Arc:The Serpent's Pass

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This is a Devout's Guild RP.

The Serpent's Pass

Our paths are not mapped; they're made.

Several years ago, a cold wind descended upon Cenril’s shores. With it, a fate worse than death passed over the seaside republic. Undeath festered like a rotted wound in the South Side of Cenril, its infection spreading out to the never quite healed divide that drove hard lines between the haves and havenots. For a time, the God of Undeath seemed to have claimed Cenril as his own…

While this curse was lifted and Cenril continues to rebuild, Alithyk Caluss continues to spread havoc across the material plane. This is what drives a desperate few to steal their way into a library forgotten. A place only spoken of in the most fevered of whispers. A place where knowledge is brokered and best left forgotten…

That is, until Valrae Baines is led to a book that speaks of untapped locations and magic beyond anything she’s yet to grasp. The book whispers of mystical lines that snake out to connect places of power throughout Lithrydel.

While she hopes to unearth the secrets of this pass to aid in the efforts to end Caluss’s reign of terror, her obsession with uncovering these secrets extends beyond the fight against Undeath. With every passing day, there is only one question that seems to be burning through her mind; What other lost knowledge lies along the Serpent’s Pass?

Part One: Weavers & Wayfinders

  1. Journey to the Repository of Remembrance
  2. At Each Other's Throats Again
  3. So Take Me With You
  4. The Cost of Bravery
  5. The Cost of Freedom
  6. Symphony of the End


Ley lines

An imaginary line between some important places such as hills, believed to be where there were very old paths. Ley lines are sometimes thought to have special powers.


Wayfinding (or way-finding) encompasses all of the ways in which people (and animals) orient themselves in physical space and navigate from place to place.

The Serpent's Path

This is a magical path, winding several miles long and ending at the serpent’s “head”. A mystical stone, known as the Omphalos, is said to rest in the great snake’s mouth. Locating the path is next to impossible, as it is invisible to the naked eye and is said to move its location seemingly on a whim. There are theories that it is a sentient beast that can only rest in places of “power”, refueling its energy so that it may continue the eternal burden of protecting the Omphalos.

Things of note:

This arc was connect to the now finished The God of Undeath