Arc:Wholehearted Wanderers

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Intersecting Arcs:

All stories begin and end with the bards.
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After the events of The God of Undeath, the current caretaker of the Bard's Guild issues a plea to the public: Dangerous items have been looted from the bardic repository and resold across Lithrydel and Rynvale through the underground markets; one person cannot feasibly find them all before the ill effects from misuse are felt. Looking for the right item to repair her heirloom instrument, Kanna volunteers to assist in coordinating the search efforts. The caretaker has also confided to certain members of the guild that this is not the first time that this has happened, as their proximity to Vailkrin and the current portal to Cenril means that they are always on guard against the morally-impaired that thrive in the shadows of those well-populated cities. So then, why do more and more items seem to be found away from these cities? Why do some of the guild's items seem to go inert when removed from a certain kingdom?

This is the story of the bards of Lithrydel and Rynvale, and the clues Kanna finds regarding the home of bardic magic and those who dwell, or could dwell, within it.

This arc has been designed to engage bard characters and non-bards alike, famous and new, and kicks off with the artifact hunting phase, which should hopefully engage at least one player from different guilds. If you want your character to go on an adventure to help reclaim the new Customs to be loaned out, send an in-game H-mail or Direct Message on Discord to Kanna!

Intro: Ornamented Melancholy

  1. A Show At The Bard's Guild
  2. A Bard's Plea
  3. Masks We Wear
  4. Serenade of the Sleepless
  5. Following Bead Crumbs
  6. Raising More Questions Than Bodies
  7. Solving the runes and Playing the tunes
  8. Placeholder for Lefty's Quest - Fighting the Boss
  9. Placeholder for Arysel's Quest - in progress!
  10. Placeholder for Serenade of the Sleepless follow-up
  11. Placeholder for Ernest Quest
  12. Placeholder for Rogue's Quest
  13. Placeholder for Gamorg Venturil Quest - in progress!
  14. A Mystical Summer Solstice

Chapter 1: Radiant and Voiceless

  1. Zero Sum(mit)
  2. RP:A Trio of Fae Converge

Arc Runner: Kanna