Inaugural Warrior's Guild Tournament 2015

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Slots are no longer available for the tournament.

Inaugural Tournament

With the Warrior's Guild having been rebooted and under new leadership, the guild has elected to celebrate by hosting a tournament open to all melee fighters. Those who participate in the tournament and are interested in pursuing membership within the guild will receive a discount in regards to entry fees. The champion of the tournament will receive a grand prize and free membership into the guild.

Directions to the Snowless Training Yard

From Frostmaw Tavern: One west, one south, one west, one north, seven west, three south, two west, two north, four west, two north.

From Frostmaw Tavern: One west, climb wyvern.

Rules and Details

  • Tournament will be single elimination rounds.
  • No entry fee required.
  • The duel dates and times will be announced days prior to allow duelists and watchers to prepare. Any scheduling issues need to be sorted before the day of the duel, and no-shows will be DQ'd while a possible Back-up Entrant takes their place.
  • Area effects will only be announced just before the duel is set to begin. This is not intended to give one side or the other advantages, but provide an additional challenge in the spirit of dueling.
  • Duels will be 3 rounds, with either 10 or 15 minute rounds as agreed by duelists.
  • Duels will be posted on the wiki, please record and send your duels to Hildegarde if she is not present for it.
  • Duelists will be required to find their judges at the time of the duel. If none are available that you can agree on, it is suggested to begin the duel, record all posting times, and send it to judges afterward. Hildegarde intends to be available during each duel and is willing to judge. For additional tested and trusted judges, see Rheven's Judge List.
  • Duelists are allowed to add further stakes to their duels if they so desire. If no additional stakes are agreed upon, 'auto-hit round to the winner is the default stakes.
  • Guests may organize betting pools if they so desire.
  • RP from the audience is permitted and encouraged, but please refrain from directly interacting with the duelists, for the sake of fairness.


  • Second Place: 25,000 gold
  • Champion: 50,000 gold
    • An additional prize may be offered to the champion, depending upon the situation. Details will not be released until the moment of offer.


  1. Hildegarde Defeated in Semi-Final
  2. Kang Defeated in Round 1
  3. Calen Defeated in Round 1
  4. Osecreth Defeated in Round 1
  5. Beldur Disqualified
  6. Zendor
  7. Xunzyr Disqualified
  8. Sarafinah Disqualified
  9. Eliason Disqualified
  10. Grailan
  11. Emrith
  12. Malyne Defeated in Round 1

1st Round

Click the VS to see the duel

Name VS Name Date Victor
Kang VS Grailan 8th of June Grailan
Beldur VS Eliason 12th of June Beldur
Zendor VS Sarafinah N/A Zendor
Hildegarde VS Osecreth 7th of June Hildegarde
Xunzyr VS Malyne 6th of June Xunzyr
Emrith VS Calen 7th of June Emrith


Click the VS to see the duel

Name VS Name Date Victor
Grailan VS Beldur N/A Grailan
Zendor VS Hildegarde 23rd of June Zendor
Emrith VS Xunzyr N/A Emrith


Click the VS to see the duel

Name VS Name Date Victor
Grailan VS Emrith N/A Emrith
Zendor VS Grailan N/A Grailan
Emrith VS Zendor 8th of July Zendor

Due to all three finalists winning one match each, there is no clear winner. So in the spirit of good sportsmanship, they are tied in first place and all take a claim of the grand total gold prize! Many congratulations to our mighty three.