Arc:The Orb Of Life

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Prologue: A small airship floats close to the whirling lights and swirling energies of the rift that engulfs the remains of Castle Archmosia appearing to be on a none-descript journey. However suddenly the tranquillity of the flight is broken as a wave of energy appears t o emanate slowly from deep within the rift causing the image of the castle trapped inside to warp and distort. The airship turns around to try and steer clear of the disturbance but it is without luck as a wave of red energy overtakes the ship causing the vessel to simply vanish. The wave continues on to spread out from the rift in time and space causing time disturbances throughout the lands as people lose a few minutes here, experience the past there or simply freeze for a few moments, some appear not to be affected at all. The wave gathers pace causing the skies around the island of Rynvale to redden. The wave seems to drop down making its way to the ground resulting in panic spreading through the port and even the town of Vhys. Slowly the wave winds down into a small area just north of the city before seeming to swirl around the area known as “The Hallowed Grove”, in the blink of an eye the red wave vanishes leaving in its wake a gigantic hole in the ground. The Hallowed grove has vanished and with it all that now remains of its ancient legacy...

  • July 2012 Update Update: Some time has passed since the horrific events that saw the Hallowed Grove of the Sylvam’s completely destroyed by the raw power of the rift. The Sylvan Sage, Fendarien has not been seen for many months and even The Lich Queen has been missing both apparently searching from clues to the ancient puzzle, are they in competition or working in concert, who knows? The damage wrought by unknown enemy still remains as the future of the Sylvan Elves hangs in the balance. The key bearers await news and interested parties appear to move on, all the while evil forces move within the shadows to cloud the location of the Orb from those tasked by The Eternal Tree with finding it and putting its powers to use. Will Ryeanna and Fen Fendarien find the way of restoring the keys before these evil forces become more bold? The troubling dreams inflicted on those involved continue unabated and continue to contain prophecies of darkness and fire in Hollow’s ancient forests and woods. Could the rumours of a diabolical coalition between rogue factions of Avians and Fermin really be true? And is this infernal alliance about to tip their hand in a conflict that has thus far been fought in the shadows? Only time will tell...""

What you will need for this quest: Move skills such as pull, push etc and the ability to fight lower level mobs.

Sylvan Legend: No matter what even if the grove is lost IT must be found...

  • The Quest: The Sage has surfaced and told a strange tale of being thrown through time and seeing the location of the one one item that could restored the Hallowed Grove. The Orb of Life is sealed away on Armantium protected by a magical ward that can only be unlocked by three keys.
  • A Warning: There are three keys in total each one tied to an aspect of life, Mind, Body and Soul. The keys are cursed however, never to come together and if a single individual were to carry more than one they may suffer greatly for it...

The Bearers of the Keys:

  • The key of Mind is held by Thea

A dream and the quaking earth led the Pixie to the chasm where the Sage disappeared from. He first appeared to her to impart clues as to what had occured to cause such a gaping hole in the earth, and what they needed to seek from there to prevent any further disaster. After much chaos and meetings with both the Sage, Fendarien as well as the Druid's Eternal Tree itself, the Druidess got word of Lady Satoshi having found the rusted key of mind and purchased it immediately from the frost singer. Now, Thea readies herself for this journey to retrieve the Orb of Life.

  • The key of Soul once held by Rhocielle was found by Kelovath in a secret base being used by the Fermin/Avian Alliance to create horrific creatures.