Arc:Larketian Fault Lines

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After an earthquake decimates The Hard City, Larket looks to rebuild--and respond. Were witches responsible for this disaster? It's a question that has fueled social unrest.

Arc runners: Macon and Josleen

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Chapter 1

  1. Royal Wedding Off the Scale!
  2. Countdown
  3. A Symphony of Larceny and Murder
  4. Reinhardt Meets a Majestic Creature
  5. A Fort Knight
  6. The Relief Effort Continues
  7. Green Peace
  8. Chapel of Suspicion
  9. Merry Part Quizical
  10. The King and The Apothecary
  11. Sinkhole Suspects
  12. Unruly Warriors and Unstable Ground
  13. Queen Takes Corruption's Pawn
  14. Josleen, Lycidas, and Seiko Plot to Destroy Red Ogre Inn!
  15. Pledging To Queen Josleen
  16. Royal Getaway
  17. Muzo Entrusted with Royal Secrets
  18. Wyrming Suspicions
  19. Invest in a Spa
  20. A Brawl, An Assassination, and a Lack of Donation!
  21. Larket Quake Charity Benefit

Chapter 2

  1. Vandals
  2. How To Perfect Our Union
  3. In Which Hudson Hangs Out At A Nail Salon With Witches
  4. Bad First Impressions
  5. Undesired Welcome Gift
  6. Dungeon of Scientific Horrors
  7. An 'I Help You' Situation
  8. Valen, Super Spy, Lycidas Snitch, Royal Dream
  9. Wyrm Suspects Queen
  10. Queen before God
  11. Undesired Welcome Gift
  12. Whatcha Gonna Do? 'Wine' About It?
  13. He Did Not Take Care Of It
  14. Manicure in the Shade of Drama
  15. The Ways In 'Witch' We Grieve
  16. An 'In-Tents' Confrontation
  17. What Ails the Queen
  18. Tychus Checks Out Pilar
  19. It's Getting A Little Gangster In Here
  20. What Ails the Queen pt 2
  21. Wait and See
  22. My Boyfriend's Back
  23. The Evidence Points to Witches
    1. OOC Note: This arc will play with what happens when different people look at the same evidence and draw different conclusions. There will be misinformation, and not always for malicious reasons. Sometimes the best-intentioned people just get it wrong, and sometimes bad people misinform too. In truth, the earthquake was a natural earthquake. The Chapel's survival and the timing are just coincidences, but they're hard to stomach, aren't they? What your character believes is up to you, and the divergence of perspective and beliefs is the core of this arc's plot.

Chapter 3

  1. So About That Witch...
  2. Jumping To Conclusions Witch Might Be Wrong
  3. Who's a Witch?
  4. Royal Homunculus
  5. A Job for a Paladin
  6. A Second Chance at Humiliation
  7. A Giant Ally to the Monarchy
  8. Old Mistakes Die Hard
  9. Tuna Surprise
  10. Growing The Resistance
  11. Playing with Fire

Chapter 4

  1. Burial Rights
  2. Guilty of Being Not-A-Witch
  3. Portraits Aplenty
  4. Witch Perspective
  5. Skip To My Lugh
  6. I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watching Me
  7. Birds In The Belfry
  8. Maldor Making Inquiries Witch Go Unanswered
  9. Working Class Hero
  10. The Old Jos and the New
  11. You're Fired
  12. Rorin Goes to Camp

Chapter 5

  1. Creature Comforts
  2. Loose Ends
  3. Nail Salon Under Attack
  4. Situation Crazy, Solution Baby
  5. Witch Side Are You On
  6. Alternative Rumors
  7. Momma-tary Reprieve
  8. Surgery Fit for a Queen
  9. Won't Wash
  10. Protest or Pizza Party?
  11. Sir Rorin, Larketian Hero
  12. Double Double Toil and Trouble

Chapter 6

  1. Thanks I Guess For Everything
  2. A Very Peaceful Protest At Witch All Went As Planned
  3. Rage Mama
  4. A Rager
  5. [Placeholder Macon/Langley]
  6. Hot Spring Queens
  7. Hedge Your Bets
  8. Dungeon of Scientific Horrors, Take Two
  9. Getting a Rock Expert's Second Opinion
  10. Low T Macon
  11. Don't Help Make The Train
  12. Forging Onward
  13. Greg McConnor v Lloyd Fayweather
  14. Accusation Number Two
  15. The Things We Do For Love
  16. A Little Cloak and Dagger
  17. What an Incredible Smell You've Discovered
  18. The Disappearance of Rachelle Fournier
  19. Overground Railroad
  20. Family Of Five
  21. King Gone Soft

Chapter 7

  1. Underground and Undercover
  2. Rage King Restored
  3. Witch Is Which?
  4. Witch Woes
  5. Celebration of Life
  6. Line Of Succession
  7. Under the Knife
  8. Welcome Prince Guillem Jauzon
  9. Such A Nasty Woman
  10. The Remedy
  11. Operation Save-A-Witch, Part 1
  12. Distractions
  13. Groundbreaking Evidence
  14. Rescuing Rachelle

Chapter 8

  1. J'accuse..!
  2. Muzo Must Go
  3. My Snakey Breaky Heart
  4. RIP The Larket Cartel
  5. TFW You Realize You've Become A Monster
  6. Mommy's First Kill
  7. The Amazing Landon Subterfuge!
  8. A Frosty Reception
  9. Pompous Brew IPA .. Say What
  10. Operation Fakeleen Is Hatched
  11. Names, Regrets, and Gossip
  12. [Muzo/Macon/Jos]
  13. The Monkeys and the Monk
  14. If At First You Don't Succeed, BERSERKER
  15. Eirik Vergessen, P.I.
  16. Ding Dong the King Is Dead

Chapter 9

  1. A Berserkers Adoption
  2. Berserker of Bad News
  3. When Somebody Loves You...
  4. Quite Contrarian
  5. A Reprieve
  6. Antidote by a Critic
  7. Retribution
  8. Helping Those in Need
  9. A Funeral For a Witch?
  10. A Conversation Over Curry
  11. The Witches of Change
  12. That Woman
  13. Beserkers Encounter With a Healer
  14. Wakin' the Bacon
  15. The Mob Rules
  16. The Execution of Valrae Baines