. Trajek flees to Frostmaw and quickly integrates himself with the giants and helps them fight back. Their plan of attack? Rain down cauldrons of blood and mangled bodies onto the camp, of course! Hildegarde and her troops march to pay them back for this atrocity, only to be caught in an ambush, where Hildegarde's precious friend, Mikael, loses his life, along with several others. The camp is moved to the abandoned manse in the mountains while Hildegarde and her allies lick their wounds.

  1. The Man with the Iron Hand
  2. Take Back Control
  3. Blood and Scales, an Offer Postponed
  4. Arkhen's Paladin and Aramoth's Faithful
  5. The Serpent Seeks The Dragon
  6. Unwanted Aid
  7. Hildegarde's Advice For Linn
  8. Two Would-be Monarchs
  9. Feral Tots and Hospital Cots
  10. Medical Reinforcements
  11. A Venture into the Mountains Part 1
  12. A Venture into the Mountains Part 2
  13. Retrieving the Dragon's Scales
  14. The Forlorn Melody of Defeat
  15. Who Is He? And Why Am I Collecting His Groceries?
  16. A Tragic Betrayal
  17. Concern for the Queen
  18. An Unexpected Allegiance
  19. The Harmony of Friendship
  20. A Lesson in Heartsong
  21. Trouble Along the Coast
  22. Forget Reality, Waking up is Hard to do
  23. Arrival of (De)Livery
  24. The Blues of Magic
  25. A Strange Ally With An Even Stranger Shadow
  26. Fear Leads to Anger, Anger Leads to Hate, Hate Leads to Suffering
  27. Finding Purpose
  28. Bloody Rain, Some Stay Dry And Others Feel The Pain
  29. Morning After
  30. The Road Ahead

Chapter Five: Thy Will Be Done

Chapter Summary: After the devastating loss in the mountain pass, Hildegarde finds herself grieving intensely. Josleen, Lisbeth, and Pilar work to snap her out of it, and the would-be Queen gets back into the swing of things. Kovl enlists Josleen's help with stealing the medical supplies from Frostmaw. Hildegarde marches on Frostmaw, and Trajek executes an elven elder, Aeth, to pressure Hildegarde into surrender. Before she can even consider negotiations, Gilwen attacks and a battle breaks out in which Balder is killed. Josleen gets captured due to Kovl's negligent drug use, and Balgruuf, in his grief, wants her to die in front of Hildegarde. Hildegarde brazenly runs into Frostmaw to rescue her friend, leaving Pilar to use her illusions to impersonate the dragon until her return. Balgruuf's plan takes an unexpected turn with Trajek, unwilling to murder a healer, frees Josleen, though Hildegarde still kills him in retribution for the elves he murdered. The final stretch in the war is upon them, and Hildegarde's allies strike against Frostmaw, and Frostmaw strikes back. Tristram arrives with his army, and the battle for Frostmaw ensues. Hildegarde challenges and defeats Balgruuf in single combat, but ultimately spares his life, and the remaining giants lay down their arms. Hildegarde is crowned Queen of Frostmaw. Long Live The Queen!

  1. Disheartened But Not Defeated
  2. A Minor Misunderstanding
  3. The Eyrie Grows
  4. Kovl and Josleen, Unsupervised
  5. A Bard Worth Fighting For
  6. Breaking In
  7. What's Next?
  8. First Time Flyer
  9. Negotiation, Frostmaw Style
  10. Breaking Out
  11. Fugue of War
  12. Moans of the Elven Dead
  13. To Impersonate a Dragon
  14. Evil Courses to Guide Dwindling Forces
  15. Messenger Pixie
  16. A Prisoner and a Paladin Discuss Politics
  17. Trajek's Redemption. Frostmaw Style
  18. Post-Rescue Cuddlepile
  19. A Meeting of Mages
  20. Illusion Brawl
  21. A Love For Gold
  22. Rescue Rangers
  23. The Silver And The Gold
  24. The Warlord Marches
  25. Battle For Frostmaw
  26. The Coronation of Queen Hildegarde


With Hidegarde's death, Balgruuf has taken on the task of hosting the Titans of Winter Tournament this year, announcing a whopping 100,000 gold pieces to the winner. Unlike past years, however, the tournament is going to take place entirely within Frostmaw, owing to the growing isolationism. Grailan was crowned the Titan of Winter this year and has left Frostmaw to aid Hildegarde in her efforts, bringing with him intel about the city.


After gaining entry to Frostmaw, Hildegarde's forces clash with Balgruuf's in a fight to retake the city! Rescues must be mounted and destruction stopped. It's the final push to stop Balgruuf once and for all! Hildegarde's forces have won the majority of their skirmishes and battles! Balgruuf's forces have, however, managed to push back and overcome some of these skirmishes and damage Hildegarde's forces and the city to spite the Silver.

NPCs in Play

Hildegarde & Allies

  1. Mikael - Captain of the Queensguard, close friend of Hildegarde and self-appointed bodyguard. Boiled alive in defense of Hildegarde.
  2. Lisbeth - Captain of the Queensguard and fiercely loyal to Hildegarde.
  3. The Eyrie- Clan of aerial riders, stationed in Frostmaw.

Usurpers & Enemies

  1. Balgruuf - an ex-warrior and now wealthy merchant who has his eye on the throne of Frostmaw, this Frost Giant will stop at nothing until the throne and crown is finally his.
  2. Balder - Balgruuf's entitled son and his cronies who carry out his vicious will. Slain by Hildegarde
    1. Balder's lackeys include Mimsgor (slain by Hildegarde) and his sister Hege (slain by Kelovath).
  3. Xenophobic giants - There are plenty of giants who are unhappy with recent times. Not many were pleased with Hildegarde's decision to go to war against the drow to protect the elves, some resent what few elves remain and some have begun to resent all outsiders altogether as they view them as a source of chaos and problems.