Arc:Once Upon a Midnight Dreary

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Arc runner: Quintessa

Sometimes dreams do come true . . .


Cursed items have been popping up all over Lithyrdel with various effects and guises. Some look like normal magical items while others have more nefarious purposes. Who or what is creating these cursed artifacts and spreading them throughout the world?

With only their wits to guide them, a group of adventures bound in secret and shadow begin to uncover the mystery, but will they be enough to stop the influx of dark magic and save Lithyrdel from being plunged into chaos?

Chapter One: A Curse that Bites Deep

Chapter One Synopsis

Rogues of the land and sea come together to end the career of a slaver named Captain Morgan after rumor circulates of her using a magic item far beyond their capabilities to create. Following her capture and bloody interrogation, Morgan spills the name of the woman who sold the cursed item to her, a crone by the name of Maggie the Magpie.

With clues few and far between leading to this woman, Quintessa gathers the entire Syndicate of Shadows together to pool their efforts into finding this woman. All signs lead west, but will they be able to find the Magpie before she fades into the shadows once more?

Chapter Two: What Nightmares May Come

Chapter Two Synopsis

One step forward, two steps back. Taking advantage of global disasters and political infighting, Maggie the Magpie escapes detection and capture. She is free to continue her devious plans throughout Lithyrdel...

Meanwhile Quintessa finds herself fallen from grace. Her power is diminished in Vailkrin with both the Dragana Manor and Castle Blackwell destroyed, and her vampiric rivals seek to further erode her influence. With allies in Vailkrin running thin, Quintessa instead looks eastward, across the Strait of Rynvale. There the Black Witch has dreams of establishing a massive trade network, one she can use to further fuel her endeavors in her homeland. Only time will tell if her investments on Rynvale Island will pay off or not, with rogues and politicians alike already circling her like sharks in the water.

Chapter Three: Always Darkest Before the Dawn