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Towering white walls encircle the western side of the city and protect it from any and all threats that might seek to assail it. Only the ancient, powerfully warded gate, guarded by the stalwart defenders of Cenril, grants entry to the city by land.

Cenril is the largest and most densely populated city in all of Lithrydel, teeming with life and bursting with energy. The streets are a maze of narrow alleyways and wide boulevards, lined with shops and stalls selling all manner of goods, from rare and exotic spices to finely crafted weapons and armor. The air is thick with the scent of cooking food, the sound of music, and the chatter of a hundred different languages, as the people of Cenril go about their daily business.

The Class Divide

Cenril is a city of stark contrasts, with a clear divide between the haves and the have-nots. On the north side, the streets are lined with opulent mansions and sprawling estates that boast expansive gardens and well-manicured lawns. The residents of this area are typically wealthy and influential, with many of them holding positions in the city's government or business sectors. The buildings are often fashioned in a pristine white stone, the streets clean and well lit.

On the south side, however, the scene is quite different. Here, the buildings are more tightly packed, and the alleyways narrow and winding. The air is thick with the scent of the nearby docks, and the living quarters are often small and cramped. This is where the city's less fortunate residents reside, struggling to make ends meet amidst the bustling chaos of the city. Crime is often rampant in this area, and many of the residents live in constant fear of violence and theft.

However, despite the stark division between the north and south sides of Cenril, there is one area of the city that serves as a meeting point for all walks of life: Market Street. Here, locals and visitors alike can find a wide array of food, goods, and services offered by both brick-and-mortar stores and open-air markets. The street is filled with the sounds of merchants hawking their wares, the smells of imported spices and delicious street food, and the vibrant energy of people from all corners of the city coming together to socialize and do business.

Predominant Cultures


Cenril is home to a significant population of witches, both native to the city and those who have fled there seeking refuge. These witches come from all over the world, drawn to Cenril's reputation as a sanctuary for those who practice magic. The city has a long history of tolerance towards magic users, dating back to its founding as a holy city. The presence of so many witches in Cenril has had a significant impact on the city's culture and economy. There are many shops and businesses that cater specifically to witches or are run by them, selling magical supplies, books, and ingredients. The witches also contribute to the city's thriving arts scene, with many of them practicing forms of magic that are closely linked to music, dance, and other performance arts.


The felines of Cenril have also created a vibrant community, with their own customs and traditions. Many of them work as hunters, fishermen, or sailors, utilizing their natural abilities to survive in the bustling port city. However, the felines on the south side often face discrimination and marginalization from the wealthier and more powerful residents of the north side. They are sometimes viewed as a lower class and are given less opportunities and resources. This has led to tensions between the felines and other residents of the city. Despite the challenges they face, the felines of Cenril have a strong sense of community and pride in their unique culture.


Cenril, nestled by the picturesque coastline of Lithrydel, enjoys a climate that dances between warmth and coolness. Hot and dry summers that stretch lazily into the embrace of mild and wet winters. The city enjoys clear blue skies for much of the year, while a gentle sea breeze carries the soothing whispers of the ocean. Spring and summer arrive with a flourish of sunshine and balmy temperatures, drawing residents and visitors alike to its vibrant streets and inviting beaches. The city's winters offer a pleasant contrast, characterized by mild temperatures and rainfall that adds a refreshing touch to the air.

Cenril also experiences a distinct storm season, typically during the transition from summer to autumn. During this time, the city may witness occasional thunderstorms that bring heavy rains, providing a dramatic spectacle against the backdrop of its stunning landscape.


Cenril’s borders are marked by sheer, seemingly unfathomable chasms that plummet into the churning and rocky sea, a natural barrier that has protected the city for generations. To the east, Cenril's landscape transforms into a gentle embrace of cerulean waves, its coastline adorned with pebbled and sandy stretches that invite leisurely strolls and sun filled family fun. Here, the salty scent of the sea mingles with the bustling sounds of the city, the back drop a song of nature and civilization.

Venturing beyond the city's walls, the rocky outskirts come alive with rugged beauty. On the undulating outskirts of Cenril, where the land meets the sea, sprawling olive groves and vineyards create a verdant tapestry. These cultivated landscapes not only provide sustenance and a source of commerce, but they also serve as a tranquil escape for those seeking solace from Cenril’s crowded and fast paced streets.

Selene Island

A long-standing piece of land between the coasts of Cenril and Rynvale, had long been considered uninhabited, and only known for its ancient ruins. However, recent events have changed this as well as revealed a different reality.


Cenril stands tall as the realm's unrivaled trading haven. Its fortified walls and maritime accessibility have cemented its status as the premier trading port, drawing merchants from distant lands to its docks laden with treasures. Amidst this vibrant tapestry of commerce, Cenril's prized olive groves and vineyards play a pivotal role, contributing their exquisite produce to the city's thriving success. The rich, oil-laden olives and the luscious grapes transformed into wines of exceptional quality contribute to the city's prosperity.

Beyond its economic prowess, Cenril's allure as a popular tourism destination creates its own success. The city's captivating blend of bustling markets, charming streets, and sea-kissed ambiance beckons travelers from near and far. Tourists flock to experience the aromatic splendor of the olive groves and vineyards, partaking in immersive tours and tastings that allow them to savor the fruits of Cenril's labor. As the sun sets over the tranquil sea and dapples the city's whitewashed walls with golden hues, visitors find themselves immersed in an experience that marries history, culture, and natural splendor. Cenril's thriving economy and its role as a beacon of trade are interwoven with the allure of its olive-scented breezes and wide beaches, making it a popular tourist destination.

Current Politics

Though Cenril’s past has been marked by gang wars, criminal activity, and a pandemic, Cenril seems to have found a tentative peace despite tensions with Vailkrin that hang overhead.

Despite facing opposition, Baines has managed to bring about significant change in a short period of time. One of her major accomplishments has been curing the plague that had been ravaging the South Side, which earned her the support of the lower-income population of the city and reportedly cemented her win in bid for Mayor.

Though her position in office is new, and despite the upset of an assassination attempt, she has implemented new policies to increase transparency and reduce corruption within the government, which has helped to rebuild trust with the citizens. Under Mayor Valrae Baines' leadership, major changes are being made to the Cenrili Guard. With the goal of cleaning up the streets of Cenril and making the city safer for its citizens, Baines has implemented a series of reforms, including increasing their numbers and strengthening their training.

There has also been a recent boom in the city's economy thanks to a collaboration with neighboring Kelay to host the Titans of Winter tournament. In addition, the Mayor has relocated the Devout's Guild to the city, which will further return Cenril to its roots as a holy city and a sanctuary for those in need.

Cenril News

May 2024

Town News

Cenril Secures Victory, But Peace with Larket Remains Elusive

Mourningfrost, and the Siege of Larket, brought an end to the months-long war between Cenril and Larket. What began as a desperate search for the Mayor ended with the occupation of the Hard City. As the seaside republic prepares for the coming summer, Zayvann bringing in historic rains and even more daunting success to our local fisherman, it seems that the negotiations of Peace will be as hard won as the initial battle.

While Mayor Valrae Baines seemed to prove herself on the battlefield of Sage, there seems to be a question now of her political prowess as these efforts at finding an amicable agreement between these regions continues.

The strain of an ongoing occupation, markedly among the fine Guardsmen of Cenril, cannot be understated during these times of delicate peace. The reports of crime, of which it should be noted had come to a low not seen since before the time of self-proclaimed revolutionary, Demont Roussai, seem to have spiked at its highest at the unfortunate time of Cenril’s busiest tourist season. As spring comes to a close, it seems the good folk of this republic also hope to find the return of their own from the Kingdom of Larket.

Prosperity Blooms at Selene Island Faire

It seems that while the Mayor struggles on the Larketian front, there is success to be found among the colony Island of Selene. Flowers, magic and games abounded, calling to all walks of life across Lithrydel as they brought celebration surrounding the changing of the seasons.

The witches of the White Ash celebrate a sizable economic boom as the days-long affair comes to an end, bringing ever more intrigue to the idyllic island.

While the Faire has come to an end, the Coven wishes to extend an open invitation to enjoy all Selene Island has to offer as they continue to grow. The quaint town among the mangroves, christened as Witch Haven, offers ample accommodation. The newly erected shop of Seabound Trading company quickly rises as a successful spot for hopeful adventurers and witches alike. And it seems for a nominal fee of 1000g per night, the Faire grounds themselves can be rented out for festivities and ritual.

Heroes Needed: Cenril Seeks Courageous Adventurers to Vanquish Chimera Menace!

An errant and clumsy alchemist seems to have loosed a chimera upon the merchant city. With the ongoing occupation of Larket, there seems to be less manpower available to devote to this particularly deadly situation. The captain of the Guard, seeking a creative solution to this particular issue, is offering a sizable amount of gold to any brave enough to join the hunt he’ll lead for the creature.

Signing up for such an adventure seems as simple as writing a letter to Lord Jaxson Ravencroft expressing interest.

OOC: Hmail Jaxson before May 31st to get involved!

 For more information that might not be public knowledge for the current events in Cenril check out the Current RP section below! 

Current RP

The Serpent's Pass

Further Reading

War Games:Larket vs Cenril 2023


The founding of Cenril is riddled with mythology and inconsistencies. Some say the Divine Three themselves founded the great sea-side republic during the war against the unnamed darkness, with Lore rising as the champion of Cenril.

It was long considered a holy city, with many historical records pointing to it having been the final battle ground and where the Divine Three ascended to godhood. Though this history is hotly debated by scholars, Cenril has long housed the Cathedral of the Divine Three and acted as a central place for their worship.

Despite its holy beginnings, the politics of Cenril have long been plagued by corruption and violence. The city's history is riddled with stories of proclaimed revolutionaries, criminal gangs, and corrupt government officials.

It all began with the self-proclaimed revolutionary, Demont Roussai, who seized power as the mayor. His reign was marred by a Preklek invasion, followed by pirate raids and assassinations that left the city in a state of anarchy. The lack of effective governance allowed criminal gangs to flourish, with the church losing its hold on the city due to the rampant illegal activity.

The Cenrilian Guard, once led by Alice Brommson, enjoyed some popularity but failed to gain control over the city. As a result, various criminal groups vied for power, leading to a bloody and unstable environment.

The stabilization of the city came through an unlikely source - a dust-peddling business run by Hudson Landon, using alchemy to create a narcotic dust known as "Firefly Steve." Their partnership led to the creation of an empire that eventually brought peace to the streets after much bloodshed.

Following the violent events that took place in Larket, a large number of witches were forced to flee their homes and seek refuge elsewhere. Many of them found themselves in Cenril, a city that had a reputation for being welcoming and sympathetic to witches.

Eventually, the city was once again plunged into chaos when Lithrydel's newest scourge, Kahran, launched a brutal attack on election night. The newly elected mayor, Fitz Johnson, was killed by Kahran's blade, leaving Uma Abelin to take his place. She led a group of witches to erect a powerful barrier around the city, which drove the enemy forces out, saving the city from further destruction. With Uma Abelin leading the way, and despite the lingering threat of Kahran, the city remained peaceful. This was also thanks to, in part, the help of the secretive underbelly of Cenril, led by the mafia king Hudson Landon.

Mayor Uma struggled when it seemed impossible to contain the zombie pandemic that had swept through the city. While she had some success in quarantining the infected on the west side, her favoritism towards wealthy citizens in disaster relief efforts sparked tensions between the classes. The disenfranchised of the city, led by political figures like Valrae Baines and Vailkrin’s Quintessa Blackwell, stepped up to aid and quarantine those left behind by the Mayor's relief efforts.

Underneath the surface, rumors swirled of the city's criminal underbelly and its influence on Cenril's politics. The Office, a cabaret managed by Hudson, was rumored to serve as a center of operations for the city's criminal organizations. Meanwhile, the Cenrilians For Prosperity organization had been accused of being a front for narco money in Cenril politics.

Unable to navigate the challenges facing the city and restore order to Cenril's politics, the election was tipped in favor of a new leader, giving rise to Mayor Valrae Baines.

Maps of Cenril

Text Directions for Cenril

Local Government Buildings

Mayor's Estate

Realty Office

Settlements in Cenril

Settlement Name Main Race
Cenril Human
West Cenril Feline

Economic Areas in Cenril

Economic Area Economic Activity
Wharf Fishing
Fisherman's Wharf Fishing
Raicleach Trading Co. Trade/import&export

Shops in Cenril

(All directions from Kelay Tavern)

Shop Name Goods Sold
Public Baths Swimming Attire
The Whaler's Bar Food & Drink
Magical Weaponry Emporium Weapons
Cenril Weapons Shop Weapons
Togo's Armor Shop Armor
The Last Note Musical Weapons
Fisherman's Wharf Fishing Items
Animal Merchant Pets
Fishing Market Fishing Rods
Mercenary Shop Pets
The Great Library of Cenril Weapons
Cenril Fish House Food & Drink
Open Market Trinkets and Art
Calypso Flowers and Jewelry

Player Owned Shops

Shop Name Goods Sold
The Rebel Room: Art Gallery Paintings and drawings of various mediums. (RP only)
Ginger Snapped Bakery And Sweetshop Food & Drink
The Office Alcohol, bar food, and live entertainment (RP only).

Training Areas in Cenril

Training Area Name Class that Uses the Area
Bard's Training Bard
Priest headquarters Priest
Warrior's Headquarters Warrior
Fishing Market All Classes

Other places of note in Cenril

Area of Note Function
Bank Store money, Interest, Currency Exchange
Harbor Ship link to Rynvale

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