Arc:The Whisperer In Darkness

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This is an offshoot of What You Leave Behind and an official Paladin's Guild mini-arc!
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The Nameless Island

It started out as a simple recon mission--had Kahran truly settled onto an island just outside of Chartsend?--but it got progressively worse. Umbrawisps and greydusk had left the Shadow Plane and made their way to Lithrydel via the same dark magic Khitti’s always fought against--even fought with. But, something was off. The moment the Tranquility had passed into the island’s waters, Khitti, Zahrani, and Ulah--the Warrior’s Guild’s resident paladin trainer--could feel the despair. Things were, in a word, fraught.

It was not Kahran and his lackeys, but instead the umbrawisp Phylicia and her husband, the greydusk Izikel who had made themselves the leaders of the island and had lived rather peacefully for some time, until they were approached by a man known only as Gabriel. He coerced them to sacrifice their loves ones--even their own children--in the name of their gods, Vakmathras and Delisha. The two were found out and promptly slain by Khitti, Brand, Zahrani, Meri, Rorin, Ulah, and various other members of the Warrior’s Guild and the Tranquility’s crew and the survivors (Lithrydelian, umbrawisp, and greydusk alike) were rescued and taken to the mainland, leaving the island itself to be purified at another time--and unfortunately allowing Gabriel, who was really a preklek in disguise, to get away. Just as manipulated as their former leaders, the survivors now seek to continue their work, passing through Chartsend and heading into the byrgs of Venturil.

Now is the time for those that have chosen to follow the Light, those that creep in the shadows, and those that are in-between to band together and find Gabriel and stop the cultist uprising before things get any worse.

Chapter 1: The Doom That Came To Venturil

  1. There But For The Grace Of Gods
  2. A Sea Full Of Problems
  3. Context Is For Kings
  4. The More The Farrier
  5. Slipping Back Into Shadows
  6. Hope's Congregation
  7. Secular Haze
  8. Cats Helping Khats
  9. Face To Face, Heart To Heart
  10. Welcome To The Family
  11. Dust and Bone
  12. Alea Iacta Est
  13. Where'd You Go? I Miss You So
  14. Shadows Have More To Say
  15. Are You Less Than?
  16. The Art Of Self Destruction
  17. Only Scratching The Surface Of The Problem

Chapter 2: The Lurking Fear

After making plans to take down Gabriel and his master, a mindflayer, he vanishes entirely, and the citizens of Venturil have taken to blaming Khitti for his escape. To cope with this, the templar's drifted toward heavy drinking, bouts of anger, paranoia, and guilt, and likewise blames only herself for the lack of justice that was supposed to give the Venturilians closure.

  1. Keeping Secrets And Wearing Masks
  2. Target Practice
  3. Playing Catch-Up
  4. One Of The Drunks
  5. The Hero Venturil Needs, But Not The One It Deserves
  6. Learning To Lean
  7. A Clusterfrak Carnival
  8. A Search For A Lost Khat
  9. Deus In Absentia
  10. So, Your Woman Got Kidnapped Again
  11. Who Will Save Your Soul?


Gabriel: A preklek (whose true name is G'breel Loorkah) in a human disguise. He's convinced many to pool their efforts into making blood sacrifices in the name of Vakmathras and Delisha, twisting their minds to fit his needs. Things with Gabriel, however, are much more sinister than they seem.

Phylicia LaLaurie and Izikel Mellowheart: An umbrawisp and a greydusk, respectively, both from the Shadow Plane. In the wake of Facilier's madness, the two left the Shadow Plane with others and settled themselves on an island just off the coast of Chartsend. They lived there peacefully until Gabriel came along. Both have been slain in an attempt to stop Gabriel's unsavory plans.

Camina Corelia: Khitti's new aide-de-camp and a member of the Paladin's Guild, as a follower of Q'na.

Ulah Lightsworn: A paladin of Arkhen, the elf has been around for quite some time, training people in the Warrior's Guild, and now the Paladin's Guild as well.

Related Material

Umbrawisp: Hailing from the Sanctuary of the Damned, an island far from the mainland of the Shadow Plane, they are the keepers of the dead. Various mage-types are found within this tribe, mainly that of necromancers. They herd and temper the souls that wander the Sanctuary of the Damned so that they might remain docile and not lash out at the umbrawisps. These neutral folk are human-sized, in varying heights, travels within the shadows as a wisp, and can shapeshift into a faceless, terrifying creature that’s near to seven foot tall, but that’s typically only used in defense against their mortal enemies. All umbrawisps follow the death god, Vakmathras.

Greydusk: These are the elves of the Shadow Plane. Tall, gangly creatures, they worship the moon and the stars, calling up to the great silver orb in the sky for guidance through the forest and on adventures elsewhere. Their skin and hair vary in shades of purples and blacks, helping them to blend in with the shadows better. They are the hunter-gatherer sort of people, and are always happy to give a helping hand to non-natives. The ones that have migrated to Lithrydel worship the goddess Delisha.

The Shadow Plane: The Shadow Plane, the Vale of Shadows, Shadowfell, Purgatory. Lithrydel's mirror plane is truly a dark and terrible place.

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