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Area Leader

Hudson is the OOC and (secretly the IC) area leader of Cenril. If you are interested in regional RP or have big dreams for the city, please direct them to his hmail or send him a tell directly.

November 1

  • Breaking News from Cenril:

Hallow's Eve tragedy! The mysterious illness that had been sweeping through Cenril's southern slums for the past few months has led to a terrible revelation. Thousands of South Cenril residents that had been infected with the disease have turned into what locals are calling zombies. The infection is spread through bite. The infected have all-black eyes and pronounced purple veins on pale skin.

A party on Hallow's Eve aboard The Sullen Siren ended in yet more tragedy as Kasyr Azakhaer set the ship ablaze, killing dozens of infected and hundreds of innocent civilians in the fire. Cenrili authorities have placed Mr. Azakhaer at the top of the Most Wanted list for murder of hundreds of residents. There is a 20,000 gold bounty for any information that leads to his arrest, and a 100,000 gold bounty for anyone who brings him in dead or alive.

Many South Cenril locals are calling for aid in curing the illness, and demand that the infected be quarantined and kept safe until a cure is found, so that victims may be restored to their families. It is unclear if a cure exists or could be created in time before the disease spreads. Hardliners are determined to eradicate the disease by killing the infected, arguing that the infected are already lost.

Authorities in other cities are seeking to prevent the spread of the disease within their borders. Larket has already closed its borders, just hours after the disease broke out in the city.

Recent Events and Current Politics

A pandemic has swept through Cenril on the winds of an unknown curse. It began as an illness mostly contained to the West Side and the slums of the city but reached a fever pitch on All Hallows even when the curse was truly activated and those that had been sick turned into full fledged, mindless zombies. Mayor Uma has been attempting, with relative success, to contain the spread within a quarantined zone on the West Side.

Class tensions boil as it becomes clear that the Mayor has favored Cenrilian's with deeper pockets in current disaster relief efforts. Witches like Valrae Baines, and other outside political figures such as Quintessa Dragana, spearhead the effort aid and quarantine the disenfranchised of the city.

It is rumored that a Cenril cabaret called The Office acts as a center of operations for Cenril’s criminal underbelly. The Office is presently managed by a woman named Eleanor. It is also rumored that the Cenrilians For Prosperity organization is a front for dark narco money into Cenril politics.

 For more information that might not be public knowledge for the current events in Cenril check out the Current RP section below! 

Current RP

The God of Undeath

Further Reading

The Dust Up In Cenril

What Dreams May Come

What You Leave Behind

Through A Glass, Darkly


Years ago, Demont Roussai, a known and self-claimed revolutionary, seated himself within Cenril's government as the mayor. Since that time, there has been a Preklek Invasion which came close to ruining the city. Then, subsequent pirate raids and assassinations all but destroyed any semblance of actual governance in the city and brought the city itself to its knees.

There had been little-to-no word on the Mayor's activities in a long time, and the city was largely lawless. The gangs and criminal classes largely had the freedom to operate unimpeded save by each others' efforts, and the number of organized criminal groups constantly fluctuates as gangs rise and fall at each other's hands. The church lost power in Cenril due to an influx of illegal activity coming from within itself. The Cenrilian Guard and its leader Alice Brommson had begun growing in favor both with dignitaries of other cities as well as the general populace within the city itself. This fizzled out, however, and the criminals continued to control the city.

The stabilization of Cenril’s bloody gang wars started as a dust-peddling business. With the help of Emelyan, Hudson used alchemy to create narcotic dust that was peddled through Eleanor’s connections under the moniker “Firefly Steve.” Their partnership created an empire that resulted in more violence before the dust finally settled (pun intended). Now the narcos have bought their election, and there’s peace in the streets.


With Cenril still reeling from the brutal attack on election night by Lithrydel’s newest scourge, Kahran, Uma Abelin stood in the wreckage and filled her late husband's proverbial shoes. Though Fitz Johnson was elected mayor, his life was ended only seconds after by Kahran’s own blade.

Uma led a group of witches in erecting a powerful barrier around the city that drove the enemy forces out. Today, the barrier stands as a glowing reminder of the power of sacrifice, and the good witches are capable of. The barrier was all that kept the dark forces of Kahran’s army from wreaking further havoc. It continues to shine over Cenril, though the threat has passed.

Having immediately shown herself as a capable and clever leader, the city chose Uma to lead them into recovery - with a little help from the secretive underbelly of Cenril and the seaside mafia king Hudson Landon.

Maps of Cenril

Text Directions for Cenril

Image Map of Cenril - http://postimg.cc/image/ktj8572z1/

Local Government Buildings

Cenril Capitol Building

Mayor's Mansion

Realty Office

Settlements in Cenril

Settlement Name Main Race
Cenril Human
West Cenril Feline

Economic Areas in Cenril

Economic Area Economic Activity
Wharf Fishing
Fisherman's Wharf Fishing
Raicleach Trading Co. Trade/import&export

Shops in Cenril

(All directions from Kelay Tavern)

Shop Name Goods Sold
Public Baths Swimming Attire
The Whaler's Bar Food & Drink
Magical Weaponry Emporium Weapons
Cenril Weapons Shop Weapons
Togo's Armor Shop Armor
The Last Note Musical Weapons
Mungo Deepdelver Fishing Items
Animal Merchant Pets
Fishing Market Fishing Rods
Mrs Mallard's Bakery and Tearoom Food & Drink
Mercenary Shop Pets
The Great Library of Cenril Weapons

Player Owned Shops

Shop Name Goods Sold
Ginger Snapped Bakery and Sweetshop Food & Drink (RP only)
The Office Alcohol, bar food, and live entertainment (RP-only).

Training Areas in Cenril

Training Area Name Class that Uses the Area
Bard's Training Bard
Priest headquarters Priest
Warrior's Headquarters Warrior
Fishing Market All Classes

Other places of note in Cenril

Area of Note Function
Bank Store money, Interest, Currency Exchange
Harbor Ship link to Rynvale

Clans with HQ's in Cenril

Clan Name Headquarter's Name
Gisiae en adon* Gisiae' en adon Headquarters
Phantasmal Knights* Phantasmal Knights HQ
Lithrydel's Guard* Cleared Land (under construction currently)
Decadence* The Lair of Decadence

May no longer be active*.

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