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Arc:Kurgan's Run

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The Obsidian Pool - that well of Chaos that exists within the Dark Fortress south of the Milous Plains, the erstwhile and uninhabitable home of the Eldritch Cabal - finally reveals its origins and secrets.

Kurgan, the once-human illusionist and Chaos Lord from whom the Pool and its surroundings were made, fights for his sanity and freedom, as do all who wander within the Fortress, against the dread Lord Eldritch - puppetmaster of the Pool, a disincarnate madman who is bent on destroying the known world.

A classic - and very epic - "Cabal & Co." adventure.


  1. Xiang's Challenge
  2. A Meeting On The Plains
  3. Enter The Dragon
  4. The Real McCoy
  5. A Hall of Mirrors
  6. A Mother Always Knows
  7. Flashback to a Meeting, Many Moons Ago
  8. Corny Runs the Gauntlet, Part One
  9. Tea For Two
  10. A Huddle of Hobos
  11. Lola Returns
  12. Xiang Meets His Maker
  13. Banishing a Thing From The Light and The Dark
  14. Corny Runs the Gauntlet, Part Two
  15. A Door for Mahri
  16. Thinking Like A Hammer May Be Hazardous To Your Health
  17. Corny Runs the Gauntlet, Part Three
  18. Memory Lane
  19. Danse Macabre
  20. The Invisibles