Arc:Case of the Burned Baker

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Description: Beatrix Huxley, daughter of Clarence Huxley, was found murdered in the Eternal Forest of Larket on this day. As the chief baker of Larket, Clarence is wrecked with grief and unable to continue on with his daily duties. Beatrix had only recently arrived back to Larket after a year away studying unique healing practices from different tribes east of Rynvale. Deputies from Larket have cleared the body of beast attack or any animal attack for that matter. "Only prideful man could commit this sort of crime," one was overheard replying when asked. Immediately after the discovery the listing of suspects began. Faces they saw earlier in the day, people assumed to be steely enough to kill a young woman. The hunt to calm the Burned Baker's nerves is on...

Presumed Reasons for the Murder: Speaking with the father of Beatrix Huxley it is quite clear that her studies where healing was concerned are most likely the reasons for her murder. Clarence knew very little of what his daughter studied save for the few practices she was allowed to show him on her return. Letters between Beatrix and his wife were frequent during her travels and contain information regarding the stresses of her education. Clues as to what kind of healing she studied are still unclear at this time. From the letters it appears Beatrix, by all means, had learned something far more powerful than she should have. A letter containing her grief over the ability was found in her bag...never making its way to her mother or father.

Clues: No objects were left at the crime scene. Footprints were found leading to the Vibrance, the killer most likely tried to wash away the blood before moving on. No townsfolk have yet said they saw anyone in the region running from the forest that morning, but not all have been questioned. Since it was so early that morning it is likely none saw the murderer escaping town, or noticed for that matter.

Why Beatrix was there: From what her father has said it seems Beatrix went for a walk after a night of music in the Red Ogre Inn. She was always known to stay out late, having just returned from abroad she wanted to enjoy life with her friends again. Neither Clarence or his wife heard Beatrix come in that night and didn't really worry of her whereabouts. "Beatrix had her own long as she returned each morning we didn't care about the rest. We knew she was a good girl. And her friends! They were very good friends..." Clarence was quoted saying to investigators. Why she was wondering around Eternal Forest that morning is anyone's guess.

Detectives: Roldan, Parsithius, Warren, and Rory.

Suspects So Far:

Events so far...
  1. The body of Beatrix is discovered
  2. Roldan arrives
  3. The Parson visits the family of Beatrix personally
  4. Rhocielle tracks down the lycaness known as Mahri
  5. Roldan confronts Achaedas in the Kelay Tavern.
  6. Clarence Mourns
  7. Parsithius detains and interrogates Tiphareth & Cecil
  8. Anger is unleashed in Kelay Tavern
  9. Roldan takes Achaedas back to the office for questioning
  10. Parsithius finds a letter in the bushes
  11. Jacklin makes an example of Achaedas by death
  12. Rory confronts and interrogates Guyon
  13. Parsithius and Mahri visit the Cenril Library
  14. The Queen's Madness Revealed
  15. Parsithius interrogates Mahri further
  16. Rory interrogates Mahri with Parsithius's help
  17. A prisoner breaks free
  18. Roldan finds out, and executes two traitors
  19. Rory finds an important clue in the Cenril Library
  20. Jacklin clears her name and Ikked reveals the truth
  21. Roldan recaptures Mahri
  22. Roldan recovers the Opal
  23. Roldan delivers the punishment