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Geography And Climate

Situated on the northeast side of Rynvale Island, the whole of Vhys is rather diverse when it comes to the types of terrain that make up the region. Starting on the western side, it begins as a dusty, rocky plateau and slowly gives way into a grassier, tree-filled area that soon becomes the massive ancient forest that stretches for miles. Far-reaching meadows come out on the other side, home to a farming community, which eventually continues on into the region’s main town, Elimdor. The region also boasts several watery landmarks, like a waterfall just to the north west of the farms, stemming from the river that runs through the middle of Vhys, to a man-made reservoir made by and for the winery, as well as the massive harbor on the northeast side of Elimdor.

Being on the northern end of the island, this gives Vhys some more moderate to cooler temperatures than what’s found in Port Rynvale or even Gamorg. It is often rather rainy, or covered in low fog, as it battles with the climate from the rest of the island. Snow is extremely rare, but not unheard of entirely.


While forsaken elves existed well before Ryeanna Drakenheart’s reign, the region known as Vhys did not fully coalesce into something resembling an inhabited area until she pulled her people from Port Rynvale, settling them in the north, and establishing Elimdor as their new home. After some time, Vhys would establish trade with both Port Rynvale and Larket, and the region would fall into comfortable times with Lady Ryeanna leading them as their duchess. Once both Lady Ryeanna and her first in command, Morvious Kalia, took their leave of the land (whether by death or other means), the region fell into a state of disrepair and disarray. For a time, the houses struggled to cooperate with one another, as well as the other races that lived there, but they eventually re-stabilized the region once more.

In recent times, however, the whole of the region has begun to become unsettled with things. They want for more and this cannot be done without new income coming into the region’s economy. To fuel this, the houses pooled their own coffers into an expansion project, which the denizens of Elimdor, and ultimately Vhys, hoped to breathe new life into their surroundings.

Inhabitants And Settlements

Forsaken Elves, Fermin, and various types of Undead (including Vampires) make up the majority of Vhys’ citizens, but plenty of other races can be found there as well.

Forsaken Elf Houses

There are 5 major forsaken elf houses. Two are from the original forsaken elves that left Rynvale thousands of years ago (Vasile and Cosma), 2 that were created when Ryeanna took hold over Vhys (Zamfir and Dragos), and 1 called Drakenkalia that are devout followers of Ryeanna Drakenheart and Morvious Kalia. Of course, there are many minor houses as well that help make up the citizenry of the region.

House Name House Number Leader Domain
Cosma 1st Casimira Cosma Religion.
Dragos 2nd Viktor Dragos Education. Keepers of the Vhysian academy.
Vasile 3rd Unknown. There has been no new leader reinstated after the murders of the main family some 50ish years ago. While it is not total anarchy, and they do try to function together cohesively, there is still a rather large amount of instability in the house. Military. Specifically the Dark Rangers.
Zamfir 4th Raissa Zamfir Merchants and trade.
Drakenkalia 5th No real leader. The cult functions as a sort of council. The worship of Ryeanna Drakenheart and her minion Morvious Kalia.


No longer satisfied with their quiet means of trade, Vhys as a whole has made the decision to finally develop their region more fully, by creating a proper harbor, as well as expand on things already present in Elimdor, like the Elimdor Academy Of The Magical And Mundane Arts. They have fashioned themselves a sort of college town, hoping to draw in more people by way of the school. To do this, the long-since established Glassworks Foundry has offered internships and full jobs to those that have completed their studies at the college.


Current Ruler: None.
Location Within Hollow: Northeast of Rynvale, just beyond the Dragonlands.
General Population: Around 5000, though it does fluctuate as students and faculty filter in and out of the academy.
Current Coin in Government: Copper, Silver, Gold, and bank notes for large sums of money.
Preferred God: Delisha, though Vakmatharas is a close second thanks to Ryeanna Drakenheart’s ties to the undead.
Number of Shops/Services: 9, many of which are under construction.
Military: Thanks to House Vasile, the military of Vhys has become much larger in the last decade or so, especially as tensions remain raised throughout mainland Lithrydel.
Divisions of Military: Navy, Infantry, the Dark Rangers, and a spy division consisting of fermin.


Trading Partners: Currently reconfiguring trade routes.
Imports: Weaponry/armor (typically those made of metals), various foodstuffs, textiles.
Exports: Ore and gems, lumber, glass, leather goods.

NPC Shops

This is a list of both item and RP shops/other retail and food service businesses. Those labeled as ‘Under Construction’ will be implemented after the region’s revamp is complete.

Majestic Atelier - Clothing and Accessories
Elimdorei Hotel and Restaurant
Vhysy Vineyard

Under Construction
Smoke And Mirrors Magical Supply Shop - General Magic Supplies
Sleep When You're Dead Coffee House - Coffee, Baked Goods, and Small Plate Meals
The Dusty Tome Bookstore - Books
The Dark Mother's Dark Delights Diner - 24 hour restaurant
Apothecary By The Sea
Glassworks Foundry


For the moment, until someone new comes into power, the 5 main Forsaken Elf Houses do their best to work together with the lesser houses and other races that inhabit Vhys, as a sort of council. Though of course, nothing is perfect and the houses (both greater and lesser) often butt heads, much like other regions with a similar noble house structure.

Other Places Of Note

Under Construction
The Grand Temple Of Delisha and the Den of Many Pleasures
The Elimdor Academy of Magical and Mundane Arts
The Lighthouse and Harbor
Dark Ranger Watchtower, Barracks, and Archery Training Grounds

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